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The Hotel Diaries "HOPELESSLY IN LOVE" - Reshav Chowdhury


Have you fallen in love ? I mean hopelessly? Well I know all of you have had some or the other fits in love but mine was bit outrageous, the likes of which you only see in cinema or soap operas you know?
I was seeking a story for my new book which I was supposed to start by the end of May but it took me one more month to get me inspired and pen down the story which will change my life forever.

So i was at this hotel called The Ritz at Kolkata it was flawlessly magnanimous and grand , i was bit brash on my spending and for a strike of luck or inspiration because thats what I love to do, so I went down to the lounge and was hanging around the bar area where there was beautiful jazz music brewing with a lowly lit ambience and some bourbon and whiskey made my way. I love jazz music , my father brought me up on jazz ,this was my forte , my father would play me Miles Davis , John Coltrane , Aretha Franklin , Billie Holiday , Ray Charles on vinyl to which I would eat ,sleep and live .
I always fancied making love on jazz , but my previous ex was more into EDM so never really got had that moment .

I felt I was bit tipsy as i was down with seven pegs , and i could sense the saxophone was romping "Freddie Freeloader" by Miles Davis as a young lady made her way to me and stood there , through my dizzy eyes I gazed at her , she was dressed in a short blue dress and her mascara was smeared by her tears , she was in some kind of distress i sensed. In a minute she ordered a shot of tequila and then went on to a spree, boozing her down.
I sat and watched her , i have never seen such a beautiful girl in my whole life , i know i sound cliched but trust me I didn't , i was sitting there and just watching her as her hair locks fell on her tiny face
her eyes were so expressive , i couldn't stop myself breaking the ice atlast , i asked her " This place is boring! Dont you think?" She slightly turned towards me and said "Mm? "Her eyes drenched in smeared mascara, i again asked her " Don't you think this place is boring?" She frowned and said "Don't you like Jazz? " I said " i love jazz but why do you ask? She said " if you love jazz then why is this place boring?" I said " Aaaaa!! It's boring because from 1 hour i am sitting beside a beautiful woman who supposedly is in some kinda distress and yet i as a man i donot have a minimum courtesy to ask her "whats the problem?" thats boring "
She said "Why do you presume that i am in distress " to which I didn't really had an answer , i just knew she was but i didn't force that onto her. The night went by and from small talk we ranted on jazz , cinema , literature and basically about everything yet she didn't disclose her turmoil , something that was hidden inside her , it was 1o'clock at night and we decided to take leave and headed back to our rooms. We got into the elevator and it was only us i stood at fair distance just to make her feel i am not imposing anything on her, she got down on the tenth floor and she gazed at me as the door closed over our face cutting us on the little intimacy i had the opportunity to have with her.

As i was laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling as the neon light dispersed on the contours of the wall , the radio was playing "I just called to say i love you by Stevie Wonder" i was mesmerized by her , i was smitten, suddenly i hear a knock at my room's door as i open i find it was she standing , sorry to much predictable it was the room service who brought me a letter , i opened it found that she wrote me a note thanking me for sharing a lovely evening with her. I was simply overwhelmed and blushing and again there was knock at my door and only this time when i opened the door I found their she was standing all out of place and confused as she said "Can i come in? " I eagerly let her in and closed the door , she said "i wrote you note i hope that wasnt too imposing or flattering" i replied "not one bit" to which she smiled as she sat at the corner of the bed all shy.
It was really awkward moment as we both sat and gazed all around the room but wasn't able to confess what we both wanted , but at the end she said gathering all her dare "Can we make love tonight? Without any judgement or any questions i wanna feel loved just dont ask me any question" i was shut before I could ask any , she stared onto my eyes and i could see , her geniune desperation of her awakened inner woman who wants to feel loved by a man , who wants to feel complete . We stood up and i kissed her, pressing her up against the wall, and she got all intense as we shared our lips , she wrapped me up as i took her to the bed she held my face and looked into my eyes like she was engraving the look of me into her soul. I got over her and slid my lips onto her neck and bosoms pulling down her brassiere from the bare skin of her. She ran her finger through my hair as i tasted her every bits and curves , we made love that night we made love to jazz , i felt her burgeoning desperation of love, as she welcomed me into her, with warmth and held me until  her hips gave up to my passionate pushes . We broke boundaries that night and jazz was our muse, i didn't knew anything about her and nor did i bothered to , as because i knew she was a mystery and i don't wanna destroy that if thats what she wants. We cuddled and i held her tight in my arms as she played with my nose and shared playful kisses on our faces . She pointed out my nose was too steep and she likes it and i said her was bit flat . I went onto tell her that i love her , like how foolish was i ? She looked at me and didn't reciprocate that back and on the contrary pinned her head onto my chest and slept . I didn't force her to reflect me back with some answer, nor did I had an expectation too so i hugged her tight and slept .

As the morning came and the alarm rung I woke up with a cheerful mood . I opened my eyes to an empty side , i got up and looked for her in the bathroom she was no where to be found , so i rang up the reception and asked about her , they said that Room 1004 has checked out already early in the morning , i sighed a bit and sat down the corner of my bed and put down the receiver as i saw a chit
I opened it up and found there she quoted the famous Heart song " All i wanna do is make love to you"

"I am the flower, you are the seed
We walked in the garden, we planted a tree
Don't try to find me, please don't you dare
Just live in my memory, you'll always be there"

And thats how is my outrageous but real story of how i am still hopelessly in love with a woman with whom i will probably never meet, AGAIN.

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launchora_imgAmiable !
1 year ago
Wow! Beautifully crafted!! Detailing is top notch! Good work! Review my works too if possible.
launchora_imgRohit Chowdhury
1 year ago
Sheer mastery of craft and class
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The Hotel Diaries "HOPELESSLY IN LOVE" - Reshav Chowdhury

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