Let's get married


I've called her twice in the last fifteen minutes but she is not taking my call. Sara is more of a party lover and going out with friends is her main focus. She really forgets about me. I don’t like to go out like her all the time.

I'm planning to get my own car so that I’ll not be depending on her for a ride home.
But I can't be rude to her, after all, she is my only friend here who really helped me move to this new city. When I told my parents I got a job in a different city, they were upset about the fact that I’ll have to move away from them. It took a lot of effort to convince them it's my dream to work for this consultancy firm and I can’t let go of this opportunity.

Sara and I share the same apartment and work for the same company. Initially, it was hard for me to adjust to her because we are different. Our choices and lifestyle never match. But now when I know pretty much about her and keep our difference aside she is a nice person.

Oh! I’m Myra Malik. I’m a strong, fitness freak, career-oriented woman. I'm twenty-four years old.
I've spent all my life caring for my family and working hard to get my law degree. All my decisions were taken by my parents but now I feel free to make my own choices that I’m here building my dream life. This doesn’t mean they were trying to control my life, they just want the best for me and I love them for how hard they worked to give me a better future.
So far it’s been a great experience in my new workplace. I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience.
After a long wait of half an hour, I picked up my phone, purse, and some files and start walking. It's late so I will have to take a cab to go home.
On my way toward the lift, I was busy rummaging in my purse for my house keys but suddenly my face banged on something smooth yet hard surface and I fall.

Damnit! It hurts.

I started lifting my head, my eyes fall on one hand stretched out down at me. I was so embarrassed that  I immediately hold it and got up quickly.


The moment I saw him, I was not able to take my eyes off him. His expression was firm and intense. His eyes started scanning all over my face in search of any trace of uneasiness after falling but I was too busy staring at him. He is a handsome man who must be in his early thirties. He raised his eyebrows and I got back to my senses.
“ are you okay?” he asked with concern in his voice. I nod.
He left me standing there and went inside the office. It’s been ten months since I started this job. I have never seen him before. I blow a slow breath and picked up all my stuff and start walking.
Who is he? What the hell just happened?
When I got home I was all alone. I know Sara won’t be home soon. this has happened a lot lately so I’m not angry with her. I was still under the spell of that hard-muscled man with those dark eyes, well dressed in a dark blue suit. He was taller than me but our complexion matched.

There was a smile on my face at just the thought of him.

I never thought I would ever feel such attraction towards anyone. This is new to me. All warmness in my blood is making my face glow.
I hope I get to see him again.
The next day Sara and I reached the office early to prepare for a meeting and It went well. I was so happy to get the new responsibility to deal with new clients. This feels amazing to get promoted in such a small period.

I was sitting at my desk with my eyes closed, head tilted backwards, and a smile on my face.
My smile fade as I heard a familiar voice speaking to me .“someone is getting new opportunities in a really short time. Huh?”
My eyes flip open. I was looking at him with amusement. he was standing cross-legged at his ankle with one hand holding the back of a chair opposite to me and the other in his pocket. He raised an eyebrow and I got back to reality.

“Thank you and... sorry for yesterday. I.. I… was just....” I said but he cut me with a smile.
“no, it's okay. By the way, I’m Ishaan Awasthi. You must be Myra Malik?” He did a handshake.

“ How do you know my name? I never saw you before.”  I raised my eyebrows.
He smiled “you are working on the third floor and my office is on the first floor and I’m pretty sure you don’t know anyone other than people who work on this floor”. I just nod with a smile.
“See you later Miss Malik.” he give me a salute and went away.
I saw Sara rushing towards my desk soon after Ishaan left. “Someone is blushing in here. What was that head of HR saying?” She said.

My face falls to the ground “he is WHAT?”

Sara rolled her eyes at me “don't tell me you don't know he is head of HR. Talk to people around you Myra. The office is not just to work. Anyways, What did he say?”

I was still trying to calm my nerves. Wow.
I said. “ nothing he was just referring to my progress.”

Sara starts giggling. “I think something is about to happen here. I saw a wide smile on his face. Never seen him smiling that way before.”

“Oh shut up.” I was Throwing my arms in the air in disbelief, I know that the HR head will never be interested in this newly employed. Can he?

Oh god, Myra enough of your fantasy.
Next few days I got really busy working all day. Being promoted felt amazing but now I sometime feel too exhausted.
Today I feel pretty much ahead of my work so I've decided to cook nice food and do some binge-watching. I'm planning to start reading a new novel too.

I scanned the office to try and find Sara but she is nowhere to be seen.


I received a text. It’s from her.
hey! It’s my friend’s bachelor’s party so I’ll come back tomorrow morning before the office. Please take a cab home. I hope you won’t get mad at me.

I replied.
it's okay. Have fun.

I got out of the office and felt like walking so I  started heading in my apartment direction. I  made it to the nearest signal and a car pull up by my side.
My spine stiffens at Ishaan's voice. “Hey! Why are you walking? Where is Sara? I've seen you going with her usually.”

“Oh! Shh...she... She is gone to meet her friend. So I’ll have to catch a cab.” I don't know why this man makes me this nervous.

Hell Myra! What is wrong with you?

“Okay, but please let me drop you home. It's too late. Walking alone won't be safe.” He looks at me with concern.

After five minutes I said, “Oh...okay.”

I don't know if it's excitement or nervousness but my hands are a bit shaking when I sit in the passenger seat. “Are you okay?” he noticed my hesitation.

“Yes sir. I'm fine.” I said and he smiled.
“It’s Ishaan. You can call me Ish. All my loved ones call me that.”

He includes me in his loved ones. really?
“Okay, then Ish. Let’s go. My home is thirty minutes from here.”

It was total silence during the whole ride. He drives with focus. I never felt he looked at me even at once during the drive. We reached home. He pulls over his car near my apartment complex.

“So that's where you live. Huh?”

“Yup. Sara and I are roommates. Anyways thank you so much, sir...I mean Ish.”

“No problem. Anytime .” He said with a smile that reaches his eyes.

“Oh! If you are free and not in a hurry would you mind having a coffee?” I don’t know if he’ll agree but I did ask him so that I can spend more time with him.

He smiled and said yes. We reached my apartment and I made two cups of coffee. He is looking at all my paintings on the wall. I catch him smiling at one. It was a sketch of a couple in wedding attire.

I hand him his coffee and we set on the couch.
“Those are nice artworks. Are they all yours?” he said.

“Yes, they all belong to me. Thank you.  By the way, these are old artworks I don't do it anymore.”

“Why?” He asked with lines on his forehead.
“ There isn't any particular reason. life has changed a lot. Now I’m working  and I don't want to give my HR any reason to fire me.”

He starts laughing. “But I've heard that HR is already impressed by your work. You are hardworking and focused.”

I can't hide my smile. “So tell me about yourself Ish. You know a lot about me.”

“Ah! I don't have much to tell. A bachelor living alone,  away from family doing a job that pays me well. I don’t carry so many talents like you.”

“ Oh! So you are single. Why you don’t have a girlfriend? You are a good man.”

“Initially I was busy making a career and now I’m thirty-two. I never felt that closeness to any girl.” He shrugs himself.

“ Age doesn't matter Ish you're still quite a catch,” I said to him and he give me a shy smile.

“so got any boyfriend? “

“No! I just don't like to be in a relationship.”

“Why?” He narrows his eyes on me.

“It's like I will invite more responsibility and I’ll have to give that person so much time. I think it'll never go smoothly with my career and all my hobbies. Moreover, I don’t have that connection with anyone. I wish to have someone in my life who can understand me well. whom I can take to my parents.”

“Yeah, I get that. But I’ve got a strong feeling you’ll be great if you keep all your fears aside.” I smile at those words.
“ and I know you’ll be a good mother too.’’

“How can you be so sure I’ll be a good mother?”

“I've seen you with kids at an office party two months ago. You were enjoying yourself with our colleague's kids. That was cute.”

I start blushing when I realise he was noticing me even before I knew him. “Thank you.”

“So where is Sara?” he asked.

“She texted me she'll stay the night with her friend. You know bachelor's party and all.”

“Oh! So you don't like bachelor's party?”

“ no, I don't really like parties. In fact, when I'll get married I'm hoping for a not so expensive wedding. You know just a simple wedding is more beautiful.”

“You have a great thought process. Now I’m impressed as a person, not as an HR.” this made me laugh.

“ What else do you like?” He asked me.

“Mostly it's reading and sometimes it's writing.” suddenly with a loud lighting thunder, it starts to rain. I gasp loudly and jumped a little.

“Oh shit! I wasn't expecting it to happen so early.” He looked in my direction.“hey! are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.’’

“I guess I should go now.’’ He said.

“But why? It’s raining hard, won’t be safe to drive. I'm going to cook fried rice. Do you want me to cook something else ?”I want him to stay more. I  don't want to spend today's night alone. Specifically not in this weather. I want someone to be with me on my birthday.

“Oh no. no! Please don't bother. I'll go as soon as it stops raining.”

“It’s nothing like being bothered. I don’t think it will stop soon.  It would be my pleasure if you'll stay. See you took care of my safety today now it’s my turn.” I said with a grin.

He thought for a while then smile.“Okay! Valid point. Fried rice will be good then.”

It was twenty minutes to midnight by the time we finished our dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I never got a feeling he is new to me. We've talked about my writing and reading to his workout routine he likes to follow.

“I'll sleep in Sara's room and you can use mine. Give me fifteen minutes I'll be back. Make yourself comfortable.” I left him in the kitchen and went to adjust my room for him. I didn't tell him it was my birthday in fifteen minutes. I don't want to bother him.
It's weird to celebrate your birthday alone even if you have company.
Myra, you are so stupid.

After cleaning my room when I went back to the living room,  all the lights were turned off. There was no sound coming. “Ish?....Ishaan?.” I called his name he didn't respond.

My chest starts to rise and fall out of fear. I start moving towards the kitchen. There was no light in there.

“Ishaan please don't do such pranks. I...I... Don't appreciate this.” I was so scared that it all came out in a whisper.

When I reached the kitchen door I felt someone was standing behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I got so scared that I jumped and I started screaming.

“Hey! It’s me Ishaan. Calm down.” and suddenly all the lights in the living room are turned on. I turned to face him. “Happy birthday Miss Myra Malik.” He was smiling and gesturing towards the living room.

My eyes were wide open out of surprise when I saw the centre table. It was shifted near to my artworks wall.
There were newspaper cuttings all over it and in the middle there was a four-layered bread jam and peanut butter sandwich with a candle on top. I put a hand on my mouth then on my forehead and turned to see him.

“Oh my god! did...” I start He cut me by putting a finger on my lips.

“Shh... I knew it was your birthday. I saw it on your application when we were considering giving you a promotion But I was not expecting that I'll get to celebrate it like this. I know it's not fancy but I tried my best. Hope you like it.”

I was staring at a sandwich cake and all the decor which eventually got blurred by all tears in my eyes. I looked at him. “I really love it Ish. This is so overwhelming and unexpected. I...I.. Don't know what to say.”

He wiped all my tears and took me into his arms “hey! I didn't mean to make you cry on your birthday.” he cupped my face in his hands.
“I'm sorry Myra but I need to tell you something.” he was looking at me with hopes then he  smiled.“but before that I want you to blow the candle and cut the cake.” This made me laugh. I did as he say. We took lots of pictures.

“This is the best gift I could ever have. This is so unreal but thank you so much Ishaan for putting so much effort.” I hug him and we sat on the couch. But this time he was sitting on the very end of it. I felt weird.

“so you were telling me something?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah! Actually Myra I don't know how to explain to you what I've been doing lately. But your opinion matters a lot in this.” My spine stiffens at those words.
Suddenly Ishaan moved and set cross-legged on the floor in front of me. I was confused by now.
“I was not in the panel when you were interviewed. Yes, I approved your appointment but I didn't know who you are by then.” He looked down at my ankle and the back into my eyes.

“ that day at the office party I saw you with children. You were busy playing with them. You were looking gorgeous. I was not able to take my eyes off you. From there on I started gathering information about you. I scanned your application again and was constantly started asking about you from other colleagues. I wanted to but I didn't know how to talk to you. Then one day you suddenly banged against my chest. I was feeling so uneasy that I left you there alone. I know this sounds creepy and crazy but I didn't have any other options.” he gave me an apologetic look.

“I like you, Myra. From your looks to your heart. You are so beautiful all in and out. I am not able to avoid you even if I should. I didn't tell you before because I was scared that you'll consider my age.” he is no longer looking at me now but at my ankles.

I took a deep breath and tapped on the couch gesturing for him to sit next to me. He was not making eye contact anymore.

“Look at me Ish. Since the day I've met you my heart keeps expected more. Initially, I was taking it as an attraction but today it's something more. You are a nice responsible person. And please don't think It's the age gap that I’m afraid of. But...” I sigh.

He narrowed his eyebrows. “But what Myra? Let me tell you nothing will change the way I feel about you even if you had any past.”

I can feel his eyes on me as I'm looking down and said. “yes there was a boy in past whom I trusted the most. But he started blackmailing me emotionally for having sex. I got aware it was all his lust no love. I broke up with him. I always wanted to be one man woman but life has already given me this experience. It's hard for me to trust again.”

“That’s the reason you are scared of a relationship?” I just nod to this question.

He blowout a small breath and kept one hand on my cheek. It was warm enough to melt me.
“ I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience. I know how it is for you. But Myra give yourself a second chance. Give me a chance I won't let you down. I promise. Casual dating is not my thing. Maybe God made me wait for so long to meet a person like you.  I never thought I'll ever feel this much for anyone else.”

“But I need time to think and process all this. This is a lot to take.” I look into his eyes and I swear the look in his eyes was so pure I don’t think I need any other reassurance.

“take as much time as you want. I’m not going anywhere. God! You don’t know how much nervous I was and how relieved I’m.’’ he was looking at the ceiling when he said that.

“Okay! I guess it's time to sleep. I’ve kept the blanket on the bed. Tell me if there is anything you need.’’I said.

“It’s okay. I’m fine. And thank you for letting me stay. You r a lifesaver.’’

I laugh “good night Ish.’’

“good night, Myra’’
The next morning I woke up early and when out of the room to check on Ishaan.

I found a sticky note on my door. It's written-

Hey birthday girl. I enjoyed last night. I had to go in a hurry so you will not find me. I'll see you soon. Happy birthday Myra. Enjoy your day.

I kissed the note and start dancing.

“Someone is happy today. What’s the reason, birthday girl?” I turned as I heard Sara's voice.

She read the note in my hand and raised her eyebrows. “oh so that's why you didn't take my call last night. Who is he?”

I start blushing. “Ish... I mean Ishaan Awasthi.”

“The HR head Ishaan Awasthi?” I smiled at her.

“wow! See I've told you that day. He is up to something. I'm so happy for you. Happy birthday Myra. So what happened last night, huh?”  She hugged me.

“Oh, c'mon Sara nothing happened like you are thinking. It was because of you he was here. You were not there to drive me home so he offered a ride and because of rain he had to stay.’’

“ Okay! Chill I was kidding. Now please get ready fast we’ll be late for the office.”

When we reached the office I was surprised to see my colleagues with a cake. We had a quick celebration. I told Sara to call Ishaan too. She didn’t look in my eyes when she came back.

“What. Where is he?” I said.

“He resigned. It was his last day yesterday. Please don't get upset because of that bastard. okay.”

My eyes were wide open.“what.’’

When I notice I was frozen in the same spot. Sara was looking at me nervously. I blow a breath out and gave her a weak smile because I don't know what else I can do. I went to my desk and sit on my chair.

He didn’t mention it yesterday.  I tried to call him the entire day but his phone was out of reach. I toss my phone on the desk and started working. I was so pissed off that I didn’t respond to anyone that day.

When I got home I locked myself in my room and tears start to flood out of my eyes.
How can he leave just like that?

I toss my phone on the bed and My eyes fall on a small box kept on my pillow. It’s a gift and  It's from him.
I opened it and found a keychain. Something was written on it-


Oh yeah. You did change my life. I won't trust anyone ever again.

Sometimes I wonder how life works. When You are living it to the fullest. No drama, no worry. Just a smooth happy functioning life. But then someone comes into your life, promises you the world and the next day you get to know he was just there to destroy you so much that it becomes hard to live in your existing world.

It's been three months since the day he left. After trying a lot to contact him I decided I’ll never call him and of course, that jerk didn’t try to contact me too.

The worst part of this whole situation I don’t know what he was up to. I’ve seen in his eyes the seriousness he had that day. But I also don’t know why he lied to me.

Twisting and turning and crying. This is how I spend my nights now.  I don’t know why I’m still not over this crying even after long three months have passed. We were not even together. Sometimes I hate being emotional.
I can hear my phone ring. I look at my wall clock, it's ten-thirty.

Why is mom calling at this hour?

“Mumma, is everything okay?’’

“yes, sweetheart. Everything is fine. I was missing you so I called. How are you?’’

I was quiet for a few minutes. Then she asked me. “what’s wrong Myru. why I’m getting a feeling that you are crying. What happens? Just tell your mom.’’

I controlled the shakiness in my voice and said. “nothing Mumma. I just miss home. It’s been so long since I’ve last met you. I just miss you a lot.’’

“don’t worry Myru we’ll come soon to meet you there. Me and dad along with your brother.’’

I jumped in excitement. “really Mumma but when? Please come soon. I’m dying to see you all.’’

She started laughing. “I knew you will react this way, my baby. Just don’t leave this happy side of yours. This is what I live for. Just to see you happy. I know you are grown up and life is changing. You’ll have lots of bad days but be patient and wait till the good days come and knock on your door.’’

“I know Mumma. It’s just working a lot and being alone sometimes makes me frustrated. ‘’

“don’t worry. You are my strong girl and I’ve got a feeling your life is going to change. Everything good is about to come.’’

I smiled “ you’ll always think best for me I know. okay, mom, I’ll sleep now. I’ve to go office tomorrow. Good night Mumma.’’

“Good night, Myru’’ she hangs up.

talking to her feels great. She always blows positive air into my lungs, it becomes easy to breathe again. I love her.
As always, Sara went out with friends and I took a cab to ride home.

I step out of the lift and reached my apartment floor. Now I regret I did step out of it. I got frozen on the spot.

A man is sitting next to my apartment door on a suitcase. My heart skip a few beats when I notice Ishaan. He is in casual jeans and a blue T-shirt which properly fits on his biceps. But his hairs were pretty much messed up. His head was resting on the wall and his eyes were closed.

What the hell is wrong with you Myra. Stop staring at him.

I take a deep breath in an attempt to relax my nerve. I’m filled with so much rage against him I don’t know what I’ll do if he tried to talk to me. I keep reminding myself that I won't say a word to him. I’ll ignore him the way he did.

I reached my apartment door but when I unlock it, he opened his eyes.

I didn’t give him any attention. And started closing the door. He slide his hand just before I almost closed the door. “listen to me, please. I won’t take much of your time just hear me out for once.’’

I don’t care about what he is having as an explanation for what he did. I was still forcing hard to close the door but he somehow manage to get in and close the door behind him.

Perfect. Still, I won’t give you any attention.

I went to my room and lock myself. I hear the front door open and close.

Oh, his suitcase was out. But why he is having it?

I can hear his footsteps in the living room. He must be pacing the room back and forth.

There was a soft knock on my bedroom door.
“I’m so sorry Myra. Please open the door.’’

I can feel tears in my eyes. I pressed my forehead on the door. Strangely, I can feel him even if he is on the other side of the door, even after what he did.

I remained in the same position for a long. I hear the knock again.“please Myra let me explain it. I know I’ve hurt you a lot but I was helpless, I didn’t know it will take this long for what I was doing. Believe me, it was important to be done before getting together. I just wanted everything to be perfect for us.’’

I can feel his cracking voice. I don’t know if he is crying. But even if he is I’m still going to ignore him.

I wiped all my tears, checked myself in the mirror and opened the door.
I can see his bloodshot eyes but I ignored him. “Myra…. Wait. Please listen to me.’’

I went to the kitchen, took a bottle and drink some water then head towards the living room. He was following me all this time.
He hold my wrist and pulled me close to him. “I’m sorry. Listen to me for ten minutes after that if you feel that I should leave. I’ll go.” It almost came out a whisper.

“JUST. LEAVE. MY. HAND.’’ I yelled at him in a tumbling voice. He loses his grip on my wrist. I went and sit on the couch. I can see everything getting blurred.

Well, here you go. Now I’m crying again.

“You shattered me. It was my got damn birthday Ishaan how could you do that on my birthday. I feel disgusted that I trusted you at that moment. I should have known you were pranking. You knew I… I….’’

“It was not a prank Myra.’’ He said loudly.

I’m crying even harder now.  “ THEN WHAT WAS IT? don’t you dare shout at me. Raising your voice doesn’t prove you are not lying. You knew how much effort I was making to trust again. Still, you failed to tell me you resigned. You failed to contact me. You just disappeared. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to see anyone. I won’t ever trust anyone ever again.”

There was no sound except my crying for a few minutes. I feel like everything stopped. I hear his footsteps coming toward me. I stopped crying but was helpless to stop sobbing.

He kneels on the floor in front of me but I turn my face in the other direction. He put his hands on my knees, I closed my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Myra. Look at me.’’ I opened my eyes and shift my gaze at him. There was so much pain in his eyes that he can feel how much hurt I’m right now.

“I love you so much that It hurts when I see you like this. It hurts, even more, when I know I’m the reason behind it.’’ I don’t know if I should feel good or not but his words do comfort me.

“will you listen to me now?’’ he said with an expectant look and I nod. He blows out-breath as relief spread over him.

“I’m sorry that I left you just like that. I know I’ve hurt you a lot but trust meI didn’t mean to but it just happened.” he takes a deep breath and continues “ I resigned from the job because I was offered a new job which will pay me more and another reason is you. I don’t want to work at the same place as you do.”

“that day when I woke up, I got a call from home that my mom was admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. I wrote a note for you, kept the gift on your pillow and immediately left .’’ He was looking at my face expecting me to say something.

I cup his face in my hands. I sigh heavily.
“I’m so sorry, Ish. Is she okay?’’ I asked him which come out in a whisper. He nodded.

“she is fine and out of hospital now.” He said.

“Are you okay.?’’

He nodded with a smile. I place my hand on his hand and gently squeeze it.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why I was not able to reach you? What’s wrong with your number?’’ I know I'm being pathetic by asking so many questions but I can’t help it.

“It was your birthday. I didn’t want you to spend it just worrying about me. I thought I’ll call you after my mom gets well. But it took a month's stay in hospital. It was hectic to manage work from home and hospital so I forgot. The number you had was given by the company so when I resigned I had to return it.” He said.
I gesture for him to sit next to me. He sits on the couch facing me and his back pressed to the handrest of the couch.

“But where were you for the next two months till now?’’I asked him.

He grins a shy smile. “Just making things perfect for us.’’

I narrowed my eyebrows in his direction. “what do you mean?’’

He holds my hand and bends forward. “I met your parents.”

My spine stiffens at his words. Now I’m scared of what is going on. My breath is getting fast. “What? Ha….how? Why didn’t they tell me? What’s going on?’’

He gently squeezes my hand. I look at him. “Myra calm down. They didn’t tell you because I insisted them not to tell you. I want to surprise you.”

“How did you find them. And why?’’

“Sara helped me with all this. What do you think is why she is not here today?’’

“Oh my god. You told her to go. But why? Could you please tell me exactly what is going on?”

He went to his knees in front of me and hold my hand. I’m shocked.  “When my mom was in hospital she hold my hand and said she want to see me getting married. Those words just remind me of you. I told her about you. Myra, I swear to god she was so happy to know that I like you. She wanted to meet your parents. So I asked for your parent's address from Sara. It was hard to convince her but somehow I managed.’’

He takes a deep breath and continues “I met your parents after mom got back home. I explained everything about us. I asked them if I could marry you But they didn’t agree. I told them please talk to Sara. I give them the contact of my company and everything possible to make them believe in my worthiness and I told them not to bother me If they don’t believe me. They took their time and called me after four weeks. Your mom agreed to meet my parents. Just five days back they both met, agreed and accepted my proposal. I dropped my parents and took a flight to come to you.’’

“Wait. You Gifted me a keychain on my birthday with a message on it. Is that what you meant by that.? Propose me and change my life?’’ I’m shocked.

‘’ I fall in love with you even before knowing you personally. I used to observe you in the office. The focus you have during work, the way you treat other people around you, the way you were with kids. God, I can spend my whole life telling you how beautiful you are.
I didn’t know I’ll propose to you for getting married so soon at that time when I got you that gift but I was sure that I’m in love with you.’’

I can’t stop my tears now. All this while when I was cursing him, he was planning to marry me. He cups my face in his hand lifts his head and kisses a tear on my cheek.

“I know Myra this is a lot to take. That’s the reason I didn’t contact you. I wanted to see your reaction and know whether what I did is right or wrong.’’
He wiped my tears by brushing his thumb under my eyes and said. “Now I’m sure what I did was right. I know you love me but your fears are holding you back.’’

I'm numb. My head was spinning due to crying for a long. I closed my eyes and take a deep breath. then I look into his eyes and give him a weak smile. His hand dropped on my lap. He look down and closed his eyes and sigh. I can see he is relieved.

“I love you, Ish.’’ It all came as a whisper out of my mouth. He immediately looked up with wide eyes, holding back his neck.

“say it again.’’

I started laughing at his reaction.

I bend forward, took his hand and pulled him close to me.“I love you Ishaan Awasthi.’’
He stands up and pulls me towards him. Then he picks me up.

I was laughing, I was struggling to get down. “stop it, Ish. Put me down.’’

“I love you Myru. Will you marry me?’’


I can’t believe what is happening right now. It's so overwhelming and so pure. He understands me so well, I never expected this from him. He knows my parent's opinion matters to me more.

He put me down and took my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. “I’m so happy and relieved that I can’t even tell you.’’

“ I’m so happy to be proved wrong. These past months I had been thinking that all you did told me the day was just to make fun of me or it was a prank. I used to curse you, and speak badly about you. I’m so sorry. I feel embarrassed about it. I didn’t even think that something bad happened to you. I was so busy hating you, so stubborn that I never asked anyone else to help me for contacting you.” I can feel more tears dropping.

“hey!’’ He wipes my tears.
“What you thought about me that time is justified. Anyone would have thought the same. So please stop feeling bad about It and stop crying and smile or else I’ll start tickling you.”

He started tickling me and I was not able to stop laughing.

“okay. Stop it. It's late. What do you want to eat?’’ I asked him.

“Whatever you want to eat.’’

“I don’t want to eat anything. I started eating one meal a day after you disappeared. Now I got habitual to it.’’

“god. Someone should kill me for doing this to you. So that’s the reason why you look so different. You are losing weight, Myra.’’

I grin mischievously and put my hand on my waist and spin around.

“Don’t you think I look sexier?’’

“Oh stop it. You always look beautiful. No matter what's your body size. So please get back to the healthy eating habit.”

“Stop being so bossy. You are no more my HR who can fire me.’’ He laughs.

He put his hand on my waist and pull me close to him.“Okay. I’ll not be bossy. Promise me you’ll eat properly.” I nod.

We had dinner. it was one o’clock so we went to the bedroom. I was staring in the mirror lost in my thoughts. I was feeling awkward being in the same bedroom with him but at the same time, I don’t want to go away from him.

He slowly put a hand on my waist, and I gasp. He stopped immediately and look into my eyes in the mirror as if waiting for my permission. I nodded.
He hugged me from behind and I pressed my back on his chest. Our eyes were still locked. we stand like this for several minutes.

I slowly turn around. I place my hands on his shoulders, raised myself on tiptoe and kiss him on his lip. He cup my face in his hands and kissed me back. He kissed me back for so long that we both got out of breath. He pull away and pressed his forehead on mine.

I pressed my cheek on his chest and hug him. His hand were wrapped around me, kissed on my hair and pressed his cheek on top of my head. This is so comforting I feel at home.

“Myra..?’’ he whispers my name.


“Are you really happy that I just asked your parents for marriage without telling you? You are not mad at me. Are you?’’ he asked.

I lift my head to look into his eyes.

“What you did was totally out of the box. You know how much I care about my parent's opinions. I know why you did it. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Ish.’’

I give him a quick kiss on his lips. “I love you so much.’’ He smiled.
We went to sleep.
As far as my eyes can see there is water everywhere. Waves washing my feet at equal intervals. I’m sitting on the beach with Ishaan. His one hand is resting on my shoulder.

He kissed my cheek and smiled.
“ stop dreaming about me.  wake up, baby. We’ll get late.’’ I got confused. Suddenly I feel my body is shaking and I opened my eyes.

God! I was dreaming?

Ishaan was looking at me with a smile on his face. “Good morning Myra. slept well?.’’

I smile and nodded. “Good morning.’’

“So what were we doing in your dream?’’ he asked with a mischievous grin.

“How are you so sure I was dreaming about us?’’

“For the past one hour, you were hugging me tightly. Smiling all the time.’’ He started laughing.

“ha ha ha! We were just sitting on the beach nothing else.’’ I give him a shy smile.

“Okay! Now get up lady. We got to go. Get ready.’’

I got confused. “but where are we going. Its Sunday means no office.’’

“Not the office. We’ll do some shopping then I’ve my friend’s wedding in the evening. We’ll go together and yes I got a dress from your mom, wear it.’’

“wow! This too is planned. God. You are making my life full of surprises. Good job future husband.’’

“You wait and watch, I’m seriously going to change your life.’’

His phone starts ringing. “Must be from office. Please get up or else we’ll get late.’’
We did a lot of shopping. Went out for a lunch. But I hate his phone. He was on the phone all the time.

My mom has a good taste in clothing. The dress I’m wearing right now is a long red party gown. I kept my hair straight, smoky eyes and rosy lips.
There is a knock on my bedroom door.“Ready?’’

“come in.’’

he stepped into the room. He was wearing a three-piece black suit.

Oh my god! The hottest guy in the world.

I went close to him.“yes I’m ready.’’

His eyes were scanning me from head to toe. “Wow! You are looking stunning.’’ His reaction made me laugh.

“We are already late, Ish. Let’s go.’’

We reached the venue. I can see a few of my colleagues in the parking lot.

Ishaan hold my hand as we entered the venue.
It’s a suitable place for small events. Shinny white floor, red carpet which leads to centre stage. It was decorated with white and purple orchids. Music is playing in the background.

Wow, man! I want my wedding here.

There are fewer people here. When I took a few more steps my eyes fall on a lady standing at the far end of the venue. Her face looks familiar.

I moved closer to her, still holding Ishaan’s hand. She smiled at me and I got frozen.


I left Ishaan's hand and run toward mom. She hugged me tightly.

“hey! Don’t cry or else you’ll spoil your makeup.’’ I started laughing at her words.

“hey daddy. How are you?’’ he took me in his arms.

“I’m good Myru. You are looking beautiful.’’ I smiled at him.

I brought my attention back to mom. I practically started throwing questions at her.
“When did you come here? How do you know Ishaan's friend? Is that why you told me on call that you are coming?’’

She is laughing now. I heard more people laughing around me including Ishaan.

“what’s going on. What have you got NOW?’’ I’m giving dead looks to him.

A lady steps forward near Ishaan. She seems to be in her sixties. She was looking at me with a smile.

He gestured towards her. “Myra. Meet my mom and mom she is….”

“Oh shut up. I know who she is, just look at your face when you introduce her. Anybody can tell who she is to you.”

She pulls me in her arms. “Thank you for considering my boy as the man of your life. I’m so happy to have you as my daughter-in-law.’’
She places her fingers on my chin. “you are looking adorable. Really beautiful. May God bless you with lots of love and happiness.” I give her a shy smile.

I look at my mom. She took my hand and pull me into a corner. “Mom. What is all this? I know you know everything. Why is ……’’ she cut me by tapping on my hand.

“Myra, I know this is happening too fast but trust me you won’t regret it. Ishaan is a very nice man. Initially, I and your dad were afraid about the age gap you two have but after knowing him and all his family we don’t have any doubt to say that you’ll be happy with him.”

She cup my face in her and kissed my forehead and continued speaking  “when your father agreed to Ishaan and your relationship he wanted the wedding to happen soon. I knew it would be hard for you to take it so I suggested and we all came to a conclusion that we’ll do engagement today and wedding after a year or so.’’

I slap my forehead. “Mom, you mean this is all for my engagement ceremony going on?”

Oh god, no more surprises, please.

“yes, we all came here yesterday. I’m sorry sweetheart that I didn’t tell you. Everything happened so fast and Ishaan wanted to surprise you.” she said with a smile.

“don’t be sorry mom. It’s okay. I know you always want the best for me.’’

I started scanning around me and found Ishaan standing with his friends in a corner pretending to talk but his attention was all on me. I can’t help it but I smiled at him. He smiled and closed his eyes for a few seconds. He make a fist and kept it on his chest.

I brought my attention back to mom.“ mom, He is insane. He needs to understand surprise and shock are two different things.’’

“he loves you Myra. I know you too love him. Just don’t be scared, I’ll always be there for you.’’ she smiled and hug me.

“Am I interrupting something here? Because we are getting late for an engagement.’’ Sara said with a mischievous grin.

“You so-called best friend of mine where the hell has you been. You are also part of this.’’ I said angrily.

She started laughing. “You guys are so cute. But honestly, he was convincing when he asked for my help. Look at you now, getting engaged.”

I started slapping her hands. And started laughing with her. She sigh.

“ God! I’m so happy for you roomie.” She hugged me.

“hey! Can I get my girl back please?’’ Ishaan was standing behind me.

Sara made a teasing face at him.“jealous man. Where is my return gift? I helped you so much.” he started laughing.

He stretched out one hand towards me. “ shall we?’’ I take his hand in mine and we head toward the stage.

“Ishaan. Please no more such breathtaking surprises. It feels more like a shock. You’ll kill me out of happiness one day.’’ He started laughing.

“I’m sorry Myra. I just wanted to make you mine. I don’t want to wait for long. Can’t help it.’’

“So this is why you were on phone all the time today. You are such a natural actor.” He mischievously grins.

We reached the centre stage. This feels like I’m dreaming. My life before him was going smooth and simple. One day he stepped into my life and made it unpredictable. It's like an emotional rollercoaster ride. Lots of highs and lows but it's never going to stop.

He slide a ring into my hand I looked at him. He is really happy. He is been hiding his tears from everyone but I can feel them. His eyes never fail to tell his real emotions doesn't matter how much hard he tries to hide them.
I give him a tight hug and kissed him on the forehead.
I whispered in his ear. “don’t cry. Congratulations Mr Awasthi! I’m all yours and you are mine forever, till my last breath.”
He picked me up and my hands are resting on his shoulders. I can’t stop laughing.
I love this man.

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