How Cannabis Helps in Hypertension


You may be curious about marijuana usage and its impact on blood pressure because smoking a joint may give you a soothing high. Does marijuana increase or decrease blood pressure, or has it no impact at all? Is it safe to use marijuana if you do have high blood pressure?

We will talk about how consuming cannabis, even medicinal marijuana, may affect your blood pressure.

Is Marijuana A Blood Pressure Reducer Or A Blood Pressure Raiser?

We should concentrate on two main cannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of these factors may have an impact on blood pressure levels.

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, the head of Canna-Centers in Lawndale, California, explained the possible effects of THC on blood pressure: "Depending on the dosage, method of administration, a person's history with THC, and underlying health, THC may alter blood pressure. THC caused an increase in heart rate and a drop in blood pressure in healthy participants. People who took THC while laying down had higher blood pressure in trials. Their blood pressure fell as they stood up, and they had low blood pressure. "

Whiteouts or green outs, which are abrupt decreases in blood pressure, may be related to cannabis usage. "Cannabis may induce a decrease in blood pressure while standing — known as postural hypotension," Dr. Melanie Bone, cannabis expert, said. “However, this kind of decrease in blood pressure isn't good since it may lead to dizziness and possibly fainting. As a result, we don't always regard the impact of "reducing blood pressure" as good for one's health.”

What Effect Does CBD Have On Blood Pressure?

The general opinion is that CBD relaxes blood vessels and reduces anxiety, which leads to a reduction in blood pressure. This kind of blood pressure lowering is preferable since it is linked to lower anxiety levels. Thus, THC and CBD both have promising potential to decrease blood pressure in various ways. CBD and THC, on the other hand, should not be regarded as medicinal treatments for hypertension, based on current studies.

What Are The Effects Of Cannabis On The Cardiovascular System?

Another common concern regarding marijuana and cardiovascular health is whether or not it may trigger a heart attack. Let's start by separating the cannabinoids THC and CBD once again. For example, CBD oils containing minimal amounts of THC may have quite different impacts than consuming a high-THC marijuana strain. For instance, THC has been shown to hurt cardiovascular health, while CBD is beneficial to the heart.

"CBD does not seem to have the same dangers to the heart as THC, and indeed seems to be relatively cardioprotective," Goldstein said. Goldstein referenced a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which found that CBD had therapeutic promise in the treatment of diabetic complications as well as certain cardiovascular diseases. CBD, in particular, has the potential to decrease inflammation, which may damage blood vessels, arteries, and critical organs. As a result, the effect of applying CBD oil to your skin or swallowing a few teaspoons may vary significantly from that of smoking a blunt.

To this point, some evidence indicates that smoking THC may cause a heart attack, either directly or indirectly. But Bone stated, "Many of the patients smoked cigarettes and were fat, making it difficult to make definitive conclusions. Furthermore, we never know if the cannabis came from an unknown source or a dispensary." Because no lab testing is available to establish what additional chemicals may have been present, the fact that the cannabis did not originate from a licensed dispensary is essential. A lesson to take: always get from reliable marijuana delivery services or dispensaries. The basic conclusion is that studies have shown a dubious link between smoking marijuana and having a heart attack, and further research is needed.

Medications For High Blood Pressure And Marijuana

What if you are smoking marijuana and taking blood pressure medicine at the same time? Is there going to be a harmful reaction? If you are smoking THC-rich cannabis and using blood pressure medicine, the answer is yes.

According to Goldstein, "Because cannabis smoke includes carbon monoxide, it may be hazardous to those who have heart problems or hypertension. Smoking should be avoided by those who have heart disease or high blood pressure. "

Instead, Goldstein suggests using sublingual tinctures or edibles, which she claims are safe to use even if someone is on blood pressure medication. It is also essential to keep an eye on your blood pressure and report any dizziness to your doctor, who may modify your medications as needed. You can buy tinctures and sublinguals directly from your local dispensaries or through weed delivery in Chatsworth.

In 2017, in research published in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior Case Reports, the blood thinner Warfarin interacted with cannabidiol (CBD) in some epileptic patients. Warfarin and other medicines may interact with cannabis, but there are no certainties, and the 2017 research focused on epilepsy patients rather than the general population.

Other Negative Effects Of Marijuana On Blood Pressure

There may be additional effects of marijuana on blood pressure that doctors have not discovered yet. All possible consequences are dependent on the individual's current health issues, particularly comorbid diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Is it safe for individuals who don't have these illnesses to use marijuana? The body of a healthy person may seem to be like a well-oiled machine, but doctors disagree, pointing out that, "Unlike a vehicle, where the brakes and tires can be replaced, the heart never takes a break and the blood vessels must continue to function at all times. And the neurological system, which acts as a conductor, is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "

So, moderation may be essential when it comes to incorporating a cannabis regimen into your healthcare plan. Before you start using cannabis or CBD products, talk to your doctor about any medicine you are presently on. You can avail CBD products through weed delivery in El Segundo and throughout California.

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How Cannabis Helps in Hypertension

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