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Why Ecosia Will Always be Worse Than Google


If I type in Google to find "stayin alive lyrics", the results page displays the entire lyrics of the song. If I conduct the same search using Ecosia which is an eco-friendly alternative to Google I get the list of websites. If I typed in "How Tall is Lebron James" I was told the height of Lebron James was six feet nine inches tall" before I hit to enter. Ecosia provided me a link list. While Google gives you straight-forward answers to your queries, Ecosia requires more work to come up with answers. This post will discuss the reasons behind this.

What is Ecosia

Ecosia is an online search engine that has an environmental mission. A majority of the revenue from ads is used to fund reforestation projects as well as Ecosia collaborates with other groups in order to establish trees. The work they've been doing is amazing however, Ecosia has a flaw that will not allow it to become the most effective search engine.

Ecosia's issue

Ecosia spends more than half its revenues in planting trees, as per the company's Financial report for June. Advertising, green investments taxes and other investments make up the majority of expenditure. There isn't much left to enhance its search engine. Google is a lot more income than Ecosia and, while a portion of it is used for eco-friendly investments Google is also putting a large amount of money towards making the search engine better. Ecosia isn't catching with Google in this regard, and Google has the ability to use a smaller part of its profits to have a bigger green impacts than Ecosia. When it comes to choosing an internet search engine, people are primarily concerned with getting great outcomes, and this is one area in which Google will continue to surpass Ecosia.

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What Are SEO Consultants?

SEO Consultant: a search engine optimization specialist or agency that you choose to fulfill the needs of your marketing. SEO consultants provide a variety of services, employing a variety of SEO tools and software and provide expert advice on a strategic as well as strategic level to meet the requirements of their clients.

Nowadays the role of being an SEO consultant must have surgeon-level skills that can recognize the issues and how to solve them. It is not a good idea to hire one who plays around to your detriment. Bruce Clay Inc. Bruce Clay Inc., we define an analyst as an expert only when they've got at least 10+ years of experience and an extensive knowledge of SEO. This expert has demonstrated proficiency and credibility, and has earned the trust of industry professionals as a SEO expert.

SEO consulting projects usually vary between 3 and six months in length. They can be shorter or longer based on the scope of the project. When the desired goal has been achieved The company can then look at an additional immediate SEO opportunity or switch towards a new marketing strategy.

Contrary to this, SEO services tend to focus on long potential. They span from six to many months or even years. These kinds of SEO campaigns require a higher degree of consulting and marketing effort to reach objectives. A good example is the introduction of a brand new website on the market. The website is not able to rank in ranking or visitors, so it is not a recognized market experience, authority, or confidence.

In Bruce Clay Inc., Bruce Clay Inc.'s SEO consultants are armed with at least 10 years of ever-more strict SEO expertise.

Each SEO consulting campaign is different. There are no two SEO consulting campaigns that are the same.

The potential for growth or the issue you wish to solve with the assistance of a consultant will determine the scope of your project.

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The essential elements of a well-optimized web design

Here are the essential elements to make sure that a website has been optimized for SEO


The domain's name can convey something about a company. To maximize the value the domain you choose, be sure that it's related to the services or products that your clients provide. One of the things we provide to our customers is to redirect all subdomains and variations to one canonical version of the site , and redirect them to the main website.

Though many webmasters believe that using keywords in their domain is beneficial for SEO, it's not always the scenario. The most effective approach is to build a website to be a real-world application.


Also, you must be aware when choosing the best hosting service. As a general rule be sure your hosting is speedy and, if needed, platform specific.


The Content Management System (CMS) will have an enormous impact on the success of your business. For example, we would prefer using WordPress to run the majority of small-sized businesses since it's indexed in a manner that Google is able to comprehend. However, this doesn't mean it's suitable for all scenarios. It's merely a good start, particularly for small-sized businesses.


Nobody will be able to comprehend the contents of a website in the event that they cannot understand it. We don't suggest making use of flash, images or videos on the back-stages of the primary pages of our clients instead, preferring the content is written.

Naturally images and videos play been used in Web design for a reason. However, it is important to use simple terms when talking about your business and its offerings to make sure that Google can comprehend and read it.

If you choose to utilize PDFs, images, or videos (they are excellent sources of traffic also) be sure that they're easily searchable and searchable.

What is the significance of SEO in web design matter?

We all know that SEO is everything to do with visibility, while design has visual elements. Actually designers and SEOs have distinct tasks that differ from one another. This is certainly valid to a certain extent.

If you'd like to boost your the SERPs you rank on You must move beyond SEO. you must design your website that is properly designed in order to ensure that your competition will be able to outrank your site. If you're not sure, SEO and web design go hand-in-hand which means you'll not be able to get the most value from your money if your ignore one of the two.

SEO is a must in the design of your website

If you do not consider SEO when you design or redesign your website, it could not be able to rank high on results pages of search engines (SERPs). SEO best practices in web design, including web architecture and speed optimization, may affect the design of your website. It is essential to take into consideration these SEO aspects to achieve an optimized site and increase search engine rankings.

The design of your website can have a negative impact on SEO.

It's not unusual to hear of businesses which lose their rank after rebranding their websites because they did not establish redirects to 301. Poor design of websites can lower the SEO ranking, which can ultimately affect traffic and the overall performance.

In the absence of investing in SEO website design could cause the loss of time as well as money and ranking. In contrast the combination of SEO as well as web-based design is the base of a successful SEO strategy.

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Why Ecosia Will Always be Worse Than Google

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