What Exactly is Travel Towels?


Travel towels are great alternatives to traditional towels and lend themselves to many functions, from drying quickly after a good swim or drying off on a hike in the rain.

Most travel towels are made from a microfiber fabric which is very soft to the touch and similar to chamois leather. On the other hand, if you prefer the feel of a classic towel, there will also be many models available: it's just a matter of taste.

Do I really need a travel towel?

It might sound like a bit of a silly question, but the best travel towel many travelers find themselves in is a situation where having a towel that doesn't weigh anything in the bag is a blessing! How many times, during a backpacking trip, have you looked around for something to dry your hands or your body?

Think about other similar situations: a long bike ride, on vacation, and every time you stop for a break, you wipe the sweat from your forehead on your t-shirt for want of a towel. On hand. Or at the campsite, with a furious desire to have clean and dry hands. Or partly fishing, with a desire to remove all the residue on your hands. We can still imagine many scenarios where the travel towel is an essential element: go swimming in a lake and want to dry quickly when leaving, with a towel that still dries folds quickly?

Imagine yourself, in the middle of the woods, nature, or the mountains, on a magnificent hike. You need something to wipe your face, body, or hands: what are you going to use? Your clothes? For most hikers, the answer is yes. Indeed, every kilo counts in the bag. The last thing you have to worry about during the hike is the weight of your bag!

So here are a bunch of situations in which you will find that the travel briefcase is still a very practical object. The disadvantages of a standard towel are that it takes up a lot of space, even when folded. They are also quite heavy and bulky and require a lot more time to dry after use.

On closer inspection, the list of drawbacks grows a little longer: if you are not able to dry your traditional towel properly, it will quickly emit a really unpleasant smell of humidity and moldy that does not go away, even after several machines. Even when it's clean and dry, the damp smell will come back as soon as they get wet again. We don't need to remind you that the sensation of drying yourself off with a smelly towel is one of the worst sensations there is. No thanks!

It is obviously very nice to have access to a clean towel to dry off when needed. It's functional, but also gives a boost of energy: feeling fresh and clean has very beneficial consequences on a person's mood, in order to enjoy the activity and the landscapes at best.

The best travel towels are those that are made from super microfiber, which is antibacterial and will dry in record time to keep them fresh and ready for the next use. They are also very easy to attach to dry, thanks to the special fabric clip, and you can fold them into a very small, very compact size and stow them in your backpack without adding additional weight. We assure you, the travel towel will be your best friend during your trip!

The benefits of a travel towel

These special towels have many advantages, whether for hikers, backpackers, or lovers of outdoor activities :

Compact size: Most models have a storage case (often ventilated so it can "breathe") and fold into a very small size, saving you a lot of space in your backpack.

A featherweight: The microfiber fabric is much lighter than that of conventional towels, so you can even carry several without worries. You won't feel them in your backpack.

Quick Drying: Microfiber towels can dry up to 10 times faster than other traditional towels. They will be ready to be used again in no time!

Efficient drying: These towels are very absorbent. You will be dry in no time, without the towel getting very wet!

Antibacterial protection: Be careful. This feature does not appear on all travel towels. The antibacterial treatment helps prevent the development of unpleasant odors, intense humidity: ideal if you are going to a hot and humid environment because your towel will be a welcome ground for all the surrounding bacteria.

What is the difference between a soft fibers towel and a microfiber towel?

You may have heard of microfiber and soft fiber towels and wondered if there is really a difference between the two types?

In reality, the difference is quite minimal, as both fabrics have the same advantages and benefits. The Soft Fibers fabric is very soft to the touch, almost like a velvet feel. Traditionally, microfibers are a little less soft and a little more similar to the touch of a regular towel.

However, many manufacturers use the term microfibers to refer to towels made from soft fibers. Hard to navigate, isn't it? We, therefore, advise you to check the product description carefully to ensure the sensation to the touch: this will normally be indicated.

How to choose the ideal travel towel

There are a lot of features to consider in order to find the right model for you.


Turn to a fairly thick microfiber beach towel. The most luxurious towels are bound to be of good quality, so you can be sure that by making this choice, you won't risk having any unpleasant surprises when using the towel. The weight can be pretty hard to guess, though, as not all towels are the same size. Then take a look at the weight, which will give you an idea of the thickness, or the quality of the towel, without having to worry about the size.

Most manufacturers will provide this information on the product description, especially with an online purchase that you cannot touch before you buy. If the weight is not listed, here are some tips to help you determine it.

Try to find the weight of the towel in grams (most manufacturers give you this info).

Then calculate the area of the towel in square meters (width x length)

Divide the weight by the air, and you will have the grammage!


We advise you to choose the softest towel possible: that's why we love microfibers!

The seams

You will notice that microfiber towels have seams on the edges. If you dry the towel on your car, these microfibers could damage the paintwork on the body. Turn to a model that does not damage your car.


Some travel towels last longer than others. Those of less good quality deteriorate over the machines or become rough after a certain number of dryings. This is a characteristic that is difficult to predict before purchasing, but we can tell you that high-end towels will last over time.

The essential characteristics of a good travel towel

A towel is an essential and very practical object that can be used on a number of occasions. This travel towel can be used as a beach or bathing towel, but also to dry you off after a good shower at the youth hostel, or to protect memories, or even to clean something. Here are the four essential characteristics of a good travel towel:

Quick-drying: because who likes to have a wet towel in their bag, which gives all other things a bad smell?

Comfortable: if you take no pleasure in drying, no interest!

Antibacterial: This towel will spend a lot of time in your bag, so you better limit unpleasant odors.

Portable: The most important thing is that the towel is easy to carry, whether in terms of weight or size.

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