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Student apartment decoration: mistakes to avoid


When you're young, it's not easy to have a good student apartment decoration. Lack of money, lack of space, your accommodation can quickly become a real mess. Discover some mistakes not to make

A good student apartment decoration, how to do it?

To be a student is to experience great changes. This implies the beginning of independence and sometimes by a first accommodation.

Between entering a new life, the arrival of new student responsibilities, the decoration of the apartment is very often put aside.

This place, generally small, often serves as a dining room but also as a living room and a bedroom at the same time. Our decorators give you some mistakes to avoid in a very simple way.

Having an unorganized and unoptimized environment

How to think practical?

One of the main problems of a student apartment is the space which is generally quite small. 

To separate your different activities, more and more foldable furniture exists. If you want to optimize your studio, you could invest in furniture that folds like a table, chairs etc. Browse right models on! This simple solution, but often forgotten by students, will allow you to move around your home as you see fit. 

Not eating or working on your bed will allow you to gain comfort and concentration. 

Use all the available surface

To maximize the available space, use every lost corner such as your underbed for example, which will be ideal for storing your belongings.

It's not the first place you think of, but it's still very practical. Use boxes and you can put bed linen, clothes, books and even your lessons in them. 

Adapt to places

For the tightest of spaces, don't clutter it with a double bed, but opt ​​for a pull-out sofa instead.

You will be able to create a living room atmosphere in no time, which is not negligible for those who spend a lot of time in their apartment. Whatever your tastes and your style, the sofa bed adapts to all desires.

Another point that you don't necessarily think about but which varies from place to place is the amount of natural light available. It is important to make the most of it so as not to lose space. If you are lucky enough to have a bright enough student studio, why bother with a big lamp taking up unnecessary space.

If, on the contrary, your place is dark, think of mirrors which will give a more spacious effect, will reflect the light of day.

Delimit the spaces

Do you want an organized home? You could also delimit the spaces according to your activities. Although your bed is in your living room / dining room, you can use a shelf, not too deep, which will allow you to create a rest area, away from the rest, without losing surface area. This will also offer you new storage.

Placing carpets of different shapes and colors are also good ideas to easily delimit spaces.

Why not use a claustra?

These wooden cleats are very easy to install and make it possible to delimit spaces without cluttering them while allowing light to pass through. 

You can find it in any DIY store, without it costing you too much. 

Harmonize your place of life

Even if the decoration is not the priority of a student, it is however essential to have a harmonious and pleasant environment.

If you clutter your small accommodation in a disorganized way or, on the contrary, if your accommodation is too empty, you will only be too uncomfortable at home. It is important to have a neat place in order to feel good there. 

That doesn't mean you have to put comfort aside. If you opt for a convertible sofa, for example, in order to save space, do not skimp on the comfort of this one. Your sofa is still the object on which you sleep. The same goes for your work area. Thus, it must be organized, tidy with comfortable seating in order to be as efficient as possible and thus not interfere with your mind when you need to be concentrated. Opt for spaces with logical storage adapted to your needs. 

In order not to overload your mind, it is also important not to overload your apartment with color. Too many different colors will give a clutter effect, which we would like to avoid.

Go for minimalism

When you're a student, the money you earn doesn't go mainly into decorative items. 

Most studios are dressed in white, enjoy! 

This will give you the opportunity to bring touches of color to simple objects without overdoing it and without it costing you too much. A few water-green cushions for a modern atmosphere or a "Terracota" color for an ethnic style and you're done. Combine this with your bedding or a wall hanging as well as your curtains and your living space will already have a different look. 

To go further in your student apartment decoration without cluttering and without breaking the bank, you could use photos, candles or rugs, which will personalize your home.

For smaller budgets, simple DIY inspirations can be put into practice! For example, a coffee table built with pallets on wheels can furnish your interior. 

Plants are also simple and effective decorative ideas for a successful layout. 

Don't get overwhelmed

The problem with small spaces is that they are too easily disturbed. The slightest element that is not in its place can easily load the place. 

This is why you have to pay particular attention to keeping your home in order. Not leaving laundry lying around, doing and putting away your dishes, or even having a bed made, will make your environment more spacious.

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Student apartment decoration: mistakes to avoid

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