I Have An Existentialist In Me




These are how most of your thoughts begin like What should I eat for lunch? or Why do people eat pineapple topped pizza? or Who in his/her right mind even invented this?

All sorts of questions pass through your head every waking hour. Some researchers studied and claimed that an average human has more than 50,000 thoughts every single day. Take a moment to let that sink. Now, imagine what would happen inside an overthinker’s brain! Take another moment to guess a number and let that be probably your 50,001th thought, if you finished your quota by this time.

And amidst the chaos, this mental traffic that never seems to disperse, we at times, find ourselves asking the essential questions about Being and Life, like

What is the purpose of life?

Why am I here?

Who am I?

Do these questions keep you awake at night or sometimes throw you into utter despair in the middle of a bright sunny day? Do they paralyze your mind by repeating themselves into a closed loop the pause button of which seems to be broken? If a faint voice in your head pronounced ‘yes’ after each of these questions- don’t worry, you are not going insane.

It’s time to write and address these questions head-on. It’s time to take these questions out of your mind and turn them into words to know exactly what’s bugging you and while you’re at it you will touching the outer sphere of the mere philosophy of existentialism.

So here we have this adventure for you where we shamelessly question everything existing in the world including ourselves and try to better understand our version of existence. It’s time to put on your philosophical cape and fly away into the eternal questioning of being and existence. Ask away all those complex thoughts and let’s see if we can help each other a bit in understanding the world and even ourselves.

To begin with, you can write and answer these questions first -

What is the meaning of life?
Is there a pre-destined path for everyone?
What is the purpose of my existence?
What is free will?
Does everything I perceive through my eyes even real?

Now, these are just a few questions to get you started but we are sure as you move forward, more interesting thought patterns will appear. Don’t hold yourself back. Write it all out and bend all the limits of your thinking capacity.

Oh, and don’t forget to mention ‘I Have An Existentialist In Me’ in your story description when you publish!

Let’s begin.

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