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JC Private Tuition: Home Tuition Vs Group Tuition


Survey states that as much as 80% of Junior College students hire tuition for 1 or more subjects.

Home Tuition or Tuition Centers

This information was gathered thanks to our marketing research and interactions with Current MOE Teachers as a Home Tuition Agency in Singapore.

Why do students feel the need for JC or A level tuition in Singapore?

The solution is obvious, it's known that the A-Levels Examination is that the final and most challenging milestone for JC Students before entering University.

With the whole course being only 2 years, and with a way more demanding curriculum compared to the O Levels, many students often enter Junior Colleges only to be shocked at the explosion of educational pressure, and find themselves behind their peers and struggling to stay up.

On top of the tutorial pressure, they even have to deal with the opposite aspects of college like CCA commitment, school, and social activities.

It’s hence inevitable that JC students often address tuition because the main sort of additional help to push up their grades and steel themselves against the A-Levels Examination.

Making the selection – JC Home Tuition or Tuition Centers?

There are 2 main sorts of junior college tuition options available for JC Students, which are namely engaging a JC home tutor in Singapore, or enrolling at a JC tuition center. This section will discuss a number of the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

JC Tuition Centers:

A JC Tuition Center in Singapore is often found out by reputable tutors who might be Ex-MOE Teachers, who are NIE Trained, or Full-Time Tutors who have developed their own set of result-proven pedagogy.

These tutors are extremely experienced, and therefore the classes are often conducted in group settings of 2-20 students from different schools, with a hard and fast structure and curriculum.

To supplement the curriculum prepared, these centers also often provide original and well-curated notes created by their in-house team, and sometimes a compilation of the simplest features from each school’s notes.

The points mentioned above summarizes the benefits of Junior college tuition in SG, which is in a position to educate students. You can find the JC group tuition price from different online tuition portals.

On the flip-side, the well-organized structure of the program also allows for small flexibility in terms of a private help.

For instance, if a student has trouble with a selected topic/concept, it's difficult for the student to consult the tutor during a group setting and receive personal attention. Furthermore, weaker students may find difficulty dealing with the pace of the category and should find themselves struggling, hence making the schooling ineffective.

The timing when a student attends the JC group tuition SG is additionally a crucial factor, as joining a tuition class too late would mean that some of the topics/chapters may have already been covered previously, leaving the student little chance to possess revision or assistance on a specific topic.

JC Home Tuition:

JC Home Tuition Singapore comprises freelance home tutors who cover a good range of various categories. Students and fogeys need the flexibility to decide whether or not they would like to interact with a Part-Time Tutor, Full-Time Tutor, or Ex/Current MOE.

Home Tuition for JC is usually conducted during a 1-to-1 setting, whereby students are ready to receive direct personal assistance on the topics/concepts which they're battling.

Lessons also are far more customizable to cater to the student’s pace, and tutors also are ready to provide materials that are targeted to assist students to improve on their weak areas.

As such, hiring a JC Home Tutor provides more flexibility and a well-rounded approach towards prepping for the next A level exam.

A crucial point to notice would be that the A level private tutor will also dedicate extra time-slots for college kids who may require last-minute help because the date draws closer to the A-Level Examinations. The last-minute revision could often be a make or break factor for a specific student’s leads to the ultimate examination.

This flexibility is something that even the best tuition center near me is unable to supply due to multiple attendees.

Check A level tuition fees in Singapore from different online coaching portals.

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JC Private Tuition: Home Tuition Vs Group Tuition

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