How Cognitive RPA Platform Implementation Drives Business Productivity


Organizations were previously using traditional tools for automating tedious tasks. However, these tools don’t possess cognitive functionalities, for instance, bots built using traditional tools can’t read or interpret the image or visual data, understand human commands, or adapt to changes in UI automatically.

Therefore, to streamline business processes and deliver sophisticated customer experiences, businesses should implement cognitive RPA solutions within their infrastructure. Cognitive Robotic Process Automation solutions help organizations drive smooth Business Process Automation and enhance efficiency. Experts from the right RPA consulting services provider can implement cognitive solutions, automate end-to-end business processes and drive digital transformation.

Introduction to Cognitive RPA Solutions

It is the modern version of the RPA tool capable of interpreting text, images, and graphics, or recognizing human commands. This type of RPA software can be used to modernize engagement with customers, digitize processes, or analyze massive unstructured data easily. Bots built using this software can make cognitive decisions. Hence, organizations can not only work faster but are smarter toward achieving better cost savings and meeting customer needs. It has been estimated that the cognitive RPA development market will touch 15 billion U.S. dollars by 2028.

In addition, cognitive RPA tools eliminate rule-based bot development and offer pre-programmed bots. These pre-built bots allow businesses to imitate human actions around-the-clock with zero imprecisions. It will necessitate human interference only when bots have to be recorded. By assigning repetitive and manual tasks to cognitive bots, the workforce can focus on other core processes and drive business growth. Some eminent cognitive RPA software vendors include Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere.

How Enterprises Can Use Cognitive RPA Tools

Automating Onboarding & Lending

Cognitive RPA solutions can streamline the manual actions related to the onboarding of a new banking customer. For instance, a cognitive bot can automatically collect the customer data and documents received in a digital format and consecutively raise an order for the creation of the account. Also, the closing of customer accounts often involves multiple procedures like in-person withdrawals and transferals of funds, etc. The closing accounts workflow can be automated by deploying a bot, which gathers information and directs it along to be processed by a human worker.

Besides, lending and approval processes can be automated by implementing cognitive bots. These bots can capture information from digital loan application documents, assess it for precision, and genuineness, and then be passed to the appropriate resource. Subsequently, lending bots can produce a summary of information to aid bank staff in making appropriate decisions.

Deduction Management

Deduction (claims) management is one of the challenging tasks traditionally followed by insurance firms. Insurers need to gather and analyze a wide range of data from multiple sources during each claim, resulting in massive data management. Besides, traditional claims processing tools lack flexibility and make insurance firms undergo time-consuming processes for handling payouts. This highly impacts user experience and efficiency. To overcome this scenario, insurance firms can team up with a recognized Robotic Process Automation Services provider to implement the right cognitive software within their infrastructure and automate claims management.

Cognitive bots make it possible to consolidate all the important claims data available for insurers from several sources. Furthermore, bots simplify processes like data abstraction, compound error tracking, claims authentication, and others. On the whole, cognitive RPA solutions help insurance providers eliminate manual claims processing and refine the customer experience.

Customer Support

Customer-facing teams can incredibly benefit from cognitive RPA bots since it enhances customer service by reducing administrative and back-office workloads. Cognitive RPA bots streamline customer service by collecting and consolidating data across disparate systems, automatically updating user records, and handling service requests. By allocating time-consuming and regular customer request processing tasks to cognitive bots, organizations can free up their customer support team to focus on user engagement rather than performing repetitive tasks. Implementing customer service RPA solutions also allows organizations to launch new service models for their customers and improve productivity.

Inventory Management                                  

By integrating cognitive RPA bots with the supply chain management system, inventory managers can get better transparency in tracking the availability of goods/products. Besides, bots can instantaneously check and report shipment status to the supply chain team and customers by monitoring flows and capturing shipment information. This way, enterprises can experience a new level of efficiency and reduces several supply chain risks.

Common Reasons to Use Cognitive RPA Solutions

.Pre-Built Bots

As said before, cognitive RPA platforms provide pre-built bots. These bots can reproduce human actions on the user interface of a system like inputting information into fields, pressing options, making pointer jumps, and others. Also, the pre-built bots are designed using scripts, which include rules and conditions to replicate user behavior. Organizations can customize the scripts directly or with help of bot developers.

.Lesser Costs & Operational Risks

One of the major benefits of cognitive RPA implementation is the ability to save costs on operational processes. By streamlining manual repetitive tasks, cognitive bots can help enterprises reduce workforce and operating costs while enhancing process accuracy. Cognitive solutions can significantly lessen operational risks by offering scalability, eliminating errors, and improving compliance.

.Greater Analytics

Gaining access to accurate, error-free data from multiple sources would improve the quality of analytics in the process. This results in faster decision-making and enhancement of the process execution.

.Increased Productivity

Cognitive RPA solutions eventually enable enterprises to relieve the workforce from their tedious tasks. This allows them to focus more on relationship management, customer and client communication, and other such activities in which humans usually excel at.

Summing Up

It is important for an organization to adopt cognitive RPA solutions to acquire a better insight into what their key business goals are. If the existing IT infrastructure and enterprise processes are effective, organizations can consider cognitive RPA as a supplementary platform to meet their automation objectives.

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How Cognitive RPA Platform Implementation Drives Business Productivity

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