How can QR codes help prevent any data breaches when scanned?


Data breach is one of the most severe risks many people experience when accessing digital information. Cyber theft is becoming prevalent with every unconscious click made on the internet. Data breaches involving financial and personal information occur virtually every day. How can we avoid this horrendous crime?

It is concerning to share our data online, such as personal information, reports, and other papers. As users and creators of digital information, we are continually refining our data security methods.

QR technology is one of the best alternatives for quickly and securely disseminating secret information to the general public. By choosing the right best QR code generator with logo to encrypt our data with, we can now apply a password to QR codes thanks to the expanded features of QR codes.

In this article, discover how password-protected QR codes might help prevent data leaks and setup on for your data safety.

The Password-Protected QR Code Notion

Password-protected QR codes help control and control access to the secret information included within your QR code. Before the data appears on their devices, people who scan the QR code must enter the correct password. The QR code password feature can be deactivated and restored at any moment.

We may avoid information leaks by using password-protected QR codes. We can now reliably exchange information with only the intended audience.

How can you safeguard your QR code with a password?

By following how to create a QR code for the information, you need to share it with your colleagues or friends easily; adding a password to the QR code makes only works on a dynamic QR code.

In making a dynamic QR code to encrypt with a password, later on, the following QR code creation steps you need to follow.

• Consider opening a QR code generator with logo website online.

• Set up an account or sign in to your existing one.

• Choose the type of QR code you want to make.

• Fill in the required data to convert into a QR code or upload the file to transform

• Create and modify QR code layout

• Conduct a scan test to guarantee scannability

• Download and disseminate your QR code

But if you have created a dynamic QR code for your campaign, you can continue adding a password to your created dynamic QR code through these steps, using the same QR code generator website used in creating your dynamic QR codes.

1. Check in to your QR code maker account. - Please log in to your QR code generator account to enable the password function of your created QR code.

2. Go to the "Track data" dashboard - Once signed in, click on the "Track data" tab in the page's upper menu. The Track Data page organizes your created dynamic QR codes into segments.

3. Choose the type of QR code to which you wish to add encryption - You can find the QR code solutions sections on the Track data page's the left side. Choose the category of the QR code you want to password-protect.

4. Browse for the QR code's picture or title. - Locate the QR code picture or title for which you want to implement data encryption on the website.

5. Set the required passphrase by clicking on the Padlock symbol. - This icon will take you to a pop-up where you can enter the password for the QR code.

6. Click the "save" button. After entering your password, click "save" to complete the password setup procedure.

You can also turn off the password prompt on your password-protected QR code by following the same setup steps. But instead of following step 5, you will only need to toggle the disable password check box and save this change.


Because many individuals are too liberal in scanning QR codes to acquire new data, the risk of having the data leaked by others grow.

As a result, the technology designed to ease their ways of distributing content has now incorporated a function that every firm may use, a password protection feature.

Businesses and individuals may now enhance their methods of exchanging protected data with QR codes by allowing the intended users to scan and access it by entering the passphrase provided by the owner.

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How can QR codes help prevent any data breaches when scanned?

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