Illustration by @_ximena.arias

Red Riding Hood and Jiminy Cricket


Red Riding Hood:
He gave me love
When everyone gave me hate
He was my soulmate
He was always by my side
And in him I could always confide
He was my all, my everything
It was us against the world
I was his shield against their words
I trusted him because he was always there
Because he loved me, he cared
He was my family
My lover, my baby's daddy
We were gonna be a family of three
But in the blink of an eye
He ran away from me
I must have scared his love away
It's okay, I can change
He can have it his way
I just want him to stay
I humbled myself and begged
He gave me a choice
It was him or the baby
Advisedly I would do better
If I chose him over the latter
I could not believe what I heard
Of all the things he has told me
This was the most absurd.

Jiminy Cricket:
He was the wolf in sheep's clothing
And you were the little lost sheep
With the bright moon behind him
You found his open arms assuring
Feigning love and protection
His ill intentions ran deep
In every crevasse, every vein
Waiting for the chance to pounce
And you the indebt little sheep
Felt it was only right
To give him everything
Without question
Without a fight
Even when he took off his sheep's clothing
You found his acting quite convincing
He was the nice wolf who cared for you
Victimized you and took advantage of you
He fooled you into thinking
That you were also his everything
He's a predator and you are his prey
The choice is yours little sheep
Will you fight or run away?

(A/N: this is inspired by the struggles of my friend. She is red riding hood and I'm jiminy cricket. Also, if you have any advice for her that would be appreciated.)

2 Launchers recommend this story
launchora_imgAyuzawa Misaki
3 years ago
When we come to this world, we were born alone and we must develop the attitude of growing alone and facing the world alone. Other things just attach to us in the middle. In the mid they come and in the mid they leave. So one must not be frustrated for the whole lifetime worrying about the other person. Just give sometime to relax yourself and arise like a phoenix at all the hardships that come across your way. Take accountable for everything you do- be it right or wrong. Learn from every obstacles. On the doomsday we leave the world leaving all the entities attached to us. Till then live a satisfied and happy life. Be empowered and make up a great career. And your happiness will be a big slap to the person who had left u
launchora_imgAyuzawa Misaki
3 years ago
Don't try to convince the person to make him stay in your life. If you do so he will try to build every chance to leave you anytime. Trust in a relationship once broken cannot be mended.
launchora_imgAyuzawa Misaki
3 years ago
Beautifully written! Love must happen in life. Its a great feeling that one must undergo atleast once in their lifetime. For a good lovelife respect, trust and love are the three important elements. Its the guy's love that was disrespectful with lack of trust. But the woman's love was genuine. She was sincere in her efforts. But after all everyone has to face the heat of separation, domination, chauvinism from the other side when the relationship is gonna break down. This teaches a lesson that must not be repeated again in one's life. He leaving the girl does not mean the end of her world. He was just a part in her life and there will be a person who will be a partner in everyone's life. The time limit in which one person stays in one's life is unpredictable.
launchora_imgDin .
4 years ago
Love your poem! very well written. I think that love transends to all different kinds of people in different circumstances; also quite subjective with feelings and words. I think that love in the case of Red Riding Hood is not true love coz if it is, then the guy wont let her choose. Love does not translate choosing. It is about understanding and trust, and letting go.
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Red Riding Hood and Jiminy Cricket

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