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Eat and Run - A Review of the New eBook by Amy Waterman


Eat and run: My Unlikely Journey into Ultra-itness is a twelve-week memoir by the world-renowned ultramarathoner Scott Jurek. It was released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June of 2021. I bought it just as soon as it hit bookstores and have read it several times since then. I enjoyed it immensely not only because of the fabulous story it tells but also because it was a very good motivational read for me as well. It makes me think about my running and eating habits and how I can improve on them. The diet plan Eat and Run is really good advice for those of us who are looking to get into shape and stay there.

먹튀검증 being a runner are similar in many ways. Both require lots of self-discipline and motivation. I have always tried to eat healthy, as that's one of the things that will keep me going when I am running. Eat and run includes a vegan diet because the athletes have to be able to eat certain food items that will help them run faster and further. They need nutrition, just as we do, and this book explains some great nutrition tips for runners and vegetarian athletes.

Eat and run is the first comprehensive book about ultramarathons. There are some excellent books on this topic that I've read, but none has offered me so many ideas and recipes for my cooking adventures while training and racing. The best part of the book is the eighteen chapters or guides that cover everything from finding your ideal running shoe to what foods to eat after you run. It's packed with information and has lots of illustrations that will remind you why you need to be on your running bike or treadmill after your race. Every detail is worth reading.

If you're an athlete, you know how important your stamina is and how much better you will feel if you can keep up your endurance. Eat and run offers some great suggestions about how to maintain your endurance levels and how to keep your motivation high during the course of any ultramarathon. The guide also includes a comprehensive list of foods that are best for endurance, what foods will give you more endurance and what foods should you avoid at all costs. These ideas have made me a much better runner and I'm sure they will do the same for you.

This cookbook is the second in the series "The Bestseller Born Again," written by Amy Waterman. It was released in May 2021 and is still gaining rave reviews. It is probably best known for its title and the controversial methods taught by Waterman, who has claimed to have used these methods to run a marathon and an ultra-marathon. She is currently using this method as a coach for the women's team at the University of Colorado.

Eating For Runners is not strictly a vegan diet, however. It does discuss veganism in the context of being an athlete. It makes a point to point out that although the vegan diet might be good for runners in their casual runs or easy runs, it can also be bad for ultramarathons. That's because eating more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds can greatly improve your performance and can help you reduce your risk of many common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Eating For Runners also mentions that a vegan diet is no picnic during an ultramarathon.

It is obvious from reading this book that Amy Waterman is passionate about helping people achieve fitness and health through active recreation. If you think you may want to try running or if you already run regularly, this text should put you on the right track. It's easy to read, informative and will not make you feel like you are giving up on your goal of fitness and health. Although I often recommend the paleo diet to people who don't eat meat, I think that Eat and Run is better suited for athletes and experienced runners. However, anyone who is serious about fitness and health should read the whole book.

This review is my opinion, but I would encourage you to do some research before buying. I'm not a doctor, nutritionist or expert in any way. If you have problems with your diet, you should talk to your doctor. However, I've been overweight and over-weight for nearly two decades, and I used to think there was nothing I could do about it. Amy Waterman's Eat and Run book changed my attitude and helped me get off the scale!

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Eat and Run - A Review of the New eBook by Amy Waterman

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