The Journey-III


Last part of the story. I hope you guys love to read it.

The Past

30th January, 2023

Morning-8:00 A.M

Samantha: Manan, can you please come home soon today. I’ve an appointment with the doctor regarding my pregnancy. I want you to be with me.

Manan: I’ll try my best Sam. But I’ve an important deal to sign. But don’t worry I’ll try.

Samantha: But….

She was about to say but he was in a hurry. He kissed her forehead, picked his briefcase and went. She watched him going far, far and then so far that he was no more visible, just like in her life, he became invisible.

Evening- 6:00 PM

Samantha: It’s already 6 p.m, I guess I’ve to go alone for my appointment as usual. Don’t worry baby, your daddy will join us soon.

Samantha rings her best friend Jasmine to go along but as she was busy she decided to leave alone. She was disappointed with Manan but she can’t help it. She went to the doctor and completed her check-up. Her doctor told her some precautions; there were some complications in her pregnancy. The doctor asked her about Manan. Her face answered before she could speak something.

The doctor: It’s not an easy pregnancy Samantha. You need to happy. This is not how it is going to work. Manan should present here next time. Not everything in this pregnancy is your thing; there are some matters I have to discuss with him.

Samantha: I can understand doctor, he is busy somewhere. He will definitely join us for the next appointment.

The doctor: You told me that in the previous appointment also. Well, let it be. Its your matter. You can decide how to handle it. For now, take care of yourself and be happy as much as you can. A little stress or negligence night cause a big damage.

Samantha exits the doctor’s chamber. She was lost in her thoughts when she slipped due to the water in the floor. She was rushed to the doctor. Luckily nothing severe happened. She was admitted for two days. When Manan heard of this he rushed to the hospital, the very moment. He was feeling guilty for not taking much care of his love. But he decided from now onward she and their baby would be his first priority.

Somewhere else, Samantha also decided something, when there is no us in their relation why to pretend? She also decided; she and her baby would be her first priority. She decided to leave this life forever. She decided to start fresh, alone.

The Present

Time: 6:25 P.M

Both were lost in their thoughts, when they see their little ones coming towards them.

Joseph: Mom, how was our presentation? Did you like it?

Marry: Say something mom. We are going crazy to know your feedback.

Samantha: It was marvelouschildren. Just amazing, I never thought you both are such talented.

Both: Yeeee… so dinner tonight in eve?

Samantha: Sure why not.

As Samantha agreed they both turned towards Manan.

Marry: You can also join us, DAD, for once, a family dinner.

Manan never thought the word DAD would make him nostalgic.

Manan: For sure.

The twins went back to their friends.

Samantha: I never intend to hide your identity. I know I was wrong, I should have told you what’s in my mind but I always waited for you to understand. May be if I would have fought with you, then we would be in some other situation.

Samantha spoke looking straight, avoiding eye contact with Manan.

Manan: I guess I am sorry too, you said it right; no one can clap with single hand. I should have shown more care for you, you should have been my priority but I was late, late to understand this fact.

They both knew, this moment was needed and now that the moment has arrived, they both are speechless.

Samantha and Manan were school time best friends, realized their love when they had to change their school after 10th boards in 2013, and re-united in the college in 2015, after much struggle they settled as a married couple in 2021. But their happy marriage life was not too long.

Maybe some relations don’t need a perfect ending; their journey is enough to describe them. Samantha and Manan both traveled 30 years to realize their own priorities. 10 years of togetherness and 20 years living away from each other had taught them a greater lesson then any school or college would have taught them.

7 Launchers recommend this story
launchora_imgeclipse night
4 years ago
A exelent ending
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thanks again ?
launchora_imgIt's Ankita
4 years ago
Relatable. We all somehow survive heartbreaks and melodramatic ends to our love stories. We need to realize that there is life after all this. A good read on a dull day! Cheers Ankita!
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thanks a lot? Glad that you've a good time reading it?
launchora_imgKumar Pranav
4 years ago
Fitting end to a masterpiece. The best thing about the whole series is how it kept me glued to the plot. There's a bit of Manan and Sam in each one of us !
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
thank you so much... it's true, we all have a part of Manan and Sam in us... thank you again ❤
Wow! you ended the series in a perfect manner! loved it di❤
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thanks Adi?
launchora_imgSrishti Bagh
4 years ago
it's true that when u lose a person, u understand their importance best. beautifully described Ankita di! Rocked as usual?❤
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
Thanks ?
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