The Journey- II


Second part of the story "The Journey". For reading further, go back to the previous one to understand the plot better.

The past

29th May, 2019

Same time

Same place

Samantha: Manan!!! Where were you? I was waiting. I even completed my presentation.

Manan: Oh I’m so sorry Sam. I was stuck in a phone call. It was from the company recruited me. They want me to join from tomorrow onward.

Samantha: But that’s not possible. We have plans for tomorrow. You know that. It’s our last day of college, Manan.

Manan: I can’t help it Sam, you know that. It’s about my career.

Samantha: Okay fine. See I don’t want us to fight. Let’s enjoy at-least today’s day. After all for you it’s the last day.

Manan: Of course love. Let’s enjoy.

The present;

Time: 5:45 P.M

Samantha: Look I’m sorry, I really am. I never meant to hurt you. It was not the matter of us.

Manan: Really? Then what was about it.

Samantha: Nothing.

Manan: Oh please Sam; I believe at-least there would one single reason for leaving me without even letting me know.

Samantha: I’ve my reasons.

Manan: That’s what I’m asking. Give me the reason.

Samantha: Maybe you were never ready to take my responsibilities. You were never there in our relation Manan. It was never us, it was always only me. I just took a step in which there remain no show-off. If it was only about me then I decided to handle it on my own. That’s it.

Manan: You never tried to understand me. I must say, you believe what you want to.

The Past

25th December, 2021

Time - 9:00 P.M


Manan: Let’s go. All packed?

Samantha: Yeah but I want to be here for 1 more day.

Manan: I know babe, but you know my holidays are cancelled. I can’t help it. My boss wants my ass on the delivery seat tomorrow itself.

Samantha: But it’s our honeymoon. We won’t get these days back. You can at-least try once to make your boss understand this.

Manan: I can’t. It’s my career Sam. I hope you understand that.

Samantha: Okay fine. Do whatever you want. I’m done.

Manan: Sam, look I love you. And I’m doing all this only for you, for our happy future. You know this right. You understand this.

(He gave a look of hope.)

Samantha: Yeah!! I understand.

(She gave an assurance look and stood to complete the packing.)

The Present

Time: 6 P.M

Manan: You want a drink.

Samantha: No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

Manan: Well, in that case I’ll get myself one.

Samantha: Yeah sure.

(Manan returns with a drink in his hand. Samantha gives him a weird look.)

Manan: What?

Samantha: Nothing, just a little surprised. You never wanted a drink with me. You avoided it.

Manan: Oh that’s because you are hard to tackle when drunk.

Samantha: Strange. Once you loved me drunk.

Manan: If you remember every detail of our relation than why you quit it?

Samantha: Don’t start it again. I thought the topic ended.

Manan: Oh it’s a never ending topic. Now can you please answer the question?

Samantha: If I say I felt like compromising my life over a shit that is never gonna clean, would you believe.

Manan: That’s not true. Our relation was everything for me Sam. And you knew that. I was trying to put things into pieces. I was working hard to make our life easy, to make you happy. So that, in your life; you don’t regret choosing me as your partner. It was all for you. And you blame me for this? I always thought you understand me, but I was wrong, you never tried.

Samantha: I never tried? You know what Manan, in any relationship, problems doesn’t occur overnight. It is incurred slowly and steadily. In our relation it started the day you put your career before us, before me. Who asked you for all those comforts? Did I ever tell you, I want those? I always asked for your attention. I always cried for your love, the love you use to shower on me in the college. But you never tried to understand. You always asked; do I understand you? But today I want to ask you, have you ever tried even once to understand me, my choices, and my needs. No Manan, never, you made your mind that I’m happy with these materialistic things, but no I was not.

Manan: Sam, you never told me these things. You never blamed me of these things.

Samantha: I thought you know me, but I was wrong. I thought I need not to say you that please, please do understand me. Where were you Manan when I needed you, when I wanted you to support me, to be with me? Where were you?

(There were tears in her eyes. She was crying, hiding from him.)

The last part will be there within this week only. Keep reading and keep writing launchers.

7 Launchers recommend this story
launchora_imgAnusha Mahajan
4 years ago
Insanely good checkout my work would love to take suggestions from you didi
launchora_imgeclipse night
4 years ago
Nice middle
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thank you ☺
launchora_imgKumar Pranav
4 years ago
Remarkable stuff ! Totally edge of the seat writing ❤️
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thank you ☺
launchora_imgSrishti Bagh
4 years ago
woahhh...great going!!❤ hope the next part comes quick!?
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
thank yo Srishti ?... the last part is published...
launchora_imgSrishti Bagh
4 years ago
yeah will be checking it soon!
launchora_imgSrishti Bagh
4 years ago
plz do read my new story di..I wrote it for my brother?
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
sure... let me check
launchora_imgBroken Soul
4 years ago
good going waiting to read its last part
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
thanks ?... will upload within this Sunday ?
launchora_imgBroken Soul
4 years ago
eagerly waiting ?
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