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Have you been involved in an accident resulting in an injury in or near Gainesville, Florida? As your Gainesville personal injury lawyer we can answer any questions you may have. With extensive experience handling Gainesville injury cases we assist in resolving your property damage, finding you medical care, and ultimately making a recovery for your pain and suffering. While other firms may accept any case that walks through their door, your Gainesville injury lawyer practices exclusively in negligence cases that cause bodily injury to you. You concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery, our Gainesville personal injury lawyer concentrates on your financial recovery. If you have questions call our injury law firm today for free, we guarantee if we do not make a recovery for your personal injury case, you owe us nothing.

No Fee Unless You Win

Find A Doctor:

Getting you the medical care you need to recover is our top priority. As your Gainesville personal injury lawyer, we work with the doctors to make sure that you receive the best care available.

Get Your Property Fixed:

Although you are entitled to be reimbursed for your losses, getting what's owed can be a struggle. Your injury lawyer does the heavy lifting required to get you compensated

Receive Your Settlement:

While you focus on recovering, your Gainesville injury lawyer works on every other aspect of your case from filing a claim to ultimately demanding a settlement for your pain and suffering.

Gainesville Injury Lawyer Check List:

What To Do Following An Accident That Causes Injuries:

If you were involved in a car accident, attempt to move your vehicle to a safe place to avoid any further accidents with other cars and be aware of your surroundings then call 911. Check yourself and any passengers you have for any injuries, if someone is hurt either administer first aid or seek help from potential witnesses that may be able to help.

If you were involved in a slip and fall accident resulting in injury, it is very important to document the scene of the accident. Take photos and demand the business writes up an incident report that you get a copy of. The burden of proof is on us to show the business was negligent and failed to provide you with a safe environment as a patron.

When you call 911 be sure to report the license plate number of the driver that hit you and closely examine the nearest street intersection to where your accident happened for a car accident and the business location if it is a slip and fall. If there are any injuries request an ambulance be immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident to provide aid for any injury. When in doubt err on the side of caution and request paramedics to the scene of your accident.

Many times following an accident people enter into a state of shock, you must do your best to remain calm and make rational decisions. Tragically, we have had cases in which following an accident our client became unaware of their surroundings and stepped out into oncoming traffic.

2. Call The Police:

Often times following an accident the parties will come to a verbal agreement not to call the police, this is one of the biggest mistakes my clients make. It is common for injuries to show in the days following an accident in Gainesville. I have had clients retain my services after not reporting an accident that caused an injury and often times the defendant either gave my client incorrect information or has since changed their story, now calling my client as the at fault party.

When this happens it is an uphill battle in establishing liability for the injury and often times the insurance companies rely upon the police to report to establish some sense of responsibility. Without this important document the very best my clients can usually hope for is 50% recovery based on the insurance companies not knowing who is at fault.

While not every accident needs to be reported, Fl. Stat. § 316.065 instructs any accident in which there is bodily injury or property damage in excess of $500 or more must be reported to the local police as soon as possible.

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Gainesville Personal Injury Lawyer | No Fee Unless You Win

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