5 Best Apps to Limit Your Screen Time On iOS Devices In 2022


Similar to the Black Mirror episode, smartphones have ingrained themselves into our daily lives. Our dependence on smartphones and other smart devices is so great that we hardly ever leave home without them. We are passing on to the next generation a survival ability. Due to this, even a 2-year-old is interested in learning how cell phones operate. Think about it, I mean. Studies have shown a connection between screen time—the amount of time spent in front of a computer screen—and a person's general wellbeing. I think we're to blame.

To help you know what your children are viewing, how long they are watching it for, and how to limit usage so they can get some genuine sunshine, we examined some of the finest iOS applications for limiting screen time and monitoring your children's activities.

Here Are the Best Apps to Limit Screen Time on iOS

1. Screen Time

Screen Time is pre-installed on all iPhones and iPads and was made available by Apple along with the introduction of iOS 12. Although there isn't a specific symbol, the Screen Time option may be found in Settings. You may select a time during which your chosen group of applications, such as social networking and gaming ones, will not be available. Here, you may select the days and times.

You may decide which applications your children can and cannot access during downtime or other times by using App Limits. Some applications have the option of being set to ‘always Allowed,’ which makes them accessible at all times, including during Downtime. Take the phone, SMS, and maps as examples.

However, the procedure for setting a specific app limit is a little unclear. To establish a time restriction for an app, go to Settings > Screen Time, hit your phone's name at the top, choose the app from the list, and then tap ‘Limit’ at the bottom.

Last but not least is Content & Privacy Restrictions, which allows you to decide whether children may download, remove, and purchase applications from the App Store. Once activated, Screen Time will request a passcode for authentication (different from the iPhone passcode). The concept of limiting adult and explicit content appeals to me. This is true for anything you download from the App Store, including music, podcasts, videos, books, applications, and other written or visual material. Finally, some reports will provide you with all the information you want on the use of the iPhone and iPad by your children.

2. Kidslox

Despite the native Screen Time feature's merits, clever children have developed methods to get around the restrictions placed by concerned parents because of its shortcomings. This issue is resolved by Kidslox's original approach to screen time. Here, you may individually block specific applications.

In addition to the parent and kid settings, Kidslox also offers Lockdown as a third choice. All applications and even the device itself will be locked. When your child misbehaves and you want to punish him or her, you realise (digitally). You may expand categories under the Restrictions menu to individually restrict and unblock apps.

Similar to Screen Time, you may control and restrict access to the App Store or certain sections of it, ban adult material, and establish daily limitations based on hours.

3. ZenScreen

Another software to regulate screen time on iOS-powered devices is ZenScreen. Similar to Kidslox, additional actions must be taken, such as downloading and installing profiles, which form a VPN. Simple, just adhere to the on-screen directions. After that is complete, you can make schedules that specify when and which applications your child is allowed to access. Smart Intervals, which mandates brief breaks between app usage, is one nice feature. Their suggested categorisation of app usage is shown below.

Take a 10-minute break after 30 minutes of nonstop gaming or social media browsing, for instance. In a similar manner to Screen Time, ZenScreen will monitor app usage and generate thorough statistics so you can see which applications are popular choices and how much time was spent on each of them.

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4. unGlue

In addition to letting you manage and monitor the screen on any iOS device, unGlue is a special software since it also functions as an activity counter. Yup. With the help of the pedometer that comes with unGlue, you can track your daily step total.

You may put restrictions on applications and helpful schedules, but you can also dictate when Internet access is permitted. Kids will be forced to utilise apps offline as a result, which may be advantageous. like for reading e-books for education? The capability to carry over unused minutes to the following day is another helpful function. In Time Bank, children may control their own time. They may earn additional screen time during duties you set up for them to do around the house.

5. SaferKid

Consider SMS messages. In the era of WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord, I suppose I don't see many teenagers utilising text messages, but it's good to see that SaferKid is attempting to address the issue of ‘sexting’ and ‘bullying’ by providing a mechanism to monitor text messages. You may check your online browser history, and examine your sent and received messages, and calls made and received.

My favourite feature on the App Store is their reviews of more than 200,000 applications. Although there are many applications available for download, SaferKid has evaluated the most well-liked ones in each category to assist parents in deciding which ones should be permitted. Apart from that, the software lets you keep an eye on screen time, disable certain applications, and access adult content.


In the App Store, you may find a variety of apps that you can use to monitor, manage, and enhance how much time your family and children spend on screens.

Screen Time, which comes pre-installed, is adequate for the majority of users. Google Family Link is a better option if you also have Android devices in your home because Apple's ecosystem is constrained in that sense.

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5 Best Apps to Limit Your Screen Time On iOS Devices In 2022

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