Applying for an ESA: A Beginner's Guide


Are you overwhelmed with your constantly evolving psychological conditions?

Maybe you are trying to find a solution to overcome the mental illness which is affecting your personal and social life.

Well, in today’s world, many people are suffering from mental illness and that’s why their psychologist and therapist suggest taking the ESA. Now, the trend of getting emotional support animals is increasing and many people are taking in ESA to bring significant changes in their life.

If your psychologist has also suggested applying for the ESA or your friend or acquaintances are asking you to apply for ESA then, you can always opt for this suggestion. But, be careful folks because applying for an ESA is not important because first, you should know what ESA is and why they are adopted.

Do not put your hand into something you do not know about. You can end up on the wrong side too with a lack of knowledge.

For your help, I have brought up a list of things that you should know for applying for the ESA. So, let's get ready to know important things about ESA.

What is the Emotional Support Animal, ESA?

Always remember, service animals are different from service animals.

The emotional support animals are suggested by the therapist or the psychologists as these animals provide emotional support to people with physical disabilities and mental instability or difficulties. These animals do not need any training because they do not service dogs and they are for your emotional support not for protection.

Basically, the ESA pets are prescribed by mental health specialists to keep your mental problems at bay but you can always decide on animal type and breed for yourself. For example, a real esa letter or ESA cat is the first choice that people make but you can always go for the hamster, fish, rabbit, or bird. So, it is totally up to you how you want to take ESA and which animal type you prefer.

Good for you.

How to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

This is a very important question that you should know how to answer.

You cannot just go to the market and buy any animal as an ESA or you can not take your ESA everywhere. If you want to enjoy the perks of having an ESA then, you have to apply for the realesaletter which not only gives you legal protection but you can take your ESA anywhere. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is because who does not want the company of their favorite animal everywhere?

Now, from where you can obtain this letter?

The process of getting a letter for the emotional support animal can be difficult for you because of online scams. There are many websites that are giving this letter and you may think that it is authentic but be careful in getting the letter.

Secondly, your physician or psychologists have the option to issue this letter but maybe your general physician is reluctant to issue you this letter because they do not have the knowledge of the patient’s mental illness. So, it's better if you get suggestions from the psychologist and seek their help in finding some professional who is familiar with all benefits of ESA and its letter.

So, here are some points that you should know about the ESA letter.

You should find some professional help and seek a licensed doctor or therapist who has knowledge about emotional support animals.

After finding the psychologist, you will schedule your session with them and you also have the option to go online to work with the licensed professional online.

Once you booked a session, try to have an open discussion with the doctor or therapist so they know better about your mental health. It will help them to access your mental state and they will get an idea of whether you need an emotional support animal or not.

And after all these three steps, you can ask a psychologist or therapist to issue a signed letter for you, and then, you can qualify for your ESA.

You should Know about ESA Laws

Do you know about the ESA laws such as ACAA and FHA?

Well, if you are applying for an ESA then, you should know about the main ESA laws such as Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act. These laws give you so much leverage that a normal person does not have.

For example, the Fair Housing Act allows you to keep your ESA with you in the house, and owners of the private property have to accommodate your pet without any additional charges. For this purpose, you need to take an emotional support animal letter for Housing and then your owner can not refuse your ESA even if they have a “no pet rule” in their building. Plus, your pet can stay with you all the time.

Next, Air Carrier Access Act is for traveling. You are allowed to take your pet on planes without additional charges and no extra pet fee. Even your ESA can stay with you in the airplane cabin as well.

These rules are like the Jets-pot for you and your ESA. No money and no extra expenses.

So, before applying for the ESA, know what ESA is all about, and then, you are ready to take the lead and get an ESA. Best of luck folks for living with your essay.

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Applying for an ESA: A Beginner's Guide

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