15 Brilliant And Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas


A home or apartment that has a rooftop terrace can offer many possibilities, including an amazing view. There are many different styles you can use to decorate your outdoor living space. Add some gardens, a fireplace, lounge furniture and even a dining area. This area can be used for relaxing and entertaining, offering you a lot of possibilities. If you have an area that's surrounded by nature, your space should be relaxing – think romantic candlelit dinners and string lights.

If you are in an urban jungle, city lights will dazzle your outdoor space. A wooden deck will add to your outdoor aesthetic, add a few furnishings, a built-in fireplace or fire bowl and you have a rooftop oasis! If you've decided to install deck waterproofing, you'll want to know how to make this important protectant last. Deck waterproofing is an easy way to keep your deck looking its best year after year, but there are still some maintenance recommendations to make to ensure you get the best results. See below for some great ideas... and don't forget to tell us what inspired you the most. Comment below!

Roof Terrace Design Ideas to Create a Cozy Space

1. Tribeca Penthouse Rooftop Terrace

This stunning perch overlooking the beautiful skyline makes it a perfect place to host small gatherings with friends or family. It has a gray and white colour palette, from the kitchen with outdoor dining and barbecue to the lounge with glass-encased fire tables with waterfall features in the sectional. The beautiful wood decking and trimmed trees in the planters provide contrast, breaking up the dull colour of the matte stone floor.

2. Tribeca Triplex

Making the most of a communal space, the deck frames its iconic views with a variety of unique trees and plants. A fountain on a wood-panelled wall surrounded by lattice serves as the focal point of this rooftop terrace that also houses a lounge, barbecue area, and Jacuzzi. If you want to renovate, your outdoor area this Diwali, you hire the top rated interior designers near me. Click the link to visit the website.

3. Williamsburg Rooftop Development

Acting as an extension to the home's interiors, the pitched roof offers peace and tranquillity. Huge glass doors open into a charming area with attractive seating areas and planters where one can enjoy the bright summer sky.

4. South Brooklyn Common Terrace

The combination of sun and shade, wooden elements and pavement make this common terrace an interesting space. A shady pergola with integrated seating is surrounded by gardens of wooden planks, creating a serene atmosphere. Behind it are another set of planters and benches in a sunny setting that allows for enjoying a clear morning or a starry sky.

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5. Soho Manhattan Terrace

Here's a roof terrace design that allows you to lounge in style and enjoy the outdoors. The space features a comfortable seating area, a 10-seater dining section and barbecue grill, and a pool tub and sun lounger on an elevated wooden deck.

6. Central Park West Penthouse Terrace

Overlooking the beautiful green canopy of the iconic Central Park, this penthouse terrace reflects the contemporary vibe of its surroundings. A dining area and barbecue, sectional on an elevated wooden deck and accent wall with waterfall features make this area a cozy spot to spend time away.

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7. Yoga Terrace

The deck's signature wood decking is placed all over the floor, from the integrated seats to the planter box. A pocket rock garden and lush foliage add to the serene zen-like feel.

8. Eastside Penthouse Terrace

Enjoy a spectacular view of the city skyline while relaxing in this fully equipped rooftop terrace. In addition to featuring the deck's signature deck, custom high-end screens hide rooftop utilities and visible air vents. Form and function, indeed.

9. Ghostbusters Building

This iconic building—a 19-story housing cooperative on Manhattan's Upper West Side—is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We're proud to help improve its terrace, which now has multiple seating areas, wood and granite countertops, and lush greenery that create a perfect setting for quiet gatherings.

10. Add A Gazebo

Include a gazebo on the roof as it is open on all sides, covered from above and creates a perfect outdoor enclosure that protects one from the sun and rain.

11. Go with A Patio Umbrella

Bondian Living Store created a shaded area on this terrace by including a decorative patio umbrella that creates an arresting accent feature. It is always advisable to take a large umbrella so that it can provide adequate shade to the seating area, irrespective of the direction of the sun.

12. Stretch A Pavilion Canopy

Architecture Design has installed a pavilion canopy on this terrace to shade a portion of the seating area. The semi-permanent structure consists of a fabric top stretched over a frame that is attached to the deck.

Just see how this ceiling incorporates outdoor seating with a four-poster design that supports fabric ceilings to create a simple and practical shaded seating area.

13. Create A Vertical Outdoor Screen

SPASM has increased the privacy and shade of this terrace by installing a long vertical screen that allows light into the ceiling but also casts shadows which helps to create a shaded space.

14. Install A Pergola

A pergola is an open roof system that forms a very strong landscape feature. It is made of wooden or metal slats that are equidistant from each other. The great thing about a pergola is that it filters out some of the sunlight and provides partial shade without blocking all the sunlight and heat.

15. Hang A Shade Sail

Shade sails are an easy and eye-catching way to add shade to an outdoor terrace and give the space a modern look. In this terrace, Real Architecture. has incorporated large pieces of triangular sail-shaped fabric to create a stylish shaded seating area outside.

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15 Brilliant And Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

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