10 Things I Mom About You


My mom is my favorite person. I’ve said that a lot, out loud, mostly right in front of my dad. But saying ‘I love you, mom!’ is not my style. I’m a ‘why’ person. I need to know why I feel something. You see, my mom taught me what love means. My mom is love.

Don’t just tell me, show me, you say.

Alright, mom. Here are the 10 Things I Mom About You.

#1: You're fun to be around.

You're very funny, seriously. You laugh at my jokes. I laugh at yours. We have a good time, even when it's just the two of us. Being around you gives me so much positive energy, which in turn makes me see the world with a positive attitude. 

Fun is an essential ingredient for keeping a family together. You have kept ours together and you've made it look so easy.

#2: You give damn good advice. 

Launchora users may not be surprised to know this, but there are several things on our platform - feature and/or design elements - that were suggestions from you. Not only do you make my personal life easier, you make my professional one better. 

#3: You have a good heart.

No surprise here - everyone says you and are are sooo alike... this must be the thing they find to be most alike about us. Well, technically you made my heart from scratch so of course I followed your lead. 

A good heart is one that wants what's best for itself and others in its near vicinity. It's something that comes in handy when you're out in the world and things don't look great. A good heart is behind every single good deed. And good deeds change the world for the better. 

You certainly do that to my world every single day, mom.

#4: You know future me.

I don't know how. Maybe you have a time machine. But you seem to know everything I am going to do or think, not just moments before I do it, but sometimes even years. How you do it, I have no clue. It's probably instinct, or just damn fine people-reading skills. 

#5:Your smile.

I mean, I don't even need to back with up with any content, there's literal proof in the picture above that you have a beautiful 'I-know-it' smile. Every time I see your face, I automatically feel better. And the best part is - I have an unlimited supply of your smile so don't expect me to stop using it to feel better any time soon. 

#6: Your taste in... everything.

You've designed my whole life. And you've done a pretty good job. I can trust you to get me anything without me even looking at it or trying it because not only do you know what I would like, I'm pretty sure you've engineering almost everything I like. Some may call that harmless-mind-control, I call it mom-love. 

#7: That other human you made before me.

I love my sister because she's got a lot of you in her. You basically gave me a mini-mom. When I was younger, that was very annoying. Now, it's a bonus. And she's a better mom to her daughter because despite her having this new human being to be responsible for, you still treat her like a kid, and it only makes her feel safer. 

#8: You Love yourself.

You taught me that you have to be happy with who you are. You have to like your own company. Feel comfortable and confident about your personality. Be your favorite person. Love your self. 

A person who can't self-love, can't give love. I don't have any insecurities because of you, mom. Thank you!

#9: You're not against being spoiled.

Because you deserve it. And my dad would do it anyway because he loves you so much, almost as much as I love you, probably. He has like 30 years on me so technically maybe he loves you more. #TrophyMom

#10: Your love for me.

Gonna be selfish on this final point. You love me, so much. And you and I are not subtle about this at all - everyone in the family knows I'm your favorite and you're mine. It's a fun thing to tease them about. 

But to be serious though, you taught me that love is a positive force, that doesn't have to have suffering or pain to make it 'strong'. It's strength comes from faith - faith that we will continue to love and support each other despite what happens in the world around us. That's a pretty good lesson for any son to learn from his mom. 

There you have it, those are 10 things I mom about you. 

P.s. This photo above, is from June 2008. Keeping with the tradition I started in the mother's day post I made here last year, this one too has a haircut I will never be able to pull off again. 

If you just read this whole thing and you are my mom, I just want to say... I love you. Hope you like your gift :)

If you just read this thing and you're not my mom... talk to your mom. If you can't, talk to your sibling, or your dad. Talk to someone who loves you. Tell them you love them too. 

Love happens when you say it. It disappears when you don't. 

Happy Mother's Day :)

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launchora_imgOshi Queen
2 years ago
I'm speechless..
launchora_imgPriyanka Kanwar
5 years ago
Its amazing sir I like this too much
launchora_imgrajal sonigra
5 years ago
it really good the line you writeen for your mom i love it.
launchora_imgSleeping volcano
5 years ago
Happy to know about your mom sir?
launchora_imgLaunchora User
5 years ago
mum is the bst gift frm god wrds are well picked ?
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