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Roofing Sales Training Tips To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity!


Many roofing companies do everything right when it comes to marketing, sales team hiring and client outreach, but then when it’s time to close a sale something might not go quite right. A roofing company’s close ratio truly is everything when it comes to developing a more favorable bottom line, and it’s something that every business leader needs to take very seriously.

The best way for a roofing company to improve their close ratio is to invest in high-quality roofing sales training, because these types of investments will better ensure that your sales team will get contracts signed and paid. Below we’ll be going over some roofing sales training tips to keep in mind that’ll go a very long way towards boosting your sales team’s overall productivity!

Qualifying Customers Prior To Appointments

It’s always best to make sure that the appropriate parties will actually be at your appointments, which means you’ll need to know who approves roofing work at a property. It’s always less productive when a meeting ends with; I’ll need to talk more with my supervisor/spouse…

These are referred to as one-legged appointments, and they’re best to be avoided when you’re trying to keep your sales team as productive as possible. This is why your team’s appointments need to be properly planned out to ensure that the proper parties will actually be there to make closing decisions.

Act Quickly On All Leads

When a roofing sales lead comes through a marketing channel or even your own website, it’s absolutely critical that your team gets in touch with them as soon as possible. The odds are that people looking for roofing services will be simultaneously weighing out their options amongst several roofing companies, which means that your team needs to make a good first impression and even try to seal the deal before anyone else does.

Just remember, if they came through your marketing channels then they’ve likely done the same with one of your competitors. So if your team is the first to respond, you’ll have a major advantage!

Roofing Sales Professionals Should Dress Like Roofing Business Professionals

Although the roofing industry doesn’t require full-on suits and ties, you’re still going to need to ensure that your sales reps are dressing appropriately while speaking with wealthy commercial property owners and homeowners. These people will ultimately be writing pretty large checks to your company, which is why your sales team must look the part.

This usually means a well-ironed golf/polo shirt with clean pants. Sometimes it’s fine for sales reps to wear denim jeans, but these pants should also be very high quality and presentable. All documents should also be well-organized and be easy to go through.

Your team’s professional image is incredibly important for your close ratio, and this is mainly because it sets the tone for your meetings and builds a positive first impression.

Always Address Financing Early On

The truth is that a lot of roofing customers don’t want to pay in-full for their next major project, and they tend to immediately think that your company’s services are too expensive for them. This is why your sales team needs to make sure they’re letting customers know about your financing options that help make your services much more affordable, because this type of reassurance will keep prospective customers listening and considering the actual viability of their project.

You want put your clients’ minds at ease knowing that they don’t need to put a ton of cash upfront to complete the project you’re presenting. Make sure they know that financing their project with your team will help them get the job done correctly and affordably.

Building Value Prior To Talking About Prices

It’s incredibly important that your sales reps know how to build value within their conversations before they begin speaking about actual prices. Your customers should understand the difference between you and your competitors and how the quality of your workmanship and materials will benefit their property throughout the foreseeable future.

You don’t want to risk sticker shock by mentioning your prices too early on in the sales pitch, because this can very easily jeopardize the sale and make it more difficult to improve your close ratio.

Contact The Roofing Sales Training Experts At The Sales Transformation Group To Learn More!

It’s understandable if a roofing contractor or business leader is having trouble training their sales reps to get the results they need, which is why investing in roofing sales training via experienced experts can be exactly what your company needs to turn the corner and start seeing tangible results.

The roofing sales training specialists at The Sales Transformation Group are available for initial consultations via the link at the top of the blog, so check out their site to learn more!

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Roofing Sales Training Tips To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity!

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