Stories of the Inner Planets - Love and Mystery (Story 3)


What is love? A simple question that some of us often wonder. Does it really moves in mysterious ways? Maybe you'll find the answer in this story.

After being teased by the moon. Grumpy time turned to Love's chambers. As time approaches love she smiled.

"I know you are here to seek counsel about Moon and Endymion"

Time laughed at Love for acting like a know it all. "No not really, I was just curious of her folly with that human. Is it your doing? I know you blinded her for a moment, else she would not even glance at him for she only fancies the Sun"

Love moved closer to time. "I know about her and Endymion, and yes I did a little tweak in her vision when she first met him but that's only of it. He is truly dear to her. I would not dare to touch her heart even if I can, for she is dear to me as I am dear to her. We are sisters and I will never wish of her downfall."

Time still not convinced gave love a disapproving nod. So patient and understanding love spoke again and try to reason out with time.

"If you think deeper you already know the answer to your questions wise time. The moon has a strong will, always has and always will be. Her actions will not be in my control, nor yours. Even the Sun knows of her passion with Endymion but does not stop her.'

Time changed his tone to make a point "Of course Sun would not stop her for he too liked that land. Who knows if he fancies someone there too? But Moon is our friend, she is lost and we need to wake her up"

Love gave time a sad glance.

"Precious time, as wise as you may be you still cannot understand that things happen for a reason. If the Sun let this pass by then, just wait for Mystery to reveal the reason. You too like Endymion always looked up to Moon, yes she gaze at you back but not the way you want her to. She is indeed bright but not as wise as you are but she understood your mind, you logic and your silly numbers, your sciences and philosophies. But you must remember that she understands us all and loves us all that's why the Sun favors her and her light is a bright glow rather than twinkling shine."

Time somehow believes Love but the way she says it angered him.

"You say you love the moon but how could you let her fall for Endymion, what if she wishes to be there instead. Don't come crying to me when she decides to abandon us for Endymion."

Love, felt Time's pain and anger almost cried.

"Dearest Time, is it really I who is blinded? Let go of your judgement, do not let it change you. As long as you stay as you are, our dear Moon will trust you and love you. Let her be, trust her mind, trust her heart. Mostly trust the Sun, if he lets her to be like this then there must be a good reason for it."

Confused Time, let love go.

Love gazed at Sun and wonders why.

She approached mystery and borrowed his cloak and they walked together. As old saying and love songs go "Love moves in mysterious ways, its always so surprising when love appears over the horizon."

As they walked, Love tried to ask mystery about Moon and Endymion but he playfully answered in riddles.

Love alone cannot understand mystery, that's when she needs time the most. She remembered way back when they found out Moon's secret. Long ago when the Moon loved the Sun.

The Moon whispered something to Mystery. Love noticed it so she asked Mystery about it but as usual he answered in riddles. Luckily time is just around the corner. She told Time the riddles and her interpretation of it. Time derived his own interpretation and then they discussed to find the common ground and solve the riddle. And to their surprise it was revealed that the Moon loves the Sun so much.

Back then, Love was a blabber mouth so she told all the stars about her sister's secret about the Sun. She always thought that Moon and Sun would be lovely together as they compliment each other and perfect for each other.

Love sighed and wished time wont keep on changing and they could be like what once was.

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Stories of the Inner Planets - Love and Mystery (Story 3)

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Published on October 11, 2019

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