5 Awesome Website Services For Better Google Traffic


5 Awesome Website Services For Better Google Traffic

Both on-page and off-page factors are more important than ever before for the Search Engine Optimisation strategy (SEO). Off-page refers to accumulating backlinks. These hyperlinks connect your website to third party websites. Users can share links to websites that they consider useful and worth their time. Google sees this as a "vote" of site A for site B and gives the site that was that it voted for with more authority and better ranking.

This has led to a growing industry of 3rd party sites, which allow you to add valuable original content to their websites in exchange for links to yours. This arrangement is mutually beneficial for both the parties involved and has led to it becoming the most popular way to increase your authority and reach on Google. On-page factors are a measure of the experience of users. These include quality content, the amount of time people spend on your site and how engaged they are with it, speed of the site and technical issues like fixing mistakes.

Today, I will discuss five of my favorite SEO services to aid you in building credibility and increase visibility on Google. This will lead to more organic/natural visitors.


Fastandy is the first up. His expertise is in building off-page backlinks using the best and most natural techniques dependent on your site's age and backlink profile. He has over 20 years of experience in SEO and has the expertise to prove it. All links are white-hat DoFollow, DoFollow, and powered up with a 2nd level of backlinks.

Different Types of Backlinks Provided

Blog Guest Posts- These are classic niche sites that allow you and your website to publish original, high-quality content.

Forum Guest Posts- These forums allow articles, etc. to be published off-topic/marketing sections.

Web2s- They are high traffic high authority (DA) general topic sites which allow users to post articles without the need to establish their own hosting for websites, etc.

Bios/Profiles- These are private websites that are typically forums, or Web2s. You can sign up to create a profile/bio and add your website which will be visible to Google to crawl.

Forum/Site Comments- Sites that allow comments and DoFollow links for your website/s.

Custom Blend- Depending on your personal needs, this is an amalgamation or combination of all the previous. It is simple to contact Fastandy to discuss this possibility before.


Coralie provides a variety of translation services which are obviously great if you are based in one of the countries she translates for. She works with native-speaking people so there is no requirement to utilize auto-translation software. The service is offered for guest posts as well as if you have an Amazon Affiliate shop you want to translate.

Services Offered

Multiple Language Translation- High-quality native language translations of guest posts and articles from German, French and Spanish to English, Dutch, and vice versa.

Amazon Listings Translation- This is a unique service for an Amazon-style affiliate site. It focuses on the top selling products across various languages.

All services include proofreading as well as document formatting. 500 words are included in the $10 base cost.


Aloktripathy provides a variety of services that concentrate on design and social media. He will help you to increase your website traffic via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The amount of help you need creating logos and banners and running your accounts is up to you.

Types Of Services Provided

Custom Store Designs- This service is all about creating stores for print-on demand marketplaces such as Redbubble, Teespring and Etsy.

Social Media Design- This service involves designs for the various social media formats etc such as quotations for Instagram.

Social Media Manager- It is a program that focuses more on managing your social media accounts.

Art Design- This page is designed to be used for wall art, typography, motivational posters and Etsy.

KDP Assistance- This is a service specifically made for the Kindle direct Publishing (KDP), book formatting, publishing and uploading and cover design.

Store Titles- The additional service is offered by Redbubble. It allows you to write keyword rich descriptions and title for all of your new listings.


Alexandra's most popular service is creating an affiliate site, such as You can select from the categories of up to 10 or import as many products as you like. This is a great option if you don’t already have an online presence. A store that is more general in nature could be possible, however you might want to focus on a particular product or items that you have identified through your keyword study.

Types Services Provided

Amazon Affiliate Store- This is her primary service that sets up an Amazon product store starting from beginning to end. It's very flexible. A domain for your website is all that's required to start.

Amazon Autopilot Store- The update will include products in your newly created shop automatically.

Professional WordPress Template Setup- This service lets users to choose from a range of beautiful contemporary, modern and clean themes and then set them up with the top WordPress plugins.

Drop Shipping by Alibaba/Shopify- This is where you serve as a middleman, filling in the orders of buyers. China.

Social Media Managing- This service is an ongoing social media management service focusing on your own Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest accounts or helping create them if not done already.


Baldtel's main focus is On-page. He can assist you in determining the most effective keywords for your site. The more a keyword is searched for (traffic) and has an extremely low level of competition, the greater the chance your website is likely to be able to score high rankings, and also the free traffic.

Types Of Services Provided

Keyword Search- His main gig is to review your website and find keywords with high traffic that will have the greatest impact on your website. This will ensure that you receive quality traffic as well as a lot of traffic for free.

SEO Tech Audit- This permits him to conduct all speed tests and other tests necessary to determine the best methods to improve the speed of your site.

On Page SEO Optimisation- The audit is the same and provides suggestions on ways to improve the structure of your content and format, size tags, and more.

Local SEO- If you're looking to target certain areas (usually local to your company) it's a smart idea to use the tips and tricks provided by this service.

Off page Backlinks - Related maintenance on-page service that includes basic backlinking

In Summary

I hope I've provided you an overview of some services you might need regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert. Whatever stage of your website, there are the best off-page services that can give your site a fresh look. If that is not your style there are social media experts. If you don't have a website yet and you're looking to become an affiliate, there are beginner suggestions. You can get the most from your on-page SEO by employing keyword and niche experts, as well as translators, auditors and website tweakers.

In theory, you could purchase an online site, have a done for you amazon store built for you within an area you've studied and generate traffic from search engines by utilizing backlinks from fastandy and/or social media projects from Aloktripathy. In any case, you're on the way to earning a nice passive income via affiliate commissions and Google Adwords. There is never going to be a shortage of merchandise to promote! Be creative!

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5 Awesome Website Services For Better Google Traffic

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