The Girl with a melted heart!!


Life always give us a chance of meeting new people, just like tinder. Few people come with lifetime validity, she's one of those. I still remember our first meeting, it was unexpected. I never thought that we'll be good friends but our destiny has gone parallel from that moment i guess. People say those who laugh a lot are actually hide their emotions in front of others, she does the same.

She's been a passionate lover, unlike others. She loved unconditionally but life played with her. She is so melted inside that this chill breeze is not enough to freeze it for beating. What went wrong, her over loving nature? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe she loved more than he deserved. But she knows this from inside. She always fought for it but unfortunately she failed. I cheer up her for this experience. She doesn't know the value of this experience. She doesn't know people just get bored with time. She doesn't know people never love someone's inner beauty, rather they go for outside beauty. That's not fair. She made me realise that dreams do come true. I hope she fights with it very well. She's strong.
    I remember those cheeks filled with some chocolate flavour moisturizer. I pulled them. They were veey soft. They were amazing. I wish i could have these on rent. Lol. She fulfilled my best dream, waking as if no one's there. Hearing the breath of each other. Obviously I wanted to hug her and say " Those beautiful eyes of yours are killing, they just take a glance of my heart and come back to you, just imagine how faithful they're. I'm siting near my window and feeling this cold breeze. The feeling is just inexpressible. I wish you could be here with me and we could have a cup of tea, and never stop talking. We're are similar at some aspects. Yeah we're. You make me crazy. Those words of yours are just heart touching. I wish I could hear them forever. I wanna have secret walks with you. Seriously, I need that. I wish I could have. I wanna hold your hand and make you feel special, just different. I wish you could have some positive emotions inside you. So that you could walk on the right way.
Whenever i see you in trouble, i get crazy but at the same time I know that you can handle anything. Because the pain you've got is the too in the list of pain. I am worried for you. You're just lost like a broken soul with wings. I wish I could meet you soon. You're so damn beautiful and amazing that you never understood. You'll someday when I'll be no more. Now let me tell you one thing, I miss my mom only because I'm like her, I think she could be the only person in this crazy world who could understand me completely. I wish she could be alive.  Such a boring bucket of emotions? Might be but nor for me, these are me, the real me. I wish I could have diary milk with you everyday. I don't wanna disappoint you. It's just that I want you to...
Leave that. I don't wanna make it complicated. I just want you to feel better. I wanna be the reason of your happiness. Seriously I do. How about going for a coffee of your choice, i think that's a great idea. I'll stay as the most faithful person of your life, I bet that. You just wait and watch. I wanna write more about you but i know that could make you feel uncomfortable so I won't say that. But some people are just irreplaceable. You're one of them. I wish I could meet you and hold your hand and go for a walk till infinity. I would love to!

-The writer who writes

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launchora_imgMayang Marikit
4 days ago
I felt like you were talking to me.
launchora_imgShivi !
4 days ago
Well, your feelings are so innocent and pure I haven't seen for long. May God give you everything you are looking for.
launchora_imgShivi !
4 days ago
Thank you pulkit for your words brother!
Always welcome 😊😊
Please have a look at my work as Well. Specially the stories like "dawn " and "Revenge "
launchora_imgShivi !
4 days ago
I have two of them and would love to read more pulkit.
Sure. You can read "you don't need everyone " and "to be and not to be "
They are my classics.
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The Girl with a melted heart!!

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Updated on January 13, 2018

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