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What is The Storyteller?

The Storyteller is a digital storybook subscription, one that showcases the talent and creativity of young writers and poets from our global community. Each volume contains four issues - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - released quarterly, for a total of 60 stories per volume / year. Each issue contains 15 original and exclusive stories written by 15 writers from Launchora's community.

What kind of stories are featured in The Storyteller? How long is each issue?

The stories featured in each issue of The Storyteller are a mix of fiction and non-fiction - 12 short stories, and 3 poems - written by 15 young storytellers. There are stories about love, life, loss, redemption, experiences, and the human (and perhaps inhuman) condition. All stories are exclusive to The Storyteller, and can not be read anywhere else on the internet or the world in general. As for length, in book each issue would be about 100-120 pages.

What all does the subscription of The Storyteller include?

A subscription to The Storyteller - yearly or quarterly - includes all issues of The Storyteller that have been released (so far - Spring 2017 & Summer 2017) AND all future issues as well. Every quarter when a new issue is released, it is added to your Storyteller page. Every year you get 60 new stories (15 every quarter). As long as you keep paying the subscription, you'll continue to receive new issues of The Storyteller, and have access to all released issues. 

How do I subscribe to The Storyteller?

You subscribe to The Storyteller by tapping on 'Subscribe Now' button on this page (above and below). You can choose the yearly subscription or the quarterly subscription. For residents of India, you can do pay with your Paytm wallet. For residents of any other country, you can pay using your Paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can set one up for free by following the 'Pay with Paypal' link on the subscribe page.

What's The Storyteller – YA Launcher plan?

We learned that since almost half of our community is under 18 (i.e. Young Adults), many of you probably don't have a Paypal or Paytm account, or even a bank account. Therefore, we introduced the YA launcher plan for The Storyteller. Under this, if you're under 18 years of age (between 13 to 17), The Storyteller is completely free for you until your 18th birthday. You won’t be charged for your previous YA subscription plan once you turn 18, so don’t worry and subscribe today for free, if you fall under the YA plan age-range.

Is there a free preview of The Storyteller to read before subscribing?

Yes! Each issue of The Storyteller contains 3 full stories that are absolutely free to read. You do not need to be subscribed to read these free previews. You can find the free preview of the current issue - Summer 2017 - here.

How are stories selected for The Storyteller? Can I submit a story to be featured?

Anyone can submit their story/poem to get featured The Storyteller. You simply need to join Launchora’s Storytellers Program and submit/upload your story.

Is The Storyteller only available in digital form? What about a print edition?

For easier distribution to our global userbase, The Storyteller is only available in digital format right now.

If you have any other questions, please email us at support@launchora.com.


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World’s largest community of storytellers.
World’s largest community of storytellers.
World’s largest community of storytellers.

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