Candy Lollipop Molds Aren't Just For Suckers


After you get your feet wet making candy at home, I bet you'll find candy lollipop molds will be a central part of your "tool kit." Lollipops are a standard in the candy arena, enjoyed by everyone... including adults. These days, there are lots of different candy lollipop molds to choose from, featuring a wide array of shapes and sizes. And far from just popping out lollipops at random, with your growing collection of candy lollipop molds, soon you'll be creating specific treats for each season or holiday christmas molds for resin

Keep in mind that there are a number of different types of candy lollipop molds. You've surely come across the flat molds. These are the molds that make the heart-shaped suckers for February 14th, and Christmas trees too. There are pumpkin molds for Halloween to boot. The flat molds are easily available at most hobby shops and online merchants of craft supplies. Just do some poking around and you'll find you can locate a mold for any occasion.

Candy lollipop molds come in a variety of materials. You can select from plastic, resin or rubber. Any of them are pretty easy to work with and a good number of them come with designs formed into them. Having a large set allows you to make a good number of suckers at once. It's really as easy as pouring your mixture into the molds, allowing it to set up, and then must popping them out once they've hardened. Sometimes you just have to apply a little bit of pressure on the back of the mold. Once you've freed the sucker from the candy lollipop mold, you'll find that you know have a nice design on the other side!

Once you've gotten the hang of the flat molds with impressions for designs, you can graduate to the three-dimensional candy lollipop molds. These are nice because they have quite a bit more texture and "depth" than the standard flat mold. These will take a bit more practice and skill to get used to, simply because they are two distinct pieces. One piece represents the front of the mold. The other, of course, is the back.

The three-dimensional candy lollipop molds really are that difficult to work with, however. What you do is pour your mixture into the first side, getting it rather close to the top. You then just patiently allow it to harden. You pour into the other side, keeping it about ¼ inch from the top of the mold. Allow it to nearly completely harden. After the first side is about entirely hardened, you pop it out and put it on top of the remaining side. Next, just let this combination sit there and harden together as one unit.

Keep in mind that you could find some different types of three-dimensional molds. At first you may not recognize them, because they appear to be one unit. What it is is that some of the newer and fancier three-dimensional candy lollipop molds are hinged. So, there are still two pieces, but they are just connected together. They are designed to fold into each other. So, with these you don't take the candy out until it has completely hardened as one unit.

Our discussion of candy lollipop molds wouldn't be complete without discussing the hollow molds. Actually, there is some debate over how relevant this is, but I want to at least mention it. See, it's not actually one of the candy lollipop molds, but rather what you use when you want to have candy filled with some delectable treat. Say you want to have peanut butter-filled chocolates. Then you would use a hollow mold. To be thorough, you can use these hollow molds with hard candy; however, they are generally used with chocolate.

Using a hollow molds is pretty straight-forward. First you melt your chocolate and use a small brush to cover each side of the mold. It's best to now put the mold in the refrigerator to let the layer of chocolate harden. Sometimes you'll need to repeat this step so you get a sufficiently thick layer of chocolate. What you really want to do is be able to place the candy up to a light source and not have it shine through the layer of chocolate. If you don't see light, then your layer is thick enough. Once you're ready, just insert the filling of choice and then cover the top with chocolate. After than hardens, you're ready to snap it out of the mold and eat away

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Candy Lollipop Molds Aren't Just For Suckers

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Published on August 14, 2022

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