2 Ways to Export IMAP Mailbox to PST Locally


This essay will go through simple techniques for backing up IMAP emails without losing the information.

Multiple email accounts may be managed by users using Outlook, a feature-rich email client. It provides consumers with a variety of alternatives. Additionally, it enables you to move your mailbox files without needing a separate program. IMAP migration is the name of this email migration technique.

Microsoft Outlook saves a copy of each mailbox item as an OST file. These files enable offline email access. You cannot, however, access the email in Outlook if these files get destroyed for whatever reason. To safeguard the crucial emails, you should make a backup of them.

Backup IMAP emails

Why Back Up IMAP Mails?

There are several benefits to backing up IMAP emails to the local disc and storing them. The most frequent causes for users to download essential data from servers are listed below.

Online emails are vulnerable to data theft and harmful activity. Additionally, the Outlook server might crash for any cause. So, storing your important data on a personal device is the best method to keep it safe.

You may back up your mailbox data when you migrate your Microsoft Outlook emails in case of accidental data loss or damaged files. You may restore the whole inbox using the stored email files.

You must also back up your IMAP emails when switching to a different email client. You must first download the Microsoft Outlook emails if you wish to move your emails to another email account.

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Manual IMAP Email Migration Procedures

The ability to move emails from the server to the system's local storage is incorporated into Microsoft Outlook. You may safeguard priceless goods from data loss in this manner. It is a cost-free IMAP backup technique for storing email data. The methods below describe how to back up IMAP emails to your computer:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook, then choose the File option from the menu.

2. Choose the file

3. Click the Open and Export button and choose Import/Export.

4. The Import/Export dialogue box will be shown. Press Next after selecting the Export to a file option.

5. choosing "export to file"

6. Next, choose the Outlook data file (.pst) by clicking on it and then choosing Next.

7. Outlook data file tab

8. Next, decide which mailbox folder you wish to move. Then press the Next button.

9. To finish the migration, choose the destination location for the resulting file using the Browse option and click the Finish button.

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The Manual Migration Has Some Restrictions

Users may export their Microsoft Outlook mailbox data manually to their system. However, not everyone will find it to be the best option. The process of migrating is hampered by several weaknesses it possesses.

It takes a lot of effort and time to save mailbox files.

When moving data manually, there is a considerable danger of data loss.

It only transfers one file at once. Therefore, you must carry out the identical action for each desired email.

Large mailbox goods are ineligible for this method. Additional mailbox objects, like contacts, calendars, events, etc., cannot be migrated.

Due to all the factors above, you need a more dependable and efficient solution to your issue. ShovivIMAP Email Backup Tool is a feature-rich program that backs up things from an Outlook mailbox without changing the content. The method for moving emails from Microsoft Outlook is automated.

For Gmail: Gmail Backup software

Check Video Tutorial and Easily  Export IMAP Mailbox


IMAP migration is a feature of Microsoft Outlook that enables you to move your emails to your system. The steps to store the emails in a local drive are easy to follow and efficient. The method does, however, have significant drawbacks. Therefore, an IMAP Backup Tool is the best option for backing up IMAP emails. It is a quick and efficient way to preserve mailbox information. Through this program, even new users may move their emails.

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2 Ways to Export IMAP Mailbox to PST Locally

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Updated on September 02, 2022

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