Illustration by @_ximena.arias

Stranger in the night .


Down the Lincoln Street there was a shabby little restaurant where I use to have my dinner at the night after returning from my concerts , you know how it is for a single musician who is thriving to make big . I often walked by the 5th Avenue down the Ronen marketplace which lead me to this shabby restaurant named "Night bistro" well, as far as the restaurant looked crooked and dull but the food was real deal . So like every night I stepped into the restaurant finding no one at the table , so I sat there on the left corner table all alone . It was nearly 12:39 am on the clock and half of my VanFort Creek folks were asleep in their deepest slumber and other half were working there way to sleep . The VanFort county was not that big with only 2500 people living in it . So I sat there alone for a little while watching the tv playing the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" , until my eyes started to close . I heard a loud pat on my table which got me up finding Marcy the waitress and the owner asking me "Mr are you gonna order or not? " So i replied " Sorry its been a busy day , got myself really exhausted " I saw the clock it was quarter after one , so I ordered her some food and she took my order and walked away  . I sat there alone watching beautiful Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak until there was a sound of opening door from my back , I saw a girl walking in wearing a knee length skirt and a shirt tugged in with a pullover on 'em . She was hardly 5'4 inch tall wearing a stilleto with her brunette hair tied loosely as it fell on her shoulder . She was definitely not from this town as far as I know , so I ignored her and sat there , she sat right across my table with her blue eyes filled with lonliness and disappoinment which got my attention to her, while Marcy was knocking my table with the order I was lost in that beautiful lonely eyes which was staring at me , meanwhile Marcy kept on banging my table until I got my fingers dipped into that hot coffee and I exclaimed "Holy shit ! Marcy! watch out" and in return she parted " Where the hell are you lost son? are you even here? " I sighed a bit and started eating as Marcy left for her table I did not really hear her voice when she ordered her meal but I hoped she has a good voice . She took the remote and changed the channel , and in meanwhile I got my chance to pull my conversation with her and said " Not interested in dramas are ya ?" To which she replied " Got lots of dramas in our life to be true ,it's better to listen to some music isn't it? " Her voice was really good with a deep intoxicating tone , she blew me away with her expression and voice . She said with a frown in her eyebrows " Are you Micheal Jonathan the lead singer of the band Dead Souls ?
"Yes mam so I am " but why? I asked
"I have seen your gigs during my stay here " she said
"And did you liked it? "
" Yeah you guys are good , specially the song light my heart with your fire is a real masterpiece " she parted with an appreciative tone .
"My boy friend Andrew took me to your show where he proposed me over that song,  so its kinda special to me " she spoke softly with a sigh of pain .
Marcy walks in with her order and places it on her table saying " There you go mam" it was quarter to 2'o clock in the night .
I asked her to join me on my table as we were both sitting alone and she agreed on it .
We talked about hour and a half and so it was 3:25 at night it was cold and dark we finished our dinner and suddenly a song started playing on the tv , it was Strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra we both glanced at each other and smiled . She was the perfect girl that anyone would ask for . We walked outside the restaurant and decided to take a walk downtown where she was staying  . I said " we have been talking for last 2 hours maybe but I don't know your name " to which she replied " Names are overrated element to remember someone , why can't we remember them by their deeds and the moments we spent with 'em? " by the time we reached Denthood street it was nearly 4 o clock and as it was winter the sun hasn't shown up yet . We sat near on a bench near Oakpark which was beautifully decorated with tiny lights,  as the snow fell on them and melted it flared and dispersed  into many streaks of light . Her hands were cold so she with a rather hesitant way got hold of mine as I looked upon her she was shivering , she looked at me and said "I forgot my pullover in the restaurant I guess " I got my warm coat over her body as she put her head on my shoulder I got hold of her and we spent some time admiring the silence of the night and beauty around us , it was like one moment which you don't wanna let go , like everything stopped around us, as we sat there holding each other , she never really told me about her relationship with her boyfriend , I hope she didn't wanted to for the better good of us , something are left unspoken and better understood .After a while she unexpectedly asked me " Do you have a girlfriend? " To which I said "Never thought about it , I mean having one , But yeah I definitely had a lots of crush in my high school though" to which she smiled just a little seeing at me and held my hand more tightly. I suddenly came up with an idea to capture the moment so I took out my phone and took a selfie of us and we both grinned . It was 4:45 am on the clock and my body was giving up so I asked her " Do you wanna crash in my place ? It's three blocks away from here and its really late " she quickly lifted her head up and hestatingly said " No ! I will better be heading myself to my hotel " I guess she took it in a wrong kinda way , so without bothering her much further I shook my head and said " Ok ! Come on I will drop you there " she nodded her head a bit and we got up and started walking down the road .
On the way I asked her " I don't know a single thing about you , I mean your name , your address , your digits nothing . Are you a ghost ?" I jokingly said , she smirked in a naughty way and parted "I am a ghost , Woooooh!! " And we both broke into laughter . I didn't wanted this time to end , her laugh, her behavior , her everything seemed so fascinating and beguiling , my heart was rather conjured by her charms . I was afraid of losing her , to me the stranger became my fantasy my escape , it was so surreal . When we reached her hotel it was 5:10 am of the early morning, she said " Thank you ! Micheal for everything " and she hugged me and kissed my cheek . I just wanted to wrap her tight but I didn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable so I hugged wrapping her only with my one hand, when she started leaving I asked her "So I will see you around Miss Stranger ?" And with a smile on her face she replied "Yeah" and with scratching my head I asked again " May I know when?" She replied "Just close your eyes when you want to"with a smile she waved me adieu . Her reply left me pondering , I turned myself and started walking away , suddenly I felt a jerk a really strong jerk, and felt a pinch on my body . I frantically reacted to it and suddenly found myself on that same restaurant , I couldn't believe what I was seeing , my head was bit dizzy and my eyes were swollen as I saw Marcy trying to say me something , but it was all blurred . After a while when I regained my senses I heard Marcy saying me "Mr were you on drugs ? You came here to sleep ? " I astonishingly replied "What? What do you mean? " She said I came here at 12:39 am with the intention of having my dinner but passed out for the rest of the night . It was 6:00 am in the morning the sun had come out and it's about time the Night bistro's sleep . She made me some dinner which you can assume as my breakfast and said me " Here son ! Have some  you seem like having no energy in that body " and started pulling down the shutter meanwhile during I ate my meal I saw a pullover laying on the table across me and it made me very surprised, so  I asked Marcy " did any girl show up later at the night after me , to have dinner? " to which she said " Yup boy ! , She left her coat there" . I was awestruck at what I just heard I really didn't had any power to think any further, of if it was all true or just a mere fantasy . Well like you all I don't really had any answers except lots of questions in my mind . I finished up my meal and paid her my dues and asked if I can keep that pullover ? To which she said okk I took the pullover and went back home and thought about it all the day . To which I did a song which really came out of my gut as I named it " Miss Stranger don't you break my heart " it really did well and we got quite big after that , but I still visit this shabby little restaurant with my only hope that some night the door will open again and I will see my Miss stranger walking in with that beautiful and tender smile on her face .

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Stranger in the night .

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