Greenton Divorce Firm | The fastest way to apply for a divorce in Hong Kong


Greenton 離婚 Firm has rich experience in handling the fastest divorce methods. The professional divorce consulting team has handled related 離婚收費, including express divorce procedures, 離婚手續 in China and Hong Kong, divorce custody rights, divorce alimony, husband and wife property distribution, protection orders, regulatory orders, etc. Provide customers with free and 最快離婚方法 method consulting services. Describe the fees for divorce services, including court divorce petition fees or unilateral or mutual consent filings for divorce.

Professional divorce consultation, the fastest way to deal with divorce:

Greenton Firm provides professional divorce consulting services and can handle the fastest divorce method. It has handled many divorce cases in the past, whether it is divorce in China and Hong Kong, application for custody rights, child support payments, protective supervision orders or property distribution. We provide one-stop free consultation service to solve all tedious and important matters for you.

The Importance of a Professional Divorce Team:

Generally speaking, the divorce commissioner needs to be professional and patient to understand the divorce case, and the dialogue process and information between the divorce commissioner and the client must be kept absolutely confidential. Greenton Divorce Firm has many years of experience in assisting marriage disputes. Our divorce professional team understands divorce procedures, application procedures, and is familiar with various types of cases, so as to shorten and simplify the entire divorce procedure time as much as possible, and reduce unnecessary procedures such as meetings between the two parties. Divorce procedures in Hong Kong generally go through the following process stages:

GLINTON & CO . Glinton Divorce Firm:

Provide one-stop divorce arrangements, the scope of services is as follows:

Drafting a Separation Agreement

divorce application

Judgment on child custody

application for alimony

Marital Property Distribution

protection order

supervision order

change custody order

Fastest Divorce Method Counseling Service:

Our firm provides the fastest divorce method consulting services. We have a group of enthusiastic and outstanding teams and partners, all of whom have rich experience in handling cases. We have strict professional knowledge level requirements and responsibility requirements for employees to ensure that we can bring guaranteed service quality to customers. We also focus on cultivating young newcomers to maintain the vitality of the firm. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the firm also provides divorce services in mainland China and Hong Kong outside Hong Kong and consults on the fastest divorce procedures.

child custody

Common property

Ex-Spouse Life Insurance Benefits

Social Security

Tax benefits (such as married person allowances)

A testamentary gift from an ex-spouse (such as a gift listed in a will)

marital home rights

The quickest procedure for divorce by mutual consent


Divorce means that a couple needs to dissolve the marriage relationship through legal means. Go through the formal divorce process to deal with the problems that arise after a mutual divorce . Usually in the process of going through the divorce procedure, many complicated issues have to be faced, such as property distribution, child custody and alimony, etc. After the petition for divorce has been filed, it is necessary to prove the reasons and provide reasons to the court.

Reasons for Divorce: Unacceptable Spousal Behavior: Adultery with Others, Serious Misconduct, Living Separately for at least a Continuous Year, etc. Divorce applications in Hong Kong need to be approved by the inner court of the Hong Kong Family Court, and are generally handed over to divorce firms or law firms to assist in the divorce procedures. In the divorce petition, the judge will consider the distribution of the assets and properties of both parties, not necessarily sharing the common wealth between the two parties on a 50:50 basis, but will consider the contributions made by both parties to marriage and family, as well as the pre-marriage wealth and wealth of both parties. Loans, judgments to maintain future living standards or alimony and other factors. Among them, in the divorce application and procedures, there may be opportunities to involve forged documents, false oaths, fraud and other issues, and those who interfere may be charged. If both parties agree to finally break away from the marriage relationship, they can sign a divorce agreement to formally divorce. After the divorce, if there are children, they have to deal with custody, visitation, and financial arrangements to reach a consensus. The court must redistribute parental rights between the parents by means of a custody order. After considering each divorce case, the court will choose to make a sole custody order, joint custody order, or, less commonly, a division of powers order, depending on the circumstances.


Email: glinton2018@hotmail.comBusiness

phone: +852 6301 9814

hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 19:00 00 ; Saturday 9:00 to 15:00

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Greenton Divorce Firm | The fastest way to apply for a divorce in Hong Kong

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