5 best SEO tips to score higher in 2020


Because Google makes small adjustments to its algorithms during the year, SEO is continuously on the move. But what works in the field of SEO in 2020, and what does not work anymore? We have compiled the 5 SEO tips for 2020 for you, which will give you an enormous boost to the findability of your website. Where are your SEO opportunities?

1. Make Content for visitors, not for search engines

"My content is already in order." If the search results have already taken months (or longer), this is most likely not the case. What you constantly have to keep reminding yourself is that you write texts for visitors, not for search engines!

The texts must respond to the questions of your web visitors and thus constitute added value. If you do this in the right way, this can give your company a massive boost in the long term, regardless of the industry in which you are located. Also, always keep the following 3 factors in mind when you start writing or optimizing texts:

Good introduction formula

Always begin with an inviting introductory paragraph. This is an art in itself, and certainly not something to underestimate. A model that can help you with this is the APP formula. You can read more about this here:

Make sure you invite text to read and check yourself

Write blogs that people want to read. You do this by planning your post, defining your topic, choosing a title that is both catchy and informative, use pictures, explain complex topics, and, above all, reread it. This way, you avoid unnecessary duplication, and you know for sure that the text runs smoothly.

Go for featured snippets.

Use featured snippets. First of all; What are featured snippets? These are the highlighted search results at the top of Google, which provide a summary answer to the questions people ask Google. Featured snippets are larger and immediately stand out because of their position, which is why they are also a new SEO opportunity. But how do you get featured snippets? You do this by:

- Start a knowledge base, with which you prove to be an authority within your niche

- Use a logical structure in your knowledge base

- Clearly let the question come back to which you want to answer

- To answer the question as clearly and in detail as possible

2. Make sure your website is user-friendly

"Very logical," you think, "but how do I do that?" Below are several tips, all of which improve both the user-friendliness and the experience of your web visitors.

Provide an attractive layout. Nobody wants to read a large piece of text. Provide sub-headings and place enough spaces, which divides the Content into smaller parts. Furthermore, we naturally love beautiful pictures and informative videos, so don't be frugal with that.

Make sure your web pages load quickly. A webpage that loads slowly will undoubtedly result in some of your web visitors dropping out. You can read here how you can prevent this.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate. With the number of targeted cyber attacks doubling in 2018, it is more important than ever for 2020 to secure your site correctly.

3. Make sure your site is also mobile-friendly

With an increasing number of mobile users, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to have a website that is user-friendly on your phone. We often want to order something quickly or find the information we are looking for. You respond to this by improving the page speed of your mobile site, creating a website where you can easily navigate on his or her phone.

4. Voice search in 2020

An addition to creating web content for the visitor; the rise of voice search. Voice Search are spoken searches. People are often inclined to formulate longer sentences. So adjust your content to the questions that your visitors may ask.

The Voice search marketing trend is coming over from America. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod have gained considerable ground there in recent years.

Once again a reason to answer the questions that a consumer has, both in text and in speech. Experience shows that users of a smart speaker often communicate with the speakers in question form. The number of online publications that embrace voice and publish audio content on these devices will therefore increase considerably in the future.

5. Don't forget the 'basics' in 2020 too

We keep saying: Take care of your basics before you want to go for the top. By the 'basics' we mean that your content must meet the 'traditional SEO requirements'. These are a set of rules that have remained unchanged in recent years, but have not lost any importance. So always make sure that:

Your title contains a good H1 heading, including your most important keyword

- Your web-page has a striking URL

- Your inbound links contain good anchor texts

- The ALT tags of your images contain keywords on which you want to rank

- Your texts contain both internal links and external links

- Your title contains the most important keyword

- Your description is so tempting that people have to click on it

Final Words:-

As an entrepreneur you naturally want to focus as much as possible on your core business. Making time for online marketing on a weekly or even monthly basis is therefore not always possible. Fortunately you can outsource your SEO work or even your entire online marketing to a team that lives online marketing. We are always up to date with the latest SEO trends and take your website to another level. Curious about what we can do for you? click to visit to the best SEO Consultant in Bangalore.

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5 best SEO tips to score higher in 2020

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