How to Choose the Right Drapery Hardware Embodying Both Elegance and Utility


Window treatment suggests choosing drapery fabric only for most people. But window treatment is incomplete without implementing drapery hardware, which supports the window finishings. Drapery hardware includes curtain rods, finials, rails, wall brackets, curtain rings, holdbacks or tiebacks, end caps, medallions, etc. Let's find out how to choose the right hardware that keeps up with the latest drapery trends.

Choosing the Right Drapery Hardware

Drapery Hardware helps your draperies to function properly and provides a beautiful finish to your room design. They are available in traditional and contemporary styles with modern functionalities that equipoise the evolution of draperies and Hawaii’s history. Here are some insights into how you can choose the suitable drapery hardware.

Choosing Curtain Rods

Curtain rods vary in shape, size, and color and can complement all drapery styles, including custom drapes. Choose curtain rods according to your window size and drape style. Let's have a look at the different types of curtain rods:

* Single Curtain Rods

Single curtain rods add a decorative touch to any window and sliding doors. A single bar is installed at the top of the window, which threads through curtain rings, tabs, and grommets. They support light and medium panels. They fit a wide range of window sizes. Materials include wood and different metals. They are removable and are used to keep the panels in place.

* Double Curtain Rods

Double curtain rods help layer two draperies for larger or double windows. The front rod is thicker and more ornate, allowing us to layer thicker curtains over sheer curtains. This proves protective during very hot summer and cold winter days.

* Traverse Curtain Rods

Traverse curtain rods have an interior mechanism that allows the window panels to slide while opening or shutting the curtains. The loops on the back of your curtain panel are attached to built-in clips in the rods. They are available in single and double designs. They can be hung from the wall or ceiling and used for patio sliders and large windows, being best for bedrooms.

* Tension Rods

Also known as cafe curtain rods, these are not permanent fixtures and allow you to avoid drilling. They are best suited for lightweight curtains used on small windows.

* Motorized Curtain Rod

These are the most modern type of curtain rod, giving a contemporary touch to your decor with their sleek look and convenience. They are remote-operated. However, keep in mind that these are the most expensive curtain rods.

More types are available, like French return curtain rods, which do not use finials, and cafe curtain rods, which cover the lower part of windows.


Finials are end accessories to cap off the curtain rods and stop the curtain rings from sliding off the rods. You should choose the style of the finials that match your room’s color and design. The diameter of the final should be the same as that of the curtain rod. Finials are not used inside mount rods. Check if you need finials with or without screws.

Curtain Rings

Following the footsteps of the trendiest custom drapery designs, curtain rings are popularly used to hang drapes and are essential if you do not want to use grommets and pockets. They are available in the form of circular clips or sewed-in rings. Check the diameter of the ring while purchasing. It should be a bit wider than that of the rod so that they easily slide onto the rod.


Tiebacks are fabric bands that wrap around a curtain and gather them in the middle. They provide convenience, a cleaner look and allow more sunlight and fresh air to enter the room.


Attached near the window frame, holdbacks are U-shaped hardware with a fixing plate at one end and a finial at the other. Instead of unhooking tiebacks, the curtain can be removed from the holdback.


Brackets help to hold curtain rods, and their choice depends on whether you want them to be functional or decorative. According to the trim around the window, they are available in single, double, and adjustable forms. Adjustable brackets are useful in most cases.

There are other drapery hardware accessories like end caps and medallions. End Caps are alternatives to finials. Medallions are oversized knobs with horizontal orientation to hanging curtains instead of rods. For renovating your window decor and offering a beautiful chic style to your rooms, you can contact your local window treatment providers. Happy hardware shopping!

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How to Choose the Right Drapery Hardware Embodying Both Elegance and Utility

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Published on June 09, 2023

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