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CounSol EMR Review - Is CounSol EMR Right For Your Practice?

Counsol Practice Management

CounSol EMR is a comprehensive medical record management solution. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and integrated data management make it an excellent choice for clinics, hospitals, and physician practices. CounSol's personal account manager monitors performance, addresses queries, and shares educational content.

It provides online support during business hours and in-person and online training on different CounSol features. The account managers are helpful and friendly, and they resolve issues quickly. The software also incorporates new features as they become necessary. Moreover, the user interface could be made more attractive, but CounSol EMR has great potential for improvement.


A review of CounSol EMR should include the security features it offers. The software uses secure channels to keep data, patient information, and user profiles secure. It is also mobile-friendly, and allows doctors to view patient records from any device. As a result, it's an excellent choice for both large and small medical facilities. This EMR software is highly secure and has many useful features for healthcare practitioners. However, the software isn't the best option for everyone.

Despite its shortcomings, CounSol EMR is an excellent practice management system. The easy-to-use interface is ideal for doctors and is complemented by its comprehensive scheduling and journaling solutions. In addition, it protects the confidentiality of client diaries and messages. Finally, it offers telehealth features for the future. In addition, the software is customizable. However, the cost is a concern. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


With CounSol EMR benefits, your practice will benefit from a streamlined billing process and easy access to your patients' information. The system streamlines the entire billing process, from sending reminders via email to processing credit card payments. You can also offer your patients the ability to make their own payments online. Lastly, CounSol EHR software allows you to monitor and track patient payments, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

CounSol's EMR software provides a single solution for practice management, electronic medical records, insurance claims, and billing. It also enables secure online video sessions, which enable you to provide high-quality telemedicine services to clients. Because it encrypts data with 256-bit encryption, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. You will be confident to pass audits and comply with industry standards.


Counsol EMR is an innovative practice management and EHR solution. Its innovative features make it a superior alternative to basic PM solutions. In addition, it allows practitioners to work more efficiently while reducing administrative time. With proactive health care management, this EHR software is ideal for medical practices and other health-related businesses. Its price is reasonable, too. Read on to discover what makes it a top contender in the EHR market.

For small and solo practices, Counsol has an affordable pricing plan. It offers four different plans and a variety of add-on features. Add-on features include Wiley practice planners and controlled or non-controlled e-prescription. Counsol EMR also allows you to customize forms. In addition to customizable administrative forms, it offers advanced features such as electronic claims filing. Ultimately, you'll get a comprehensive EHR solution that is tailored to your practice's needs.

User Reviews

Users of CounSol EMR have praised the robust features and ease of use of the software. It offers secure messaging between clients and doctors, and the user and patient profiles remain private. The system's cloud-based storage allows it to be accessed from any computer, irrespective of location. Additionally, it supports video calls. Ultimately, this EMR software offers great flexibility to small and large medical practices alike.

One feature that sets CounSol apart is the ability to share patient journals with clients. This feature lets you send your client's journal to them and keep it on file, so that they can see when they have made progress on their treatment plan. If you want to ensure that your client does not download bills from the internet, this feature will help you avoid potential issues with HIPPA compliance. However, it is important to note that users may experience some difficulty in logging into the system. The lack of support for multiple languages is also a downside.


Scalability is one of the top concerns for any EMR and CounSol EMR is no exception. This cloud-based EMR offers a user-friendly interface, complete journaling and scheduling solutions, secure messaging and telehealth tools, and is scalable to meet the needs of both small and large medical facilities. The cloud-based technology ensures the privacy and security of patient and practitioner information, and the EMR is highly customizable to fit the needs of every medical practice.

A single-stop-shop, CounSol EHR software allows a secure client profile and end-to-end encrypted messages between clients and doctors. It also includes a secure online solution for storing client diaries and appointments. It offers secure cloud storage and online session capabilities that protect the privacy of clients and clinic data. Unlike other EMR solutions, CounSol EMR software enables physicians and practices to access patient records on any device.


The CounSol EMR software provides many benefits to a practice. This robust program offers a user-friendly interface, integrated scheduling, journaling, and secure messaging. Users also enjoy the ability to securely exchange messages between patients and doctors. The EMR software provides telehealth tools and can be customized to fit the needs of any practice. For additional security, users can turn off session emails. This way, patients can remain private while doctors are away from the office.

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To ensure your data is secure, you should set up two-factor authentication. When enabled, two-factor authentication sends a unique code to your mobile device, which you enter in order to access your account. Once you've logged in, you can set a password to protect sensitive documents. It's also important to set up security features, such as limiting who can download bills and what information should be shared with third parties.

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CounSol EMR Review - Is CounSol EMR Right For Your Practice?

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