Best Place to Know Turquoise and It’s Types


Do you know what's so special for December babies, despite being born in winters? It's the turquoise which is known as their birthstone and is appreciated for its unmatched properties. Turquoise is famous for its intense blue color, which ranges from light to dark tones. This delicate, opaque beauty contains matrix and intricate patterns, which are impressive in the true sense for jewelry enthusiasts. 

The unique hues in this rare beauty make it a valuable creation of your wholesale jewelry collection. This age-old gem is favorable for turquoise jewelry and decorative materials. The amalgamation of sky and sea is the plus attribute of this stone. It allows December babies to experience a positively transformed life at every step, along with its other admirable aspects. 

Turquoise - A healing creation 

The oceanic blue color imbibes the wearer within its cosmic energies. This sacred gemstone has the power of water which flows gently to calm the soul quickly. A cleansing gift for anxious and fearful people who are looking for a perfect way to heal life effectively. This special crystal feels like home with its ability to strengthen the throat chakra. The deep connection of the throat with communication, breathing issues, sore throat, and other ailments can be cured with this blue beauty. Keeping this stone close to your body increases the healing potential by ten times, and a turquoise necklace is one of the best way to embark on the everlasting grace of gemstones. 

It helps you plunge into your perosna and analyze the best, along with the power to provide serenity and patience all over. A well-versed stone for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. This stone has relevance from ancient times, believing this would make them focussed and protected. The greek maidens and Turks demonstrated love and purity through this stone. Turquoise helps dispel negativity and encourages inner calm and happiness. This is cherished as a protection stone, which provides wellness. 

Let's take a look at the different variety of turquoise

Bird's eye view: This type is often compared to spider web turquoise. But the structure of this category is lighter in color with darker shades of matrix-like blue. And when this process goes on and stones are polished, the small parts of lighter shades are encompassed by a darker blue matrix, which appears like a bird's eye. Also, it is also known as water web turquoise, unlike spider web, this form is limited to a few mines that produce bird's eye turquoise - some names are Kingman, Morenci, and turquoise mountain. To get the allurement of bird’s eye view on the front, then it’s a must to wear the turquoise pendant and feel the charm around you.

Spider web turquoise: As the name suggests, this turquoise looks precisely like a spiderweb. It is interlinked with many mines, some of the renowned ones are Kingman, Lander blue, Candelaria, Number 8, lane mountains, and many others. It is also mentioned in some famous books that spiderweb turquoise can be treated as the small pieces of this gemstone combined together with the matrix. The spider web design appears when these pieces are entirely cross-cut or polished. 

And when the rest of the materials get visible within turquoise, those materials that seem like veins are considered as mother rock. This matrix comes in a variety of colors, from brown or honey gold to pure black (iron sulfide) and many others. These matrix emerge as uniform lines across evenly spaced cells, almost patterned, conveying a net-like structure. In countries like the USA, the spiderweb turquoise holds excellent value. Moreover, the spider web jewelry comes out beautiful when combined with sterling silver material. 

Robin's egg Turquoise: The turquoise is a highly demanded stone that is colored and found only in arid and dry areas. People are getting insane over its rich color and structure. It has a variety of stones in different shades of green to darker sky blue, known as robin's egg blue. This color signifies wisdom and imagination and is popular amongst working individuals. It is a color of strength, trust, and honesty. Blue is the combination of sea and sky. Thus, the turquoise rings look extraordinary when worn on special occasions. 

Emerald green Turquoise: The power of green turquoise is immense and vital. The presence of iron content is the reason behind the darker green shade. The tint of fresh green vibes comes from green turquoise, rejuvenates the whole mood and atmosphere through its properties and appearance. The jewelry in green turquoise might not be as popular as blue ones, but it also looks great on a turquoise bracelet. The jewelry designers worldwide experiment with this shade to get the best out of their skills and, of course, this creation. 

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Turquoise is known for ample reason, be it its color, features, and overall structure. Turquoise comes in different types, and in this article, we have talked about some of the common and highly recognized categories. The healing powers and symbolism of turquoise are intense and hold significance in the heart of turquoise lovers. And Rananjay Exports is the best place to upgarde your turquoise jewelry collection with the utmost quality in every aspect.

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Best Place to Know Turquoise and It’s Types

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