What Is Zorb Ball? Know All the Facts and Insights!


Love adventures? Then you might also love discovering new and unknown adventures like the Zorb Ball!

Invented by Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis, this Newzealand adventure has now captured millions of hearts all over the globe. It's the most unique and incredible way to plan a day out with your loved ones and escape your monotonous daily life.

Let's get to know what is zorb ball: all the facts and insights through this complete guide!

What Are Zorb Balls?

Zorb ball is an inflatable ball in which individuals can enter inside and then move and roll around in it. Composed of rock-solid vinyl, it appears to be very firm and can hold around 1000 pounds. It's none other than a human hamster ball.

What makes it durable is that it is a double-sectioned ball, which means that there is one ball inside the other along with a layer of air in between, acting as a shock absorber. The outside surface is also secured with numerous ropes that keep the inner surface connected to it and therefore, holding the zorb ball together.

Manufacturing of these balls is done in a lot of countries like Germany, Australia, Canada and Hawaii.

Talking about its performance, there are majorly three types of zorbing which you can enjoy. Let's explore to know more about them.

Types Of Zorbing

Zorbing can be experienced in three forms:

1. Aqua Zorbing

Aqua or water zorbing involves the person inside a large zorb ball walking across the surface of a body of water. However, here the zorb ball is not double sectional, it has only one layer to make it easier to float on water.

Water zorbing is rated as one of the best and safest water sports, especially for kids as you can jump, run and even do stunts like cartwheels without the fear of getting hurt. Hence, if you don't know how to swim and still want to enjoy the water, aqua zorbing is your rescue.

2. Rolling Zorbing

Rolling zorbing is a rather simple one where the ball is rolled down the hill which the person inside strapped securely. Sounds insane but it's very exciting!

Once you enter the dry zorb area, after getting the person all strapped, the instructor would push you down the panel. Inside the ball, you can enjoy the whole 360-degree view of all the sky, land and grass around you, which would be absolutely surreal. This complete rollover would definitely be the best experience of your life.

3. Harness Zorbing

Harness Zorbing is a lot more similar to rolling zorbing. Hitting 30mph down a hill in a huge inflatable ball, only that you can have company here and it's deeper and more intense than the rolling one!

Harness Zorbing involves two persons strapped in opposite to each other (up-down position), so it becomes fun to see your partner upside-down along with the beautiful surroundings outside.

This whole activity can take around 15 seconds or even a minute depending on the location, steepness of the slope and total weight of the


One thing that comes with assurance in all the types is that you won't regret this bouncy freedom equipped with full safety.

Other Ways to Enjoy Zorb Ball

Rather than just rolling around on slopes or water, there are some other cool things to do along with this fun ball like:

● Playing get

● Skipping on

● Moving and hopping it around

This will indulge you in a wholesome exercise too. Plus, you can get these balls customised to organise some fun games! But where to find this?

Where To Find Zorb Balls?

There is no better place to find each kind of Zorb balls than the Kameymall.

Zorb balls comes in two distinct styles:

1. The first is the ball which can comprise two people. It has two layers of plastic with a lot of air in between. It's more suitable for water activity instead of rolling on a slope.

2. Next is an air pocket ball. It is a giant inflatable with an air compartment between the two sheets and can prove good for the incline rolling activities too.

You can buy a variety of them at a pocket-friendly budget with superior quality with one visitor to the nearest kamey shopping centre!

Therefore, do get your hands over this super cool ball for having fun like never before.

Final Words

To conclude, zorb balls can be the best adventure thing to try out for you this weekend. It is a huge inflatable ball where people can jump and hop inside it. Be it rolling down the hills and water or indulging in some other activities like skipping, zorb ball is the perfect rescue for you. It can be easily available in the Kameymall, which is the most reliable place to go and get one of these!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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What Is Zorb Ball? Know All the Facts and Insights!

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