A Night's Call


   Her cellphone was ringing. Though it was her favourite piece of music, the ringtone was indeed a disturbance to a saturday night's deep sleep. Tara hardly opened her eyes. The clock showed ten minutes past midnight. "But, who is calling her at this odd hour?" Confused, she let her hand out of the blanket and managed to find her phone under her pillow. His name flashed on her screen, "Aditya?" She said to herself looking at her phone. Just uttering his name alone has sent all the vibes throughout her nerves. This is not the first time experience. It happened every time. Yes, every time, even after years since they first met. It has always send her a wave. 

 A wave that's overwhelmed with joy; 

A wave that's filled with love;

A wave that gifts her with energy; 

A wave that means everything in the world to her.

 "But, why is he calling now ?" She looked around the room. In the right corner of the room, over the writing desk, her husband was awake, busy working with his notes, mobile and laptop. She just then remembered the overseas business call he had at eleven in the night. Maybe the call has gone long that he was still working on its details. She decided to ignore Aditya's call and resume back to her sleep. But her sleep had lost its way. Her thoughts were filled with the memories of her first date with Aditya. "How lovely were those days! When it was only love, joy and fun with no responsibilities." She wished she could relive the days again. "Did Aditya also feel the same way?". How could she know? She began to type him a message.

"Have you not slept still, Tara?" suddenly asked her husband who noticed her struggling with sleep. She was taken back at this unexpected question. "What are you doing with your phone? Are you texting someone? " he continued. She wasn't prepared for this to happen. She was travelling in her past memories that she forgot the present. " ex-boyfriend..." she blurted out and there was a moment of silence. "Oh!.. that boyfriend of yours...ok..ok.. you carry on" he exclaimed sarcastically and returned to his work. She felt a little relieved as he didn't ask more and got back to her phone which showed that her message was already sent to Aditya. So now all that she could do was to relax and wait for a reply. She could finally catch up with the remaining few hours of sleep with peace. 

As Tara got ready to the bed, her husband also joined her after his work. She looked at him like she expected some response to the incident that has just occurred.  But he was still busy with his mobile.  He paid her no attention and also she was not able to make anything out of his mind from his face expression. She waited for him to make the start but finally she  did it by herself. "Hope you had a big day. Your call is done?" "Ya, had a good time" he replied without taking his eyes off his phone. His cold tone was about to bring her tears. Irresistibly she asked "What are you doing with your phone at this time?" He looked at her and said, "Ah....That's my girlfriend. She had a message for me." "What did she want of you now?" she asked. "She told that her husband is still awake and not to disturb her now." The tone of his voice changed as he spoke. "Did she really tell you not to disturb her?" She asked him doubtfully on a lighter note. "Well. To be exactly...she told me its not the right time to talk" he said as he came closer to her. "So what did you tell her?" she asked eagerly with a blush on her face. He came still closer, looked deep into her eyes and said, " My reply to her is that.... If this is not the right time for the lips to speak, then they should be doing something else.." Before he could finish, their lips started doing the right thing. 

As the clock showed the romantic hour;

As the moon showered the blissful light; 

As Aditya accidentally dialled Tara admist his business call;

The night added a yet another memorable chapter to their love story.

24 Launchers recommend this story
launchora_imgSilly Sartorius
48 weeks ago
nice twist and soo romantic..loved it!!
launchora_imgSunny Goswami
1 year ago
That was really amazing and how the husband treated the entire thing was adorable.. shows that writer too is so romantic that each word make a movie in your mind ...once again wonderful.
launchora_imgTouria Khayati
1 year ago
Nice story with unexpected end ! Congratulation
Such a cute and geart warming story!! Loved it!!
launchora_imgLaunchora User
1 year ago
a short story should have sudden twist at its end. you perfectly planned the change. and your flow of writing is very good. the way you explain the place and things around the two character. always a writer mark some symbolic references in their story . i found the two name of character adithya =sun, tara= stars it give more romatic feel. but still indain writting world have more romantic writer so , with these skills u can write a novel any different world like hogwarts. i hope you have such talent. anyway all the best & welcome to the writing world
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A Night's Call

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Updated on December 27, 2016

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