Dismantle With Care

Hello my dear Launcher. Lakshya here, back with a brand new adventure that I'm going to be playing with you. 

I'm going to hit you with a heavy challenge. Not a 'can't be done' or 'too hard' kind of heavy. Just something that will require you to dig deep into your emotional reservoir, and perhaps your own personal experiences with the 'end' of love.

Because in this adventure, I'd like you to write about the beginning of love, the end of it, and what the hell went wrong in the middle. 

I present to you our latest 'Dismantle With Care' challenge. I'm doing it as well, as I type this.

Alright. Here are the rules. I've set it with 3 difficulty levels. You can try Level 1, or Level 1+2, or Level 1+2+3. Upto you.


Level 1

You have to write two characters, who met and fell in love in college. Then they got married. And then they got divorced at some point. And then they meet again years later. Your story's content should focus on the assembly and dismantling of their relationship. What. How. Why.


Level 2

You have to write the story in two parallel timelines - the first timeline is the day of the graduation of the couple. This is them at their 'peak'. The second timeline is 25 years later, on the graduaton day of their kids (who are twins).  


Level 3

Keep your story tight and focused on the two main characters, and keep both timelines from Level 2 to be 15 minute reads each, so your story should be not more than a 30 minute read. 


Why the time limit? Because the challenge isn't to just tell a story in 30 minutes, but to put together 25 years of a relationship into 30 minutes or less. 

I don't have a publish date yet for my own story, but I'm hoping it's on or around April 22 (a couple weeks from the time I'm typing this), just to make it more challenging. Beat me if you can :)

So go ahead, and start your story by tapping on 'start writing' below. You can title the story 'Dismantle With Care' or mention it in the description as #DismantleWithCare. 

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