Notes To Mom

Tenth Note -
Write the 10 things about your mom which make her beautiful and special.

Ninth Note -
When was the last time you told your mom you love her?

Eighth Note -
Do you remember the moment when your mom became your friend?

Seventh Note -
What’s the best advice your mom has given to you?

Sixth Note -
What’s the one happy memory with your mom that you will always cherish?

Fifth Note -
What’s the one thing your mom has achieved that you’re proud of?

Fourth Note -
In what ways are you and your mom alike?

Third Note -
What’s the one thing you said to your mom that you wish you could take back?

Second Note -
What do you admire the most about your mom?

First Note -
What’s the earliest memory you have of your mom?


10 notes.

10 days filled with love and gratitude.

All directed towards the one amazing person in our life who brought us into the world: ‘Mom’.

A single day is a too little time to honor and celebrate the superpowers a Mother has. So instead, we do 10 days and this year, we celebrate it with a gift which will flourish out of something she nurtured and even created herself: our heart and soul. This year, let’s celebrate her existence through a note written and given to her each day for 10 days to try our best in thanking her for being a cornerstone of our past, present, and future.

Let’s take her on a journey filled with nostalgia, gratitude, and love. Starting today, we’re going to remind her (and ourselves) of all the happenings which we fondly remember about her and how it shaped us into the person we are today. We’re going to remind her that we remember and value her selfless deeds and efforts even when she tries to not make a big deal about it. Starting today, we are going to open our heart out and let her and the world know about the amazing stories of this superhuman we call ‘Mom’.

And how would we do this?


We’re going to give you a unique reminder for each note, every day for 10 days to write to your mom and to share it with her and rest of the world. These note reminders will be updated here and on our social media platforms daily until May 13 (Mother’s Day!). These reminders will inspire you to open yourself to your mom and express your thoughts without any filters. The stories published on Launchora will be shared on our social media platforms to spread the essence of Motherhood and selfless love.

Don’t forget to put your Story Title as ‘Notes To Mom - (First/Second/Third….) Note’ for the readers to find and read your stories.

So what are you waiting for? Click on Start Writing and write to your mom today! We’ll add a new note every day to the top of this page. Scroll up for today’s reminder note!


And that's not all! Participate in this adventure, and you can win a gift card at the Launchora Store! At the end of Mother's Day on May 13, we're going to take a count of all the recommendations received by all the stories in this adventure. The top 3 storytellers with the most combined recommends (for all the notes you write), will each get a $50 USD value gift card to spend at our store (that's equal to about Rs. 3300 or 2500 PHP). For example, if you publish 10 notes, and each of them have about 5 recommends, you're more likely to win compared to someone who wrote 3 notes with 10 recommends each. So the more notes you write, the more recommends you get, and the higher the chances of you being in the top 3! 

You can also take this adventure to Instagram! Write these notes in your caption and upload a relevant picture with it. Like for the first note, you can pick a BW picture of your mom and write the note along with it. Be creative with the photos, your mom is the limit. Don’t forget to tag us our Instagram page on these pictures: launchora_official and use hashtag #NotesToMom. We’ll repost the most creative ones on our official page. Let’s begin! 

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