Gain a Competitive Advantage With Automation Anywhere Consulting


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a relatively new technology that is not only making strong headlines for all the right reasons but also grabbing attention in the business world. In fact, business owners and CTOs have started taking notice of this disruptive technology that comes with an array of benefits right from increased workforce productivity, enhanced accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction to increased efficiency, optimized usage of resources, boost in scalability, and improved communication. Despite the fact that RPA comes with a multitude of business benefits, many business owners are skeptical about it and sitting on the fence over the adoption of this disruptive technology. If you are also struggling with the same dilemma, read on to this detailed piece to make an informed business decision.

When it comes to RPA adoption, you would be amazed to know that over 78% of businesses already implemented this emerging technology in their processes, while an additional 16% are poised to implement the same in the next 3 years. In fact, RPA adoption across industry verticals is on the rise. According to the HFS Research, the maturity of RPA in the Insurance sector stood at 38%, Retail at 36%, Healthcare at 30%, Energy at 30%, Manufacturing at 28%, and Banking & Financial Services at 24%. Furthermore, the adoption rate of RPA in Finance will increase around 12.7 times in the next 2-3 years than the current adoption rate, whereas, the adoption rate of RPA in HR will increase by 3.7x times. This clearly indicates that RPA will continue gaining strong momentum in the coming years. If reports were to be believed, the global RPA market size is estimated to reach $43.52 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 23.4% during the period 2022-2029.

If you are also planning to invest in RPA development to gain an advantage over your competitors, it’s wise to get in touch with Automation Anywhere implementation partners and seek end-to-end consultation on RPA bots implementation in your operations. Before you consider Automation Anywhere consulting, let’s find out how Automation Anywhere digital workers (RPA bots) can help you transform your operations and take them to the next level.

4 Ways Automation Anywhere RPA Bots can Skyrocket Your Business Growth

1) Increased Employee Productivity

Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation bots are designed to improve workforce productivity. For instance, when you manually copy and paste the contents of 120 emails, it would require approximately 70 minutes of your time, however, with RPA automation, the same task would be completed in merely 4 minutes. In other words, Automation Anywhere RPA bots assist human employees in completing the same amount of work in a few minutes. This simply means that RPA won't replace human beings instead it will make them more productive. Several studies show that RPA bots are nearly 2-5 times faster than humans and can increase workforce productivity by 35% to 50%. However, you need to upskill the workforce to leverage the potential of Automation Anywhere RPA bots to their advantage.

2) Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Another major advantage of RPA adoption is increased efficiency. Human efficiency is limited since they work a maximum of 9-10 hours a day. On the other hand, Automation Anywhere RPA bots can work 24x7 and 365 days a year, unlike humans. Not to mention, humans require weekly off and have a pre-fixed number of casual leaves, paid leaves, sick leaves, etc. in each calendar year. What’s more interesting to note here is that one RPA bot can perform the same amount of tasks as done by 4-5 full-time employees manually. From this, it is clear that RPA bots are way more efficient as compared to humans. Having robots (digital workers) take care of manual and recurring tasks allows businesses to cut down on high operational expenditures. Several reports indicate that Automation Anywhere RPA implementation can help businesses save as much as 50% on operational expenses.

3) Better Accuracy

Humans are likely to make mistakes, especially when asked to perform tasks that are laborious, time-consuming, and repetitive in nature. At times, even minor mistakes may cost businesses a lot and it requires additional resources (both time and money) to rectify those mistakes made manually. Fortunately, Automation Anywhere RPA implementation can help businesses eliminate processing errors and hit accuracy goals. With the right training and governance, businesses can achieve even 100% accuracy. However, for successful implementation, businesses need to be cautious while mapping and optimizing the processes using Automation Anywhere RPA bots. In a nutshell, Automation Anywhere RPA gives businesses peace of mind since they don’t need to worry about bots making errors, unlike humans.

4) Hassle-Free Implementation

Unlike other technologies, tools, and frameworks, Automation Anywhere RPA bots can be easily implemented in your processes without requiring any major disruption. In fact, RPA bots can easily interact with legacy systems and allow businesses to automate daily operations. This, in turn, saves significant time and costs for businesses.

Summing Up

The demand for Automation Anywhere RPA bots has been rising among businesses of all sizes. Get in touch with an expert that offers Automation Anywhere services to make the most of RPA in your operations and outshine your competitors.  

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Gain a Competitive Advantage With Automation Anywhere Consulting

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