Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for your Hands


Keyboards are an integral part of any PC or Mac. It is the major input system for a computer. While there are several keyboard types available in the market, mechanical keyboards are the best. There are many advantages to using a mechanical keyboard. But the primary benefit is comfort. Mechanical keyboards are the most comfortable keyboard system for your hands and wrist. In this article, we shall discuss the different ways a mechanical keyboard provides comfort for your hands and why it is considered better than others.

Unlike a traditional membrane keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is better for your hands, wrist, and fingers. It can provide you with the utmost comfort and satisfaction while using it. The typing experience is much better than any other keyboard model out there. The following are the reasons to support our claim that mechanical keyboards provide the best comfort for your hands.

Best Typing Experience

Having a poor typing experience can push you to fatigue easily. But with a mechanical keyboard, you will never get tired because of its ultimate typing experience. The tactile feedback and the accuracy of the key register enable you to type more and more without any discomfort.

The typing is highly satisfying due to the feedback from every key press. It makes your fingers feel a unique comfort that cannot be obtained even with a premium-level membrane keyboard.

The accuracy of the key register also avoids the necessity to type repeatedly. In most membrane keyboards, you might not get accurate key registers and you will have to register the keys more firmly. But in a mechanical type, even with half key press, you can get a key register without any issues.

So, such a wonderful typing experience can only be obtained with a mechanical keyboard. This satisfying typing can be highly sophisticated for our wrists and hands.

Ergonomic Design

Almost all mechanical keyboards are ergonomically designed to suit the user’s natural resting posture. You don’t have to alter the orientation of your wrist to match the keyboard. Rather, it will naturally aid your wrist posture and enable you to type without fatigue.

You can find a slight curve in the keyboard form factor which enables easy key travel even to the top-line keys. Comfortable key travel is very important to reduce stress on your fingers and wrist.

You can avoid several typing difficulties with a mechanical keyboard and avoid strain on your wrists. You also get the keyboard in several sizes, and you can choose one that suits your hand size.

Better Response

Every mechanical keyboard is a delight for your fingers. Because you never have to press any key with force. Just with a slight press you can register a key and move on to the next one.

Those who are in the typing job know the pain of speed typing with a membrane keyboard. They often tend to register keys twice or they don’t register at all. Only if you press it hard enough to make a contact with the electrical circuit, you can get a key register. Also, the keys are meshed together in a single board.

But in a mechanical type, each key is separate and when you press one key, it only registers that particular entry. Also, the keys have dedicated switches which when pressed slightly, will register an entry immediately.

So, you have the most accurate response with a mechanical keyboard which reduces the necessity to type repeatedly. This avoids any kind of uncomfortable stress and strain on the fingers and wrists.

Can mechanical keyboards cause pain in your hands?

When there are too many comfort benefits with a mechanical keyboard, why do some people experience pain in their hands? This pain is not caused by the keyboard. Rather it is the user’s poor typing posture or poor choice of keyboard size.

Typing posture is very important. You need to sit in the correct posture as well as place your hands in the best way possible. The posture is mostly influenced by a poor choice of keyboard size.

People having small hands should choose a small size keyboard so that they don’t have to move around their wrists and fingers more distantly. Similarly, people with large hands get an appropriate size keyboard.

When you get a small keyboard for large hands, you have to restrict your wrists uncomfortably. This will increase strain on your wrist and lead to pain. You may also get typing errors with such small size keyboards.

Therefore, experiencing pain even after using a mechanical keyboard is not caused by the type of keyboard. Rather it is due to the size and poor posture.

To avoid getting these issues when using a mechanical keyboard, here are some of the things you can do.

Best Practices While Using a Mechanical Keyboard

• Choose the keyboard by considering your hand size. If you have large hands and fingers, then choose a large form factor.

• It is better to go in person while buying the keyboard. Because you can check the compatibility for your hands and pick the right size.

• Choose an ergonomic mechanical keyboard. If your keyboard lacks wrist support, then try to get one that has proper wrist support.

• Some models might provide you with attachable wrist support. You can get such customizable keyboards to improve your typing experience.

• Sit with an erect posture, properly supporting your arms on the armrest, and rest your wrists on the table or support. This will help you to work long hours without any difficulty or fatigue.

• If you are using a keyboard for a long and has any issue with the switches, then repair or replace it to avoid any bad typing experience.


Mechanical keyboards are the preferred choice of input device for many professionals. Especially if you look at gamers, they tend to use mechanical keyboards due to the comfort and satisfaction it provides them. Although they can be quite expensive, it is worth it in many ways.

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Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for your Hands

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