12 months a year, 12 handbags to go with!


1. Baguette bag: A baguette bag is a small purse which is rectangular in shape, with a small strap for carrying, a long wide bottom and short depth, usually secured with a clip or zippers. This handbag resembles the shape of a french baguette, hence the name baguette bag.

2. Bucket bag: Just as the name implies, the bucket bag has the shape of a bucket, usually with an open top or drawstring closure and two shoulder straps. Due to its roomy design and sturdy structure, bucket bags are used to carry various items that you would find in a regular purse such as make-up, money, cell phones and also larger items which can include shoes or even tupperware.

3. Clutch bag: A clutch is a small size bag that can be gripped in the palm and held with ease. More than a bag, it considered as one amongst the various types of purses. It is a very popular fashion accessory for women and is very apt for evening attire. Clutch purse can also be categorized as a money wallet of the purse.

4. Leather satchel: This is the essential workhorse handbag with a medium to large top handle bag that can hold almost everything. Choose one in neutral color leather like black or medium to dark brown. The Satchel is a large sturdy handbag with a wide flat bottom, the main pocket covered by a flap, two small handles, a shoulder strap, and zippers and/or clips for sealing pockets.

5. Hobo bag: The hobo bag is a handbag which is quite roomy and usually has one main opening at the top with a shoulder strap for carrying. The main opening is often secured with a zipper and inside the bag, there can be other smaller compartments. The hobo bag is an everyday handbag used by women to carry their personal belongings such as makeup, phones, wallets, keys and other accessories.

6. Shoulder bag: Shoulder bags have a sleek and sophisticated yet sporty appeal, and are another perfect daily go-to. The style allows for greater mobility than your standard satchel because you’re not holding onto it with a handle. Rich leather or textured suede are ideal, but even a neat canvas fabric in the summer can be perfect for a lightweight, weather-appropriate look.

7. Tote Bag: Tote bags are quite large compared to your regular handbag, but not as large as the satchel. They have a rectangular or square shape with a large wide bottom, an open top, and two shoulder straps. This type of handbag is also known as a ‘shopper’ because it is often used by women when they are shopping due to its large capacity to carry many items.

8. The straw basket handbag: The straw basket can be your go-to bag in the warmer months. It’s an ideal summer carry-all and can and should be a little more playful than your other handbags. A simple basket looks chic but whimsical details that give it vintage or ethnic appeal work too. If it’s well-made, you may be surprised at how much you can carry in it.

9. Wristlet: Amongst the different types of bags, a wristlet is considered to be a trendy purse. It is almost like a clutch but for the fact that it has a small strap at one of its ends that can be attached to the person’s wrist. It gives more freedom to move around with the purse hung to the wrist. With the small size, they are just enough to carry money, credit cards, ID and a few makeup products. Wrislets are especially handy when you are going out but do not want to carry the big shoulder bag.

10. Beach Bag: Colorful bags made of peculiar material like straw, jute, bamboo or cloth that syncs with the colorful beach environment. These are over-sized to carry beach wear and hold basic bling for the beach. Although referred as beach bags, you can carry them for a picnic or with casual jeans.

11. Minaudière: Among the various types of purses, a minaudière is considered as a fashion accessory, which is more of a jewelry piece. A minaudière substitutes an evening bag. It is styled like a clutch with small compartments to carry the basic ladies items like compact makeup kit, watch, keys, reading glasses, cards, ID and some cash. Ensembled with stones, a minaudière has a very royal touch to it. These are an essential part of women’s wardrobe.

12. Quilted bag: A qulited handbag or purse is made of leather or fabric. It features a topstitched pattern similar to a quilt. It can come in variety of colors or patterns and shapes. The quilted bags are easy to be made by hand as long as they are made with fabric.

So find your perfect handbag with online shopping coming into the picture with a broad range of designer handbags for women. You can find all sorts of handbags online in India with an amazing boom in internet shopping.

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launchora_imgvaishali verma
18 weeks ago
I m crazy for handbags n this covers all. I would have loved good brands n pics also with each category.
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12 months a year, 12 handbags to go with!

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