5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Term Insurance


A term insurance policy is the most basic kind of life insurance. If the insured individual dies within the policy period, the money covered is paid to the nominee. In most circumstances, if the insured lives to the end of the policy's term, nothing is owed to them. In this regard, a term insurance policy is essentially comparable to a long-term auto insurance policy. Certain term insurance products repay the premium to the policyholder if they live to the end of the policy period. These plans are known as Term with Premium Back policies, and for the same quantity of life covered, they would cost more than a pure term policy.

The primary goal of a term insurance policy is to compensate for the financial damage that a person's death causes their family members. A term insurance policy is essential for a young man married with small children. However, it may be less critical for a guy approaching retirement with a sizable savings account and well-established children. Before acquiring a term insurance policy, there are five crucial points.

1. The amount of the insurance policy:

If you're under 40 years old, a general rule of thumb is 15 times your yearly income, ten times your annual income if you're 40 to 45, and 5 times your annual income if you're 45 or older. If you have a large mortgage, you should get it protected by a credit life insurance policy, which would allow the insurance company to settle the loan balance with your bank in the event of your death. Sum Insured = (all outstanding loans + amount necessary for children's education and wedding) + (average yearly consumption related expenditure) *10 is another method. It's also important to remember that one's earning potential and spending are likely to rise over time and that we have a high rate of inflation, which will erode value over time. Rs 50 lakhs now may seem substantial money, but it may not be so in twenty years.

2. The policy's duration:

The longer the period of the insurance you get, the younger you are, and the better, aligning it with retirement age or the age at which one's financial responsibilities are most likely to decrease. A good rule of thumb is that the policy's length should equal the difference between your desired retirement age and your current age.

3. When should I make a purchase:

Now is the most fantastic time to get a term insurance policy. This is because when one grows older, term plans get more costly. The most significant danger is contracting certain conditions over time, making joining a term plan more difficult. If you have disclosed any medical conditions, the insurer may refuse to underwrite the risk or raise the rates. The future is unknown, but financial responsibilities are predictable, and it is foolish and preventable to leave a legacy of debilitating financial burdens for one's dependents.

4. Should I purchase Riders' extra protection:

The additional toppings on a pizza are analogous to the riders on an insurance policy. A pure insurance policy only pays out if the insured person dies. However, some circumstances, such as a critical sickness or a severe accident, might entirely wipe out one's earning ability. Riders with Critical Illness or Permanent Total Disability come to the rescue in this situation. If any of these sad events occur, these riders guarantee that the money insured is paid out to the policyholder.

Check how to purchase and critical illness claim time limit.

5. From whom should I purchase:

Given that term insurance prices may vary by more than 50% across firms, you must do your homework before purchasing. Your friendly local agent may not be the most extraordinary person to ask for guidance for two reasons: the plan he advises may be prohibitively costly. He will attempt to persuade you to purchase something elsewhere if his fee is more significant. Agent commissions for term products are modest. Due to increasing competition and decreased mortality rates, term insurance prices have dropped by 40 percent to 50 percent in the previous two years. The ideal location to acquire a term insurance package, in our opinion, is online for the following reasons:

• You can quickly compare the benefits and costs of various term insurance policies.

• It's quick and easy; it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

• The insurance company would arrange for medical testing and any necessary documents at the insured's residence.

• Because the customer profile of internet insurance has a lower risk rating, online goods will gradually become less expensive than offline products.

• The premium may be paid with a credit card or net banking.

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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Term Insurance

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Published on May 31, 2022

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