Every season, we curate a collection of 15 original and exclusive short stories and poems by young storytellers from all over the world.

We call this collection The Storyteller.

Do you have a story to tell? Then you could be our next Storyteller.

Apply to join Launchora’s Storytellers Program today by using the story submission process below. The program is completely free to apply for. So there is nothing to lose!

Upcoming Issue: Winter 2017

Deadline for submission: October 2, 2017

How To Apply

Step 1. Write a story or a poem.

This is the easiest part, isn’t it? Write any story or poem you want. About anything. Fiction or non-fiction. Happy or sad. True or false.Joyful or heartbreaking. Scary or spiritual. There are no genre or theme restrictions. There are only two rules -

Rule 1: If it is a story, then it must be between 1,200 to 4,800 words. If it is a poem, then it must be between 200 to 800 words.

Rule 2: Your submission, if fiction, must be fully original - i.e. the concept, plot, and characters must be 100% your creation.

Step 2. Submit your story or poem.

Actually, this part is easier. There are two ways to send us your submission -

A. Write and publish your story on Launchora, like you would any other story. Then use the ‘Select published story’ dropdown below to select it. Once you select it, click on submit. That’s it.
We recommend this way if you’d like to apply for the program but don’t have a ‘perfect’ or complete story, or just want to try your luck in a ‘why not’ moment.

B. If you’d like to send us your story privately (for any reason), you can do that too. Use the ‘Upload word document’ button below. We only accept MS word documents. Include your name in the doc name.
We recommend this way if you already have a completed story ready to go. Just know that if your story isn’t selected, you should still publish it on Launchora and share it with the community.

Things to note: You need to have a Launchora account to submit a story. You can only submit one story per season. We will not accept any stories past the deadline (see above) for a season. So if you miss a deadline, just try again in the next season.

Step 3. Be patient and keep writing!

This really might be the hardest part. Once you submit your story, you’ll get a confirmation email to your registered email address. Once the deadline is over, we take about 15 days to review all stories submitted. At the end of that period, you’ll receive an email from us if your story was selected or not, or if we’d like you to make some edits. If your story is selected to be featured in the issue, you’ll receive more details via email about how it works and compensation. So just be patient, and keep writing. Writing more will only make you a better storyteller.

So stop thinking, and just write something.

Become a Storyteller.

Join the program
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World’s largest community of storytellers.
World’s largest community of storytellers.
World’s largest community of storytellers.

By signing up you agree to Launchora's Terms & Policies.