Biotechnology in India - Career, Courses, Jobs & Salary


Currently, according to data provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India, around 2,786 biotechnology projects are being conducted in the country. As many as 1,052 scientists and almost 6,000 additional research personnel are directly involved in these projects. Interestingly, this data only encapsulates the projects directly under the government’s supervision. Inversely, this also indicates the vast career opportunities which are available in the private and independent sector.

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Courses offered in India

The rise in numerous career options has directly impacted the number of biomedical colleges in India. Currently, India boasts of many premium institutions offering this discourse at different levels. Additionally, over the last few years, the institutions have also upgraded their existing setup with well-furnished laboratories. Considering classical subjects on one hand, like maths, chemistry, physics, etc. biotechnology essentially requires a mixed bag of expertise and skill, making a successful academic career challenging but rewarding at the same time as well.

The immense financial budget required in providing the facilities for studies and research on this subject inevitably leads to a substantial course fees. In case any aspiring student finds it difficult to finance their academics in different courses of biotechnology, they can easily opt for a high-value education loan against property.

The courses offered are generally for undergraduate students and masters. Additionally, most premium biotechnology colleges in India which are listed below also offer research facilities for post-graduation courses.

IITs: Many IITs including Delhi, Roorkee, Kanpur, Kharagpur, etc. have well-established biotechnology departments which live up to the typical IITian standards.

NITs: With 32 NITs spread across the country, the institution offers premium biotechnology courses at graduation, masters, and postgraduate levels.

Institute of Chemical Technology: Originally part of the University of Mumbai, this institution has specialised on study topics including renewable energy and green technology.

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research: This is the primary institute of pharmaceutical studies in India, therefore boasting of one of the best research laboratories in the country.

The above institutions are the best in India. Additionally, there are many more institutions in India which have made their name as some of the best biotechnology colleges in the world. Consequently, courses offered by these universities have immense career opportunities too.

Career options and salary expectations in India

In case a student has financed their education with a loan against property, or any other loan; it is imperative to have a career which is rewarding enough to repay the loan. In the case of a course like biotechnology, the career options are not just vast, but even growing over the years. Some of the best career opportunities after a course from biomedical colleges in India are listed below.

1. Research on drugs and medicines.

2. Chemicals industry.

3. Energy processing and utilisation.

4. Waste management.

5. Processing food.

6. Industries dependant on bio-processing.

While the opportunity for growth is endless with even foreign placements being an option, usually the government offers a starting stipend of around Rs.9,000 to research fellows. In the case of private institutions, this amount can range between Rs.12,000 and Rs.20,000. This includes both research labs of biomedical colleges in India as well as dedicated research institutes. From medical companies to research institutes, the end salary of bio technologists can even go up to seven figures in Indian currency.

To have a successful career, it is crucial for students to begin with proper planning from their high school level. The first priority along with preparation for the course is choosing the best biomedical science college in the world, a few of which are in India. After selecting the right institution, be it a biomedical college in India, or abroad; students must find a proper financial solution for their course fee and related expenses.

In case a student requires financing, many financial institutions like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited and others offer easy loan options customised help students meet their monetary requirements. They even offer pre-approved offers which make the application procedure for these loan schemes simple and prompt. Borrowers can check their pre-approved offers easily with personal details like name and phone number.

Students can also consider premium institutions abroad, especially for their post-graduation academic pursuits in biotechnology. In case a student is going abroad for higher education, they must learn how to manage their finances better while studying abroad. This is especially because the student must look after their accommodation and living costs along with the tuition and transport fees while staying abroad for academic pursuit any of the best biotechnology colleges in the world.

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Biotechnology in India - Career, Courses, Jobs & Salary

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