What Kind Of Year Has It Been?

Picture Credits: Life Is Strange

A lot happened in the world during this past year. But to us - your Launchora family - what really matters is what happened to you this year. Have you had a moment to ask yourself - what kind of year has it been?

They say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger which begs the question: is 2017 leaving behind a stronger you? What has YOUR plot development been like this year?

Was it over in the blink of an eye or did it drag on forever, so slow that you could feel new cells replacing the old you. Did you lose a piece of yourself along the way or, more realistically, several pieces? Or perhaps this was the year of small moments of loss, sprinkled with slightly larger moments of victories?

The chapter draws to a close; it demands that we tie up the loose ends (or at least pretend to). A new beginning approaches, marking this as the ample time to rid ourselves of the demons foisted upon us in the last 365 days. It's time to begin afresh; clear out all the ingredients frozen up in that brain up there and use them to cook up a 2017 like no other- your 2017. Remember to season well with summer, fall, winter and finally, spring. Spring forward into the new year; give the old one to us, doubling joy and halving sorrows.


Is there a moment you'd love to relive?

Or perhaps a day that chokes you up everytime you think about it.

Perhaps you lost someone. Perhaps you found the one.

Was 2017 a bland year, unseasoned by the unpredictably of circumstance?

Or did something happen that really made you feel like the world isn’t so bad after all?


Whatever happened to you this year - the highs or the lows - unlock those memories, express those feelings, celebrate those moments… by turning them into stories.


So ask yourself - and tell us - what kind of year has it been?

We’ll end 2017 on your stories and begin the first day of the brand new year with them since at the end of the day, Launchora is all about you and for you.

Therefore, our team will feature top stories from this adventure throughout our social media pages on 31st December’17 and 1st January’18, while the time transitions from 2017 to 2018.

Don’t forget to mention #MyKindOfYear in the description of your story to be a part of this adventure.

So tap on ‘start writing now’ and put your 2017 experience in review. Time is running out, literally!


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