Karma in Corona Era



Hi is it Jagjeet?

Jagjeet: Yeah Sehgal, how are you?

Sehgal: I am ok, you first tell how are you, where are you?

Jagjeet: So far I am safe. I have reached Auli.

Sehgal: I was worried about you bro. Whose phone number is this, it was not showing any name on true caller and no number was visible. I was afraid to take this call. 

Jagjeet: So many questions. I had taken a satellite phone. Our contact in ministry helped me to hide and evade. How are you now? Any pressure from UK government or Indian embassy.

Sehgal: I have managed everything. How could this raids happen and these bastards have arrested my CEO also.

Jagjeet: This is political rivalry. Our partner is from ruling state government. All was going smooth with ruling party blessings. State government conducted press conferences and tweeted about shortage of oxygen to help in creating more demands. 

Sehgal: So what it increased our profits and moreover it was as planned and suggested by our partner.

Jagjeet: This move back fired. That created panic and chaos everywhere. Hoarding started in near by states too. Opposition got info about our black marketing of oxygen concentrator business. They organised all raids and went in to media.

Sehgal: Hoarding will increase our demand & profit more. But  what for we are paying to department.

Jagjeet: They were helpless, pressure was from top.

Sehgal: But we are paying till top.

Jagjeet: All are not corrupt dear there are many honest persons in department too.

Sehgal: How could you cross interstate borders now there are restrictions on entry points too?

Jagjeet: I had made a fake name Aadhar card in the name of Chaman and arranged covid negative report to enter this state.

Sehgal; What will happen to our fake drugs Buisness?

Jagjeet: It's going on fine so far. We are minting money by selling fake Remdisivir injection @ 23000/- made of just pure glucose and salt. haha

Sehgal: I heard there were some hundreds of injections found in canal.

Jagjeet: That was ours only. It was suggested by our political partner to earn some political mileage and make fool of public. You leave aside business dear we have minted lot of money. Now I am worried for my safety.

Sehgal: Don't worry we will manage.

Jagjeet: It's easy to say manage. मेरी तो फटी पड़ी है यार। Media is showing my photographs regularly. I am not ascertain about my family well being. I can't call them.

Sehgal: Family I will airlift, let the flights get opened. Even my family is struck. Regarding media you don't worry my negotiations are on. It will be settled today. Within 2/3 days no more news about us will be shown on TV.

Jagjeet: It is not being shown on one or two TV channels it's almost on all channels.

Sehgal: That's the beauty of media business boss. Once your deal is done with these consultants it's for all channels. Your face people will forget within a week once another breaking news comes in. Just relax.

Jagjeet: It's easy to say relax because you are sitting in heaven. Now I don't want to carry on this business any more. You please clear my share and handle it.

Sehgal: You are Bollywood fan. You must have heard old filmy line " There is no U turn in this mud Buisness."

Jagjeet: Whatever it is, I am fed up. Clear my shares. I have come to know that you are keeping good cuts in this import business too. 

Sehgal: What cut with you? Are you mad, somebody is creating gap between us.

Jagjeet: It's being shown on Tv that cost of our oxygen concentrator in our invoice is 15,000 whereas you were showing 30,000 as purchase price.

Sehgal: Oh fool. That is under invoicing to avoid custom duty. For which we are paying to custom people. Actually we are not doing anything wrong. We import legitimate goods and sell in market. Whole chain gets their share of profit. We pay whatever custom and GST to government also os the are also partner of this profit. I have invested your millions in Europe in properties, I didn't keep a cut in those and will cheat you in these peanuts. You have gone crazy.

Jagjeet: But selling essential commodities in black is crime at this time. We have not even spared the oximeters, testing kits all we are selling to needy at very very high prices.

Sehgal: That's business. Didn't you read economics if demand is more and supply is less then prices are bound to go upwards. We are not alone Doctors, sellers, testing labs, chemist and other vendors are profiting from these items.

Jagjeet: This is not economics, this is vulture business. At the time when Gurudwaras and other institutes are offering these items for free and we are black marketing it. It is really shameful.

Sehgal: सो सो चूहे खा के बिल्ली हज पर चली।  You and your family all enjoyed this wealth. Now when there is fear of arrest, you wish to become saint overnight. At present, your mind is full of fear and can't think properly. Any ways the mediator of TV channels is calling me. Let me fix with him. You take some drinks and relax. I will manage. You call me tomorrow same time.

Next Day

Jagjeet: Hello, ओये साले, you said media is managed but still those bastards are showing my photos and telling about my life the facts, which are not even known to me.

Sehgal: You sound heavy drunk from your voice.

Jagjeet: What else I will do in my room, my past dark memories are killing me in this situation. You are enjoying comfort of London and I am dying here in fear.

Sehgal: I am not bloody fucking गोरी मेमां (white women) here, you bastard. Just listen, whole day I am on managing this bull shit. Everyone is so greedy. If we are vultures as you said these corrupt politician, media, bureaucracy and legal fratnity are more than vultures. They are demanding fortunes to bail us out from this problem.

Jagjeet:  See bro all are not corrupt that's why our great country is surviving. Any ways what about managing our problems.

Sehgal: Media is done. 

Jagjeet: See I can't hide like thief alone without family. You are enjoying London weather.

Sehgal: I am also not enjoying dear. Living in fear. My family is also struck up flights to UK from India are banned.

Jagjeet: Believe me its all our Karmas, which are hitting us back. We were having enough wealth to survive for generations, we had done blunder doing this black marketing on the dead bodies of human.

Sehgal: Don't talk shit now I am already under stress. My sugar has gone too high. We made fortunes by doing all such type of ill trades and moreover this hoarding and black marketing was your idea. Leave this now tell me what help do you need now. Should I arrange to hawala some funds and for GOD sake, you please don't use your credit cards.

Jagjeet: I am not fool to use cards and get caught. I brought cash which should be enough. Moreover you can't do hawala in this remote place and I can't move out. Thanks to these masks I could hide my face and could come here. Any ways when would I get anticipatory bail?

Sehgal: Have patience, we are on job. Same relative who got us won Restaurent business from ex partners is trying for bail.

Jagjeet: I heard he himself was busy in lobbying for plum executive post, I don't think he is right choice. Moreover this time Courts would be very strict after all this media galore.

Sehgal: All will be back to normal in this system. Media thing will be over in two days then as usual people will forget your name. Have patience dear, all will be through.

Next Day

Sehgal: Why are you sounding so low?

Jagjeet: I am afraid I got covid symptoms. Body is aching like hell and I don't have any help.

Sehgal: Try the waiter Ramu, who arranged daaru for you to arrange some doctor. He is local जुगाड़ों guy, I feel

Jagjeet: I should be fine. I am checking regular oxygen and pulse through oximeter. By the way you are also sounding low. Is bail rejected?

Sehgal: Bail as said would be filed at proper time. Actually my family is worried they feel some one is doing reiki in plain clothes of mine and your home. 

Jagjeet: Pay back those bustards in our network to keep our families away, to whom we had given millions . Ok bye I wish to take rest.

Sehgal: All are avoiding my calls. They are partners of sharing profits not problems. Problems we have to face on our won.

Jagjeet: Now I remember Balmiki story. We all carry bag of our bad karmas on our shoulders, nobody not even families share our sin. Irony is these all corrupt people encourage us to do illicit business for making big cuts and runs like rats after we get into trouble.

Sehgal: They always save their skin first. But now our families will be suffering. 

Jagjeet: Let me get bail, I will handle and make sure these corrupt also suffer. I will not leave anyone.

Sehgal: You take rest we will talk now only when emergency. 

Next Week

Jagjeet: Take me from here boss at any cost, I am dying.

Sehgal: Don't fear. Be strong. It will take some time to settle. I understand from sources they are trying for my extradition also.

Jagjeet: Ramu brought in Doctor. He started heavy medicines and tomorrow they are arranging oxygen cylinder at my room. This all is costing hell. My cash is eroding .

Sehgal: We too charge hell for all this giving to others. On lighter side this amount is going to our brother traders only. Haha

Jagjeet with slow smile: You are right. 

After Two Days

Jagjeet in murmuring voice: I am still on oxygen. I had Remdesivir injection yesterday at 1.25 lakhs per piece, which we sell at 23000/-

Sehgal: Forget about cost, did you get it injected ?

Jagjeet: Yeah but my condition is worsening. Doctor is stressing for some hospital with ventilator.

Sehgal: Tell him to arrange.

Jagjeet: He is asking for 2 lakhs per day and resort people are asking for extra payment that too in advance. I have money to hardly survive for 2 days. Do some thing dear, I am dying.

Sehgal: Nothing will happen to you. You are strong monster. By the way yesterday they took my wife into custody. They are putting pressure on me to surrender.

Jagjeet: You please get my bail done. I will manage rest. 

Sehgal: The bail is also rejected today and they have issued LOC against you. You have to remain there, wherever you are. I am arranging some funds in Dehradun. You talk To Ramu for collecting hawala payments.

Next Day

Jagjeet: Have you sent money?

Sehgal: That will be delivered in Dehradun day after tomorrow. You send Ramu and give him same currency note for collection, number of which was shared by you.

Jagjeet: My condition is worsened. Doctor said injection must be fake.

Sehgal: Didn't you check its sources? It may not be sold by our team. 

Jagjeet: I couldn't check but how could our fake injection come to this remote place.

Sehgal: Let us hope so. But in panic and black marketing there is no market remote. People are hoarding all items for saving their families. What about your hospital admission.

Jagjeet: They want 20 lakhs advance. I will shift after I receive money from Dehradun. Ok bye

Sehgal: I am sending 40 Lakhs. One bad news your wife is also taken into custody. Your son has gone into hiding.

After Three Days

In local news paper photo of Jagjeet with his fake name Chaman is published with a message to claim his body otherwise it will be electrocuted as unclaimed body next day.

Sehgal: Who is on line? Where is Jagjeet.

Who Jagjeet, this is Chaman's phone.

Sehgal: Oh sorry, who is there?

Sir it's Ramu.

Sehgal: Did you collect money from Dehradun?

Ramu: Yes sir. So you are his friend from London. Sahib was always talking about you,

Sehgal: Yes. Is Chaman in hospital?

Ramu: Sir when I came back from Dehradun, he was already dead.

Sehgal: Where is that money?

Ramu: Forget about it sir. I have to quarantine myself now and to remain silent for your identification, which cost money you know.

After Two Weeks

Many corrupt and black-marketer people died of covid like Jagjeet. India wins war from Corona absolutely. Great India has become number one vaccine producer and exporter. People have understood and united for self survival. They are openly beating corrupt political leaders, corrupt media personnel and irresponsible officers. India is getting appreciation from all over the globe. 

After Eleven Weeks

All pillars of system had eradicated the corrupt elements and malpractices in it. System and government is being run by right and efficient people without any ill practices. People are living happily fearlessly. 

After Three Months

India wins all Court battles and brings back Sehgal back to country. He is put on fast trials. All concerned monsters are put behind bars and some are hanged to death as per their vulture crimes. Sehgal is hanged by inmates in jail. Families of Jagjeet and Sehgal surrenderd the details of all illegitimate investments and assets to Court. Court directs government to sell all assets of them and deposit the proceedings in Peoples acre fund, being monitored by Court. Court pardons the families of Jagjeet and Sehgal and set them free. 

After Five Months

India has taken the lead and all leading countries joined hands to destroy the lab which created virus in other country. That countrymen has toppled the government and first democratic elections are being planned under UNO supervision. 

दुःख भरे दिन बीते रे भैया अब सुख आयो रे, रंग जीवन मैं नया लायो रे।  

Pray to Almighty GOD for the well being of all.

© Pavan Datta

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Always Indebted & Grateful to my Parents (GOD)

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