Temporary U.S. Work Visa


How to find the right sponsor Employer for a Temporary U.S. Work Visa

One cannot get a non-immigrant visa to work in the United States unless an employer hires you to work for their company and agrees to sponsor you and assist you in your work visa application. However, getting someone to hire you when you don't have any legal authorization to work in the USA is not an easy task to do. Read this article for some useful tips regarding finding the right employer sponsor.

What are the U.S. Non-immigrant Work Visa Options

Even though you are talented, according to the laws of the United States of America you can only get labor-based non-immigrant visas under specific categories. Following is the list of visas that you might pursue.

● E-3. It is for the Australian Nationals who can work in mentioned occupations that demand a minimum of Bachelor's degree or more than that.

● H-1B. This category is for people with skills to do jobs that have minimum education demand of B. A. or equivalent experience. Distinguished fashion models also lie under this category.

● H-1C. This category is for nurses who will serve in the medical department to overcome short come of staff.

● H-2A. The people in this category fill in the positions in the agricultural department where the department feels there is a need for more manpower.

● H-2B. This category is for people from various departments that can overcome the shortage of labor by working a temporary job.

● O-1. For people who can have excelling capabilities in the department of sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.

● O-2. People with specialities of the support staff of people with O-1 visas.

● P-1. Celebrities that are recognized globally and their essential support staff

● R-1. Recognized religious ministers and concerned workers

Some of the minor categories have been skipped from this list mentioned above. Those categories include where you can be hired for conducting small training sessions or given a part in an artistic performance. After reviewing the list, you can analyze your skillset and apply for the visa category that might seem fit for you

Find USA employers that are looking for workers

Even though unemployment rates are high in the U.S., there are still some employers that are in search of employees that can get the job done and fulfill their requirements of location and job skills. You must stay in search of such employers as they will gladly help you get your non-immigrant visa to work in the USA in return for your services.

Go through the job advertisements regularly on places like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and also check other job posting sites and reach out for jobs posted there. You will find jobs that have been posted for months but the employer is unable to find the right person. These employers might even be ready to go through a lengthy and complex sponsorship and hire a temporary work visa lawyer for you to get the job done. This bit of the process might require patience as finding the right employer might take time.

Keep an Eye for Employers Hiring Foreign Workers

Keep an eye for the employers who have a history of hiring foreign workers based on their experience. There are high chances that they will hire you as they are in search of experienced workers and based on the history they might even be ready to go through the whole process of immigration visa. Some of such large corporations have their very own team of immigration lawyers to assist their foreign workers

Keep an eye out for even small organizations that have even one employee who is working with them after passing through the whole immigration process. Research about companies who advertise abroad and also read the press releases of companies to see which company hires workers from abroad.

Use and Expand Your Network of U.S. Connections

Stay in touch with all the people who might have links with employers in the USA. Join groups on social media and contact people who have been hired by companies abroad. Get to know about the tips to getting hired from them and also ask them for any job openings that you might apply for. can provide you work visa immigration lawyer services in the best way to get to know about all the regulations of temporary work visas.

Contact the U.S. Employers

Once you can identify any employer that is hiring foreign employees, contact them immediately and try using the names of your contacts and reach the relevant personnel at the company with whom you can discuss details regarding your hiring. Even if they tell you that there are no open positions at the moment, don't hesitate to give them your resume and a cover letter to introduce yourself for any future opportunities.

That was all from us regarding finding a sponsor for a temporary work visa. If you have any more queries, contact immigration lawyers and try to get immigration lawyer services regarding your work visa.

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Temporary U.S. Work Visa

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