What is the use of Modular Cleanroom?


You must have already heard about modular cleanrooms. These can be defined as rooms in which a concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Furthermore, these are also usually with one or more clean zones.

Therefore, a cleanroom is a room with a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors. It maintains a controlled level of contamination. This is specified both by the particles that it has per cubic foot and the permissible particle size.

Modular cleanrooms are freestanding environments, which are validated to ISO 14644-1:2015. These rooms usually use positive pressure systems with HEPA or ULPA filtration in order to protect their processes from harmful airborne contamination. Ensuring a repeatable environment, the organizations with modular cleanrooms can assure predictable and consistent production performance.

A Bit of History of Cleanrooms

Though some of you might have heard of cleanrooms recently, they are not some new-age construction. The first cleanroom design was created in 1960 by an American physicist, Willis Whitfield, who worked for Sandia National Laboratories.

There was another cleanroom invented even before Whitfield’s invention, but that had witnessed some troubles with particles. Moreover, the airflow was also quite unpredictable in the previous one.

After the invention of modern cleanrooms, the users could strictly control environments and wipe out all the impurities using constant and highly filtered airflows, which eventually ushered in many modern inventions.

What are Modular Cleanrooms?

Modular cleanrooms are the most popular types of cleanrooms. These cleanrooms help in manufacturing, designing, and the construction of pre-cut parts at the factory and then eventually ship them to the customers. Then, either the customer assembles the pieces on-site using an installation kit, or assembles them with the help of a technician from the equipment manufacturer.

Popular Applications of Modular Cleanrooms!

The applications of modular cleanrooms are widespread among diverse industries that range from semiconductors to agriculture. The common applications of modular cleanrooms are found in powder coating enclosures, oil mist enclosures, painting enclosures, and plant cultivation rooms

Where are Modular Cleanrooms required?

Modular cleanrooms are used in critical cleaning processes in a wide range of markets, which includes:

• semiconductor manufacturing plants.

• Pharmaceutical processing industry.

• Biotech and medical device manufacturing industry.

• Military and aerospace industry.

• Optical component manufacturing plants.

• Automotive manufacturing industry.

• Hospitals and clinics

• Food and beverage processing industry.

• Cosmetics manufacturing plants and in a couple of other industries.

Numerous cleanrooms that you can see are permanent constructions, where they are built into buildings. However, in these modern times, more and more cleanroom users seek solutions that provide more flexibility than traditional cleanrooms.

Why are modular cleanrooms preferred?

Customers often opt for modular cleanrooms due to the many benefits that they provide. Here’s a list of the common advantages that we have while using modular cleanrooms:

• Modular cleanrooms can be assembled and disassembled without any hassles.

• These cleanrooms are easy to create and adjust. Furthermore, they can also be updated for the best Air Pollution Control.

• With the help of these cleanrooms, the users can even study highly sensitive materials and technology without risking anything.

• These cleanrooms completely eliminate all the concerns that might erupt, associated with impurities like dust and moisture. This helps the operators to be as accurate and efficient as possible.

• Modular cleanrooms offer a crucial tax advantage usually for businesses.

• The researchers of these cleanrooms can create micro or mini-environment, as they wish, around their product. For instance, if there are leaks, then they can easily overcome them by creating an environment of constant positive pressure.

• The modular cleanrooms help in bringing the overall costs down by reducing the design, engineering, and construction time. Furthermore, they also use low-cost materials, which add to the overall cost reduction.

• Modular cleanrooms are very flexible when compared to any other cleanroom.

• Most of the modular cleanrooms have air handling and filtration equipment modules built into their ceilings.

Popular types of Modular Cleanrooms!

If you are wondering about the options of the modular cleanrooms that you will get, then there are two major groups that we can divide the modular cleanrooms into. These are Softwall Modular Cleanrooms and hardwall modular cleanrooms.

Note - Both of these types of modular cleanrooms only have filtered air that they can pull from outside and send via a HEPA filter.


We hope you are now thorough with the concept of modular cleanrooms and where and how they are used. These kinds of cleanrooms are exceptionally growing in demand each day making way for more innovative thoughts and inventions to come!

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What is the use of Modular Cleanroom?

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