Stories of the Inner Planets - Endymion's Domain (Story 2)


Aside from being fancied by the moon, what do we know of Endymion? Some myth says he was a shepherd, a king, a prince, a knight or a steward, but what is he really? He is everything that was mentioned. How is that possible? Later, time will tell. Here we would tell his story after their first meeting and after the moon erased his memory of her.

Endymion woke up as usual, do what he has to do but then when he passed by that river when he met Moon, he would feel something odd. Not sadness, not emptiness but there was some void, something oddly familiar. So that night he sat down near the tree, listen to the wind and the sound of nature.

Then appeared near the tree was a girl riding in a white horse which seems familiar to him. He asked her name but no answer. Instead she said.

"I am your friend, we met before long long ago. You even taught me how to speak your language, ride a horse and tame other animals. I came back to learn more"

Endymion who forgot everything, thinks what she says is a joke so he responded with a witty and sarcastic humor.

"When and where? Once upon a dream? For if we surely met. I would have remembered you."

The moon smiled and whispered. "Yes we met, and I'm glad you remembered me. Once upon a dream. " (And here the moon sang Aurora's song from Sleeping beauty, once upon a dream and Endymion sang the song with her like he knew it all along)

That night the moon shone brighter than ever. Down below she gazed at her own light from above for the first time and was really thankful that she could exist at one place and another due to Time's keys. Every time she was with Endymion she wish that time would never end and keeps wanting more. Until several nights she did not come down to see Endymion, for she noticed that the Sun blinked at her and knew what she is doing on the land below. She focused on the Sun but not as for love but as for wonder.

She asked Time to watch Endymion for a while. For she is puzzled why the Sun blinked at her but did not ask nor speak to her about Endymion. He clearly knew what is happening but does not wish to interfere.

Meanwhile clueless Endymion sat across time. He know not of his presence for time has no alternate form in Endymion's realm. However despite not knowing time, he can feel time for as of that moment he is under the illusion of time.

After time passed by Endymion, he returned to the moon and said. How could you be so foolish to be in love with a lesser being, he cannot even recognize me the valuable time when I was around him"

She smiled and teased time. "Go ask love, She usually needs Time after all. Remember how you two could guess Mystery's riddle when you are together."

Grumpy time, just rolled his eyes.

The moon returned to see Endymion again. That instance she found him singing songs about love and destiny. She was hiding beside a tree and called to Endymion through a song. As he comes closer and closer to the voice near the tree along the river, he found nothing but his own reflection and fell out of balance.

(The Greek mythology story of Echo and Narcissus has a similar scene but with a light comedy and remove the narcissism from Endymion, yes he is handsome but he is kind and humble as well. He was just clumsy and fell out of balance, or maybe scared because he thinks its a doppelganger)

Sadly the moon was not able to see the funny scene and make fun of Endymion because just when Endymion is about to find her. Time summoned and took back his keys abruptly. And there in front of her eyes, the passage of time to Endymion's world was shut. 

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Stories of the Inner Planets - Endymion's Domain (Story 2)

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Published on October 11, 2019

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