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When you inquire about when you will begin your workouts, this is the most common response. No wonder we can come up with a million different reasons to avoid working out or going to the gym. People are unmotivated for a variety of reasons. What if we told you that you could work out with a partner? What if we told you, that you will be able to access the range of fitness professionals at your fingertips? You won't believe what you're about to hear.

Well, Uber for Personal Trainers is an On-Demand Fitness App that off ers you quick fitness solutions.

Have you considered developing a fitness app to promote a healthy lifestyle or improving your gym's statistics by developing a specific system for your clients? If you said "Yes!" but aren't sure where to start, I'll try my best to walk you through it. I'll go over the important features that your Beachbody Clone App should have in order to compete in the market in this article.

What Makes Uber For Personal Trainers App So Desirable?

There is a demand for trainers, and experienced trainers are available, but the link between them is ineffective. This issue can be easily solved by employing a personal trainer app similar to Uber.

Professional trainers can promote their services on an app similar to Uber that allows people to book personal trainers. Customers can then use the smartphone app to simply search and book. Users don't have to waste time calling to find a trainer, negotiate pricing, or explain the location. With the app, everything is simple.

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit Using Uber For Personal Trainers App?

The consumer app, trainer app, and admin web panel make up the on-demand personal trainer booking system.

As I previously stated, entrepreneurs may start an on-demand personal trainers booking business with only a small investment in the app solution. They may be able to persuade personal trainers to use the app. The entrepreneur receives a commission for each booking.

I also expect that gym owners will be able to use this app to provide personal fitness training as well as other services such as individualized wellness advice.

Personal trainers will also benefit from unprecedented visibility. Finally, the app-based trainer booking model gives trainers and entrepreneurs more options.

Beachbody On Demand Must Have Features

Cancel appointment

In the app, the user can cancel the appointment at any moment. The admin determines the cancellation charge for the appointment.

Trainer's current location

The user can track the trainer's current location in the customer app till he arrives at the residence.

Accept/reject appointment

If the trainer is available, he can accept the appointment; if he is not, he can reject it. On the trainer app, you may accomplish this.

Customer evaluation

The trainer can give the customer a rating depending on his or her attitude and behavior. The customer is barred from utilizing the service if the rating falls below a specified threshold.

If necessary, the trainer can send the live status of the service to the admin.

Analytics on the Admin dashboard

The admin can see everything on the dashboard, including commission rates, trainer rates, members listed on the mobile app, total bookings, booking history, and so on. The dashboard also has analytics capabilities that may be used to create any report.

In Conclusion

People are more health-conscious since the outbreak. They do everything it takes to stay in shape. As a result, launching a Beachbody clone app around these times might help you acquire traction rapidly and establish your brand.

The app serves as an excellent platform for connecting fitness professionals with customers based on their needs. Subscription plans, commissions, third-party ad banners, cancellation fees, and the ability to add-on a few features that allow users to sell sports products are all sources of revenue for the app's owner. As a result, making it a successful venture allows you to quickly expand your customer base while maintaining a monopoly in the industry.

To know more in details connect with the reputed app development company, and speak to their representative. The expert will go over the app in depth and give you a live demo so you can see how it works and what features it has. Because it is a white-label app solution, installation will take only 5-7 business days, and you will have a fully functional business in no time.

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Beachbody On Demand Clone App

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Published on February 18, 2022

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