Design Elements of Postcards (Everything to Know)


Are you thinking of using direct mail to generate leads, increase sales and bring profit to your organization? Postcards can be an excellent way to market your company since you can customize or design a postcard according to the message you're trying to convey. When creating a postcard or employing a designer, it can be crucial that the postcard contains essential design elements to be effective, engaging, and straightforward to convey the intended message.

So what are the design elements of a postcard? We've researched and come up with these design elements you can include in plastic postcards. Continue reading to find out.

What are postcards?

A postcard is a thick, light, or cardboard paper that is rectangularly meant for writing and delivering a message and is usually mailed without an envelope. You can get Non- rectangular postcards, but they are occasional. Examples may include plastic postcards, copper, and wooden postcards.

Design Elements of a postcard

A picture can be worth a dozen words, but an effective laminated postcard design is worth a million prospects. The method of your postcard is vital in sending your message and generating a response. The following are elements of the postcard to be aware of when buying or designing one.

Contains a Company’s Logo

Because the recipient may want to know where the postcard originated, a postcard with a logo can identify your business and develop branding, resulting in more sales. Even though postcards should have brands on them, they should not overpower the other parts of the postcard. For example, when designing a postcard, use a font that is not much bigger than other content on the card so your audience may see both the company’s logo and the postcard’s content.

Straightforward Headlines

Postcards should contain a concise headline .It can be simple and to-the-point, piques the reader's curiosity, and has a larger font size than most content. The headline draws the recipient's attention to the postcard before they decide. You can also add subtitles to add more information on the products or services.

Graphics, Images, and illustrations

Graphics and illustrations on postcards are always crucial as they show what you are marketing. An excellent picture can guide the design of a product and draw attention to a targeted audience. Consider using a wide range of images when designing postcards. You can use high-quality photos of the product you intend to market. But when promoting a service, you can include the graphics of your targeted customers to show your services are pertinent to them.


Topography is related to character spacing and the spacing between two lines of text and font and color. It would be best if you understood the significance of selecting the font since it would significantly affect the overall presentation of the postcard. Consider choosing a different font on headlines from other content as this may make it pop out from other texts.

White Space

White space is essential in all postcard designs. It refers to the distance between images, headlines, and texts on your postcard. This can also help the plastic postcard mailers look more organized and less cluttered. It boosts the legibility of a postcard and directs the reader's attention to your layout.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are also very significant in design since they may pique the reader's interest. Operate on at least two colors and use their hues and tints while selecting the right colors. This will enhance the elegance and beauty of the postcard design. Two colors will suffice to make the design more fascinating for the audience.


As a business owner, avoid treating your postcards as a list of your product features. Share the benefits any reader may accrue when they buy the products. This way, you can attract your audience because many customers are interested in how the product can benefit them.

Company’s Social Media Profile

If the company has an active social media profile, include the URL or username on the postcard. You can also include scannable codes like Quick Response (QR) to enable the targeted audience to get in touch with you whenever they want. Examples of URLs on the postcards may include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.


Include any incorporated offers in postcards primarily for advertisement, eliciting an immediate response from readers and providing them with an interesting reason to accept your offer. They may feel compelled to take action before it is too late. It is advised to incorporate significant discounts and, notably, limited-time deals.


sometimes it is good to include a call to action in your postcard. This will entice readers to take the next step after reading your offer. Your call-to-action should specify the reader's move to accept the offer.

Your Contacts

After a recipient has completed reading your postcard, how do they contact your company for inquiries? You can include your company's contact information, customer care number, the address to your local store, or your website URL. If marketing products or services for the local audience, you can include a small map to show the directions to your local store. This can enable them to visit your store to buy the products.

How to address a postcard

The following are steps to follow when addressing a postcard.

1. Address your recipient using the back of your postcard

2. Include the address of the recipient’s on the postcard on the right side

3. You can address the person to whom you're sending the postcard on the left-hand side of the postcard. If you're sending to a friend or a family ( Dear Mum)

4. Always include the date in your postcards on the left-hand side on the right corner to show when you send the card

5. Sign, stamp and mail your postcard using First Class Mail to reach your audience first


Including these elements in your postcards can attract your audience's attention and motivate them to keep reading. Designing postcards with engaging elements can convince your recipient to claim your offer. You can put yourself in your audience's shoes to create interesting, relevant and easy-to-understand postcards, which can increase your response rate and improve the returns of your business.

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Design Elements of Postcards (Everything to Know)

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