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Stories of the Inner Planets - Time's passage (Door of Forgotten Past: Moon and Time) (Story 4)


When time summoned back his keys, Moon was trapped in time's passage. She saw many doors and she found one of time's cloak in Time's square.

Time is not yet around, she wonders where he could be and why all of a sudden he summoned his keys back. Curious moon took Time's cloak and enter the door of the forgotten past. There she saw her first world, the Mercury, where she first really met time. Each time frame shows a different scenario. She noticed the frame where time was with her great ancestor the first ice dragon. It is true that they really looked like each other.

There in mercury they can shapeshit in two forms, or I'd say they have to shapeshift in two forms depending on the season. One is a winged beast during the season of their element (Fire or Ice), and one was mermaid like feature for ice dragons and half human and half lizard for fire dragons.

Being an ice dragon, the moon used to live in the cold part of Mercury, the side facing away from the Sun, there she of of dark and cold until Time came into her life. It was around the season where Mercury is half of its orbit and the dragons have to find a mate.

Moon of course was busy hiding in Mercury's core playing with metals like it was liquid and clay, reading books of light which was not allowed in her place because they are only taught of cold and dark and how to survive the change of seasons. While she was reading the book of light, about time. He appeared in front of her.

It was a great secret that before the Moon loved the Sun, she loved time first. Time loved her too but only because she resembled the White Dragon whom time loved very dearly.

When she was with time, she started changing and changing. Until she decides to take a great risk to be with time and be reborn in Time's domain.

Of the dragons who survived Mercury's change, she was the first to leave the dark and be with the stars. Next was her sister love, who used to be hate. It was a hard transition for her sister because she have not known of the book of light.

In mercury, Hate was older than Moon but in their new home the Moon was reborn first thus making her the older sister and Love the younger one. Time helped her change Hate to Love and often Hate would throw snow stones because she refuse to change. Still Time and Moon did not give her up, that's why its another subconscious reason for their joke "Love always needs time"

She loved time more and more as they learned the way of light. However it's clear to her that no matter how she changed, Time doesn't change a thing. Time still sees her as he sees the White Dragon.

Not telling time that it was hurting her, she asked him to erase everyone's memories including hers. Hesitant time, after several debates do what the moon wishes. He erased her memory even if it means forgetting him too because he know what kind of world they came from and its better for her and everyone who survived the tragedy to not remember it.

Time healed those who are willing to be healed and left those in Mercury who refused and chose to embrace the extreme dark and cold or extreme light and heat. After everything was erased, the stars and the moon was happy and what made the moon happier was knowing the Sun and meeting the Sun.

Surprised moon walked out the forgotten door and removed Time's cloak. She cried from what she remembered but was able to calm down because what happened already happened and it is just the past. However even if her mind accepted it her heart is in pain. After she remembered, she began to have light fluctuations, thus starting to have moon phases and also affecting water and tides.

Dazed by the truth , the moon wasn't able to sense time. Time appeared on softly spoke.

"Now that you remembered what should not be remembered, I think you can understand now why I cannot let you be with Endymion anymore. Watching you with him and you erasing his memory is like watching you create your own downfall. You are bright but you were from the dark, that's why you only get light from the Sun but never his warmth."

Time took a deep breath and hugged the moon.

"I erased your memories once when you loved me and I loved you and it still haunts me sometimes. However you erased Endymion's memories few times, you may not feel its effect yet but soon you will. "

"When you loved the Sun all I could do was keep quiet about it because you seem happy, but lately each time you leave Endymion I can see darkness in your eyes."

The moon unable to speak , left time's passage and wished to be alone for a while.

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Stories of the Inner Planets - Time's passage (Door of Forgotten Past: Moon and Time) (Story 4)

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Published on October 11, 2019

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